Opinion: A Game In Jeopardy

Someone issues amnesty.

The authority of the said amnesty is drawn from a shady provision. It’s still welcome.

Then under his watch the amnesty is undermined.

Decisions; otherwise, falling within the ambit of the amnesty are made. How?

Some clubs rejoice, others cry foul. Not everyone is pleased. It’s normal.

The question, however, is; has justice been dispensed?

It looks like these men are at sea. Clueless to be precise. Football administration is not their thing.

Did we just jump from a frying pan into the fire?

Any explanation as to how a complaint, straight forward as it can be, is submitted in May for disciplinary review and is only heard almost six months later?

The request is as simple as a one paragraph schoolboy love note.

Yet it was shelved. And only brought forward in an attempt to pacify a self-created crisis.

If this is not the opposite for competence, what is it? Efficiency?

Let’s face it, the game is in jeopardy. There is more than meets eye.


  1. Chris B

    This article does not make sense at all, why talk in riddles, why not bring out issues plainly on the table for everyone to understand what you are talking about than to be hitting the bush. stop being a coward just tell the nation what you are talking about full stop.

  2. chichi

    No comments,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Chabala

    What do u mean,lets hope u are not going against our Ak

  4. abilima

    A whole load of rubbish – the old FAZ administration is long gone and not coming back.

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