Veep Wina Says Sorry For Erroneously Voting With Opposition In Parliament

Vice President Inonge Wina has apologized for mistakenly voting with the opposition on a private member’s motion moved by Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili urging the government to expedite the payment of terminal benefits to all former government employees who retired prior to 5th January, 2016.

In a statement to the house, Ms Wina acknowledged having voted in support of the motion moved by Kambwili.

She says the error was was an electronically induced mishap.

Vice-President Wina says in order to avert possible speculation and dissension regarding how she VOTED; she has decided to place it on record that she inadvertently voted with those in support of the motion.

Wina apologized to the ruling party for unintentionally reducing the figures and to the opposition for inflating the vote.


  1. Chichi

    I was beginning to warm up to this old lady as the only sane person in PF. I haven’t heard of any scandal involving her and possibly her fingers are a lot far away from the public funds. Her useless apology has erased her good character. Anyway she’s not bad at all. The thief at state house is a problem. He is dirty and smelly.
    Signs off cute Chichi girl.

    • Dominic

      If UPND has to learn a lesson,the voting NO by PF on a very well meaning motion moved by Garry Nkombo for the speedy payment of retirees monies should teach them to congratulate Government whenever they do good things than opposing everything GRZ does.Clearly,this is what PF did in Parliament by opposing a Bill merely because the opposition party moved it .However,in terms of implementing the Bill,GRZ will quietly implement it.

    • Matuzi

      Çhiçh long time to hear from your comments. tale them.

  2. tom tiger

    u ‘re wrong,why appologesing,the motion ck put on table was good.vote wisely.

  3. vivd

    it’s her choice

  4. shazi

    U need sum lenses I can c dat next tym carry ur lenses ba veep

  5. James

    Point of correction, it was moved by mazubuka central mp Gary nkombo member of Parliament and seconded by roan mp chishimba kabwili.

  6. VOTER

    No need to apologise Mama Wina, you voted correctly. The others voted against for no reason at all. is it fair to keep pensioners who served the govt waiting until their death….those are the funds that are being stolen, some surviving families, spouses etc don’t even know how much pension is due to their departed one. No need to apologise ba Veep

  7. One makuwa

    …….but expediting is a good move coz many die without enjoying their sweat…….

  8. nabs

    No need to apologise when u make good discussion. Keep it up veep.

  9. Mpombo

    The vice president just like the president are infallible

  10. Vincent mooya

    Nice one my mum

  11. Prince Mande

    Madam Vice President you voted with your heart, you compassion for the retired poor souls who sometimes die leaving their loved ones suffering with no source of income. Their retirement benefits end up in the pockets of ba pompwe in government. So don’t apologise please.

  12. Twalakumona

    That’s the biggest problem in Zambia, we support motions because they have been raised by our party member and not because they will in the long run lead to widely shared values

  13. shiben

    Comment pf. how do u stop the payment of the retired pipo? and who tod u that the retirees are all upnd?

  14. shiben

    Comment pf. how do u stop the payment of the retired pipo? and who tod u that the retirees are all upnd?

  15. cts

    Apologizing fr wat ??? U voted wisely,no need of dat

  16. Arnold

    Mama u did support de motion but not de opposition.well done u have a heart like a reader.there is nothing wrong to vote for a motion which can help thoze retiries.god bless u mama

  17. ray mulowa

    bo mukwae wina its good that you voted in support of that motion because pf wants people to suffer and you call yourself a caring government when not.

  18. mushili pantaleo

    Please mama stop apologising u did what is right even in sight of God as well as to man

  19. Yangu Bane!

    Awe mukwai nabakota. Niba Mugabe. Nomba tukachula ngababa ba ntamba lukuta. Bakalapanga ama mistakes all the time

  20. suntwe

    Mama wesu BA inonge u were just ok

  21. sillen

    That was wise decission u made but because u ar in a ruling party it is an opposite thing, u ar also afraid of becoming his enemy,be courageous madam. By apologising mwalaimweneshamofye.

  22. chola neene

    triumph of common sense over ideology

  23. MR 2%

    U did a very good work mama wina.Mp’s should learn not to vote for the intrest of the part but the benift of voters.

  24. hasty

    Comment appologising for what is right,,life is funny!

  25. hanene

    Zambian has a big problem. Voting for a motion morally right does not call for an apology. We see you as an upright old woman and you are showing us to be a stooge. When the opposition comes up progressive ideas, need is there for people of sound minds to support. The opposition is not there just to disagree with the ruling government. Do not work like a robbot.

  26. Allan

    Apologizing for what? In fear of the supreme ataaaseeee!

  27. Hasings

    Madam wina y are u in government f u failing to do the right thing for the people that voted for u….A motion that was raised by the mazabuka law maker shows that upnd is full of intellectuals that care about the welfare of the people of Zambia.. Anyway u people are good for nothing

  28. DDK

     Fake Academic qualification in Zambia is legalized
     One can work in Civil service with fake certificates
     One can work in Civil Service with fake PHD obtained dubiously in Zambia
     One can Work as a Teacher in both Secondary Schools/Universities/ Primary Schools Etc.
     It is only in Zambia were a Liars, Thieves, Corrupt elements are more protected than any other part of the world
     A marijuana smoker is quickly jailed than a thief serving in Civil service in Zambia
     The Hijackers of electoral systems(ECZ) are let free with malpractice
     A student at Secondary /Primary and university is stopped to hijack (ECZ) and stern measures are always communicated to the young one in schools. Is there any fairness??????? Jesus where are you????
     A man beating a wife/his child is cited for GBV
     A child insulting parents is protected in a deceptive word HUMAN RIGHT
     People are mad and confused today they call evil good God where are you???
     Stealing Votes with clear evidence is none criminal in Zambia GOD redeem us ‼!
     The word Honorable is misused/ The word Excellence is abused
     The word Reverend is given to conmen and women God where are you
     Darkness in Zambia is light
     Light in Zambia is known to be darkness
     Evil doers as named after Baptists (Jean the Baptist) what a shame
     Christian in Zambia come by declaration
     The Christians comes by conviction (and) Hearing the word, believing, Confession, Repentance and Baptism and stay a righteous life to the end
     In Zambia Evil people are declared as Christians what a hell


  29. JIN

    veep legacy ve since

  30. Nsakanya

    The mother of the national Zambia what’s wrong is wrong.don’t apologised your opinions should be respected to pay them.

  31. Lawrence Chungu

    Dodger!,In the western countries it is called DAMAGE CONTROL statement.

  32. Mambo Ndila

    This certainly does not make sense.
    Why apologize for what you know is best? Because it turns out you sided with opposition?
    My God this woman.
    I thought so highly of you.

  33. Luby

    Keep it up////

  34. paks

    Comment: I m worried, why polical nonse in parliament. you re sent to debate real issues not to play potical games. stop washing dirty linen in public. you must represent the people and hold their interests at heart. oh my goodness!! GOD save zambia

  35. Gift

    U did the right thing mum..

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