Hichilema Draws Multitudes To UPND Card Renewal In Mandevu


Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was delighted to see an overwhelming response to the party’s card renewal exercise in Lusaka’s Mandevu area on Sunday.

Hichilema has found it practically impossible to hold political meetings, but is delighted to have attracted huge numbers in the country’s biggest voting constituency.

In the company of his wife and other high ranking UPND leaders, Hichilema entertained party enthusiasts with messages of hoping promising the exercise will be extended to other parts of the country.

“Thank you Mandevu for turning out in thousands during our party card renewal yesterday.

“This is a clarion call for us all to get united behind UPND.

“Please tell your neighbours, friends, workmates, church members, and all those in your circles that we mean business and care for everyone.

“On 26th November, 2017, we are on the Copperbelt for card renewal. Let’s safeguard our future. Be a member of UPND now,” he writes.

Hichilema said the card renewal exercise will revive interest in the party.

“We would like to encourage all our Party structures from National to Ward level, to go flat out and mobilise people to join our party.

“UPND is the only hope to redeem our people from the mismanagement of our country’s affairs. We have a plan and it shall be executed,” he said.

Hichilema is hoping to contest for the presidency in Zambia on sixth attempt in 2021.


  1. Richard mwaanga

    The president.

  2. Nawa

    Olover The Country, Yebo We Wait And See Bola On The Groung Has Began.

  3. benjamin munsanje

    only god can stop you to be a leader,you are anointed

  4. DD

    Everyoneed knows in 2021 UPND will be in power under Hiclema GO GO GO forward .

  5. Think Tank

    Wina azalila makamaka baneba

  6. Joseph ng'uni

    My president happy to see you

  7. mwila mwamba

    president wapa Facebook wait you cry again 2021 is coming

  8. Pamutunda

    OK that’s gud

  9. Evans tiza

    It will be good to attract such numbers in pf strongholds but is that what is happening. Wish u well we will meet in the battle field in 2021. PF yamufyashi atushila. Harder na bena

  10. Mpelo Saulo

    Harder nabena, basanga baleteya.zambia forward Come rain,come sunshine ni forward chabe

  11. homohabilis

    Lol shame on u to contest 2021 genera

  12. homohabilis

    Lol shame on u to contest 2021 general elections….go to your farm and feed thee cattle just wasting yr tym Ba mudala …..Ba wesu.hh go to Barber shop and av a cut first to ichunsu so awewweee cakana be like LCE our president

  13. Debby mutota

    Am also glad to see my President

  14. commando

    Ba Paya Farmer mukadabwa sana mu 2021.I believe some one has already started feeling the scorching heat from such UPND gathering,HH,never loose hope.What is nice about this gathering is that it happened in the PF stronghold,2021 isn’t that far though many things will happen between now and then.

  15. Spishi

    Yes only HH

  16. Muchemwa

    It’s always good to attract such multitudes kudos to you UPND

  17. Mk

    Rally and voting are too different things.Not all the people who attend upnd or pf rallies are members. Real members are known whn voting. Remember, don’t kubeba nowardays is almost everywhere and it works well for all the political parties .

  18. bb

    in hh manje……go forward go….love u HH

  19. DJ JOS-D

    please people don’t fight, leadership is coming from God. God loves us all, whether a sinner or not a sinner. he knows who is going to be a Republican leader. wise people will be asking God to choose their leader to be in power. good lucky

  20. JR


  21. Wilson

    Come 2021 wina azalila as we take lungu back to chawama. Forward with HH, go go go Zambia.

  22. Kratos

    Hopefully such a crowd translates into votes when the time comes!

  23. francis

    They’ve lost value and now it’s Our Time.

  24. mathews phiri

    a long journey starts with one step,,,,,go go forward until death

  25. brian hamooya

    one zambia two nations kwasila(2021)no liking

  26. Webster

    Ndelolesha fye…

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