Kitwe Farmer Demolishes 5 Houses Belonging To Squatters

A commercial farmer in Kitwe’s Twalima Farm bloc has demolished over five illegal houses in his area.

The farmer, who has been identified as Nsama Mulenga, shocked peasant farmers when he moved in with a group of youths that demolished the structures without prior notices to the squatters.

The group of youths allegedly removed properties in the houses before demolishing the structures.

Squatters were left in shock when they found their structures demolished.

“He came with group of people who forced their way in the houses and removed property before demolishing the structures” an eye witness narrated.

The affected acknowledged being squatters but were disappointed that houses were being demolished without prior notice.

“Yes we are squatters but we have engaged the local leadership on this matter, The Mayor as well as the area Councillor are aware of this issue and we have been waiting that it be resolved because it was brought to their attention,” one of the affected squatters said.

She said, Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe had visited the area and promised to resolve the issue after engaging all the affected parties.

“This issue is not new it has existed for years, some of us have been here since 1985 and for someone to just come and demolish our structures like this, it is very shocking, yes we know he has a title deed but after engaging the local leadership we expected a better understanding,” she added.

However, the action that has left families homeless, attracted the attention of Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe who visited the area.

Kang’ombe gave a background stating that “the land in question was owned by ZCCM as a subdivision of the farm 541/M. Squatters occupied the land as far back as 1980 in Kitwe as you are heading to Mufulira. ZCCM decided in the late 90’s to subdivide the 385 hectares farm into ten farms to ZCCM employees while land was occupied by the 135 squatters and their families.”

He said the council has been facilitating engagements between squatters and the farm owners but was left shocked after learning that five houses have been demolished by one of the farm owners.

Kang’ombe said the local authority has engaged all the affected parties with close supervision of the area councillor Mpasa Mwaya.

Emergency relief such as food supplies and temporary accommodation has been provided to the affected families.


  1. tom tiger

    i admire the kitwe mayor,not the sleepin cow of our capital city.shame.

  2. Miriam Mbulo

    Evans Mulenga I wish you could get your facts straight from the affected farmer. I am his daughter who has lived at that place since 1994. Of course I’m not there now. There were no squatters on the piece of land in the 1980s because the land belonged to someone else then. My father bought that farm from this person in 1992. The land where the squatters were evicted from was bought from the then ZCCM. Squatters have been coming in whilst my family has lived there all these years. The road they use to access this land was made by my father.The affected families have been on the piece of land that they were evicted from less than 5 years but you would rather believe them than the owner of the land. They were warned and given notice of eviction way before the evictions were effected. But these are stubborn people who just want to cause trouble. But you wouldn’t be interested in truth anyway. My father’s house was damaged by these same people and his crops destroyed in the field. With threats of him and my brother’s being burned down in their home. Now that you wouldn’t find out. Get your facts straight before you fabricate lies with one sided stories which have no backing. I was a teenager when we moved there. Now I’m in my 40s with my own family. My father is not even a rich man nor as commercial as you want to describe him. That is the only property to his name. The main means of his livelihood. Contact me for your facts.

    • abilima

      Thank you Mirriam for those details. Until squatters are treated in this way early in this country, this annoying behavior will not stop. What can the Mayor do in this case? He is as irrelevant as anybody else – just wasting the Mayor’s time. This is somebody’s land on Title and he has not advertized it for sale. Nobody should have any business erecting structures on private property.

  3. Nyau

    If Mayors could be transfered, I would ask the higher authority to transfer the Kitwe Mayor to Lusaka

    • Patrick BWALYA

      It’s true we are going to petition and demonstrate countrywide and leave no stone unturned until His Worship the Mayor Mr. Christopher Kang’ombe is transferred to Lusaka.Keep the fire burning your worship.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkki

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