Kazungula Pontoon Succumbs To Overloaded Truck


The Kazungula Pontoon, a popular mode of border transport between Zambia and Botswana, on Monday morning succumbed to what appeared to be an overloaded freight-liner.

According to eyewitness, the pontoon failed to sustain the weight of the truck which was reportedly overloaded with assorted goods.

There was no fatality recorded, but it feared that the pontoon may be out of service for a long period.


  1. Jose

    zambian and botswana govt can you construct a bridge.

    • Sergio

      They chinese project is bzy with the construction of the bridge. They said it wll b open by December 2018.but if u look to theses ferrys there are to old.

  2. Sj

    Is there no back up plan, if the pontoon goes out of service? Goods that come enroute that side will be missed or will pile up. Comment

  3. Citizen

    But why allowing an overloaded truck to get on the pontoon on the first place. wasn’t it weighed?? management should seriously be questioned.

    • Evelyn

      That’s true. They have weigh bridges on both sides and charge a lot of money too

  4. Miyoba makala

    I like this news from you. ..if possible u can be sending it to me through my email

  5. Ben MSISKA

    Sorry guys, I do not understand your article. Did the ferry sink or just break down ?. Did the freightliner sink or just the last trailer ?.

  6. Valentine Lapukeni

    In the first place how could they allow something overloaded when they new that this Truck can’t pass on the pontoon zambia and Botswana government please work hand in hand put strong messures in simple you suppose to take Eginee of the Truck alone and later the trainler

  7. Ngulube carol

    There really should be a bridge belt because if this kind of thing and it’s obvious that it will continue there is going to be loss of goods.. So this gives a wake up call between two countries

  8. Yeta Lubinda

    Its true common sense is not common to all

  9. Nyambo

    We always learn things in a hard way

  10. Robert robert

    I like to hear more news from u around Zambia or abroad send through my email or facebook

  11. Rich k

    Sorry for that mwandi

  12. Hummer where it hurts

    Money that bought the fire tenders , should have been used to build a bridge on this tax contributing route. These vehicles are now falling off the road before their intended purpose.

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