Kitwe DC Orders Closure Of 4 Bus Stations

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has ordered the closure of four illegal bus stations with immediate effect.

Mpundu says the development is aimed at bringing sanity in the public transport sector in the city.

He has also issued a one month ultimatum to owners of unregistered taxis and mini buses to fully comply with the laws that regulate the public transport industry and have their vehicles registered.

The stations ordered closed are ‘Silicos’, Palateli, Edinghburh Hotel and Total Filling station.

Mpundu told bus operators at the Kitwe Civic Centre that sanity must prevail in the public transport business in the city.

“We have a duty to restore sanity in the management of bus stations and bus stops in Kitwe. As such indiscriminate establishment of bus stops is no longer acceptable,” he said.

Mpundu says out of courtesy, the bus station at Jango Barn, Shoprite, Olympic and Customs would remain operational until further notice.

He has directed the task force comprising state police, RTSA officers and council police to forthwith begin impounding buses and taxis found using the closed bus stops.

“Vehicles impounded will not be released until owners settle corresponding penalty fees. And don’t entertain phone calls to have impounded vehicles released without payment of fines,” he added.


  1. Jose

    Good Job, Mr Binwell

  2. Mary M. Wright

    I give you thumbs up. You are doing a great job. Zambia used to be clean and orderly but now is like animal kingdom. I visited Zambia 4 years ago and was disappointed about the condition of the City Centre in Lusaka. The place is so outdated, it was evidence that there has not been maintenance of some buildings not even painting. People were selling everywhere along Cairo Road and other roads with rubbish everywhere. The city centre bus tops don’t have enough space to operate. In the event of fire, many people would perish.
    I was impressed with Kitwe. Even though the city appeared to be better that Lusaka, old buildings should be maintained. Owners of the shops should be forced to maintain their buildings and make them more attractive. The Government of Zambia should look at Rwanda at how they have developed and how clean the country is. Rwanda is the rated cleanest country in Africa despite what they went through. What is the government of Zambia doing? What is the work of the City Council? What happened to the utility vehicles which used to pick up rubbish? WE NEED OUR OLD ZAMBIA BACK.

  3. jeff Ngoma

    I will be Mach happier if you remove the Noahs operating opposite pie city( amis,nkana east)

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