OPINION: Inonge Wina’s Welcome Mistake in Parliament

Vice President Inonge Wina definitely has to be our politician of the week. Firstly Wina hit the headlines for castigating Patriotic Front youths that barred opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Luampa lawmaker Makozo Chikote from witnessing the commissioning of the K20 million Luampa Grid Extension Project.

Wina uncharacteristically blasted the PF youths when other leaders could have cheered on the youth to humiliate opponents. It was a rare gesture in a political sphere ridden with calumny and sheer hostility. But then bo Inonge was not done for the week as she voted alongside opposition parliamentarians in a bid to expedite the payment of retirees’ packages.

Never mind that she later mouthed an apology for her well-intended decision to help improve the plight of retirees. No matter what political penalties she may have suffered for siding with the opposition bo Inonge showed that there is still some ground to be hopeful about uniting among political divides on issues of national interest.

The ruling party carried the day by a count of 83 while the opposition with bo Inonge’s vote garnered 58 votes to lose the vote. At this stage bo Inonge had won new friends among the citizenry but once the political daggers were out within the ruling PF she withdrew her vote apologizing to her party. Why would bo Inonge be so quick to distance herself from that one good deed that raises her above the political divide? We do not for once imagine that the Vice President is not quietly proud about her siding with the plight of the retirees.

Bo Inonge may have withdrawn her vote but we imagine her conscience was clear at the time of casting the vote before politics weighed in heavily on her good naturedness.
Otherwise what is shameful about siding with the retirees’ plight?

Well maybe bo Inonge reminds us that there are still some good men and women in Zambian politics.


  1. Longinus

    She fears to be lynched by PF cadres she condemned for barring Luampa MP.

    • chiefCadre

      Lesson from fellow a fallen VP. There is more we don’t know about the relationship between Mugabe and Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa wanted death penalty abolished and Mugabe wants it to stay! Now he is charged with treason, death penalty!

  2. Henry Lukole

    It’s very surprising why should somebody vote against revataling the plight of another citizen who has worked tireless for thirty years. Are you reserving money for mid term gratuity? This is selfishness of the worst kind.for those who voted for,may lord bless you.for those who voted against God is watching you .Mukatusanga.

    • chronique

      May be it was just a sleep of her toungue #recognise

    • Alex longa

      Shame for those mps who voted against you are failing even to pay retires what was being deducted from the earnings think twice tashicela mumo

    • fridaybanda12

      Bo Inonge,you have shown Leardship.Continue giving checks and balances

  3. Paul Chibwe Masebe

    If what I read about the motion in parliament about paying retirees is true then I am very very sad about the PF parliamentarians who voted against the motion.I am one of those who voted for PF and President Edgar Lungu and in the running to last elections there was a promise to pay of retirees. I have been retired from UNZA since 2011 and I have not been paid my terminal benefits and in the meantime those MPs who recently finished their term must have been paid their dues and many of them are among those who boldly voted against the motion!!! God repay them according to their deeds MPs you are in charge today but not forever!! If God be there then He will deal with callous spirit. My message to you all MPs who voted against the motion and among you our own MP of Lusaka Central is Congratulations you have won and carried the day. You swim in comfort while many of us have died and dying while you are celebrating! Congratulations ” brave MPs”. But God is on the Throne!

    • Oth lee

      That’s what you wanted

    • Simon C Mfula

      I don’t understand how PF rejected the motion of paying retirees
      Which retirees and what does that mean?

    • Sakishi

      PF for you. You voted on regional and tribal basis but your action has brought you missary in you lifetime and you will continue living with that until the next generation.

  4. Bwalya Mulenga

    This betrayal of the worst kind why should these MPs vote against

  5. Bwalya Mulenga

    This is betrayal of the worst kind why should these MPs vote against this motion?
    They should be booted out asap…no need to wait for 2021…..they are not fit for purpose.

  6. Jonathan Mayiya

    I like this page

  7. Tal kan

    Comment pf. leaders are not worth of their salt.

  8. Kasman

    What politicians can pay back to their voters, oooh my God……

  9. Great

    Voters are the loosers during that day in parliament

  10. Tate


    • Wise me

      The PF members of parliament are showing the ‘I don’t care attitude. They think retirees don’t vote or their number is negligible. Rember we have a new constitution, there is 50+1. The one stands for a retiree. Wait and see if you leave us behind.

  11. Him.....Alo..

    Now…we dont know what is going to be done to retrieve ther mistake…..but something is going to be done…

  12. HIHIHI


  13. Dickson Luwisha

    Bo Inonge, don’t worry my traditional mbuya. You did the right thing which you promised the people of Zambia. Your government pledged to pay the retirees andvthe majority Zambians have been waiting for this. Unfortunately, foolish PF MPs voted against the motion meaning that they were just giving a lip service to the electorates. Those who voted against the motion are heartless. I expected MPs like Hon. Lusambo, Lucinda, Luo, Mwanakatwe, Mwakalombe, Dora, Mutati and many others who preached that the PF is a pro-poor party.
    Only the Veep understands what pro-poor means. Someone worked for years and selfish MPs from the ruling party are busy turning the tables upside down to enfringe the rights of a retiree. The’same MPs refused to pay back the tax payers money they got when parliament was dissolved prior to the 2016 elections.
    All they are after is to fatten their pockets and the big berries.

  14. Blessings Messene

    Inonge wina today right now

  15. Constabon Kalyelye

    We blame the person who brought such kind of debate in the house,definately and of no doubt the retirees must quickly given their packages or back on pay roll,

  16. Thomas Shamambo

    I can’t doubt the action of PF law makers. They are capable of worse things than this.

  17. Christopher Silwamba

    God Help Us In This Unfor Seen Voting Of These Self Fish Leaders. God The Owner Of All Flesh Come Through This Evil Volting Of Worst Kind Iav Never Seen In Few Years Iav Spent On Earth.God I Know U Are On The Thrown. Br.Chris

  18. Masauso James Tembo

    Why mistake

  19. ROKA

    the voting against the motion indeed was a betrayal of the first degree.Retirees associations must wake up now voice out in the strongest terms the plight of retirees
    CK for pumping sense in the opposition. I hope their regional party could rebrand itself shade off the arrogance.

  20. kalloyd

    Poverty at any level in Zambian life has always been a problem.unless when we’ll change to white man line of thinking life for a common man ‘ll remain at stake forever. Of MPs can not vote against their president ECL and if they do that bu minister kupwa Bambi nabo abafwaya bu Minister nabo ninshi nabo Tabaka bukwate.Pantu nelyo tu vota ba politician take advantage our poverty.Meaning voting in Zambia has no meaning ,lastly I pity for those abadunwine inuma including retirees.Pls. God help Zambians to know what we vote for.

  21. mulase

    Imwe sure y muvutisa ma retirees so kansi?Namwe ma retirees muniuza kuti pa group yanu palibe mfwit zi loze ma MPs aba bo pusa?Sebenze sani unkalamba Mani especially ino ntawi ya nvula tumani tuleza ku Parliament manje manje!

  22. Pleito

    Her stance was to side with the people with national interest. Our MPs think they are there fore but one day tashicela mumo

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