Tayali Takes On Lusambo: “Let Your Work Speak, Not Billboards”

Opposition leader Chilufya Tayali has advised Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo to concentrate on work than advertising himself on billboards.

Tayali says Lusambo’s decision to put up billboards of his image on the Copperbelt amounts to pomposity.

“Bowman has to know that he can not be campaigning indirectly as a Minister. He should advertise himself through work and not billboards,” Tayali writes.

Lusambo’s tenure as minister on the Copperbelt is shrouded in controversy and has included occasional fights with under cover NDC leader and PF Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili.


  1. chapi

    kikikiki that’s true ,hon let’s your action talk not billboards.

  2. Joseph ng'uni

    Boman is a foolish minister

    • kaumba james

      Former MMD useless Bamuselela kwakaba Na chi Dora slity

    • The Gm

      Bowman is the most foolish minister Zambia has ever had since independence.

  3. valentine

    Basambo namumfwa tapalelila ichigayo apa.

  4. The Truth is dangerous

    Actions speak louder than billboards

  5. Mwila

    Very true! My plea to our hon. Minister. The PF govt has constructed a very nice clinic in hillcrest extension, gud and beneficial to the community , but surprisingly, the clinic has no access road, it is not operational, doors of the same clinic are even rotting. Wasn’t money spent on the same? My plea to hon minister as u advertise yourself on the billboards, advertise the official opening of the said clinic, and also the Access road to the same clinic. We want to b using this clinic because u built it for us.

  6. Mwine Mushi

    Ba Lusambo bena awe chiwelewele. EcL nao a lebebako bill boards are for campaigns not to show your face like G.Rutherford who has put images of his beautiful family.

  7. Chilufya

    Very true. Billboard advertisements should be on the developments in the province. My appeal to hon Lusambo is please advise on the billboards wen the official opening of the hillcrest extension clinic will take place and also the access road to the same clinic. U have constructed a clinic for us in hillcrest but it has no access road, not in operation, doors of it are even rotting. U have built this clinic for us and we want to b using it. Please look into the plight of the poor in kanyala area, the clinic will help them because it is the nearest clinic for them. Action And quick action is urgently needed.

  8. Kabamba

    Indeed Bowman we need you to work harder on the Copperbelt as we endeavour to transform it into an industrial hub of the Sub – Region.Copperbelt should tangibly benefit from the mineral resources for real development.The mineral resources are depleting and we therefore need to rapidly industrialise for survival of the nation.

  9. Efford ngobola

    True speaking tayali,this man called Lusambo talks too much

  10. clement imani

    Yes tayali you are right not outing himself on billboards instead of applying his job to the people who made him to mp or minister please do your job and the people will vote

  11. clement imani

    Yes tayali you are right not outing himself on billboards instead of applying his job to the people who made him to mp or minister please do your job and the people will vote

  12. Robby Chola

    Billboards adverts cost money, under which budget did Lusambo finance the advert of his portrait? Is that a government planned exercise (portrait on the billboard)? Why haven’t the other 9 Provincial ministers done the same? Was the exercise tendered? Did he pay from his pocket or public funds? Is this advert having a constitutional backing? Lusambo inform the nation.

  13. MartinLuther king Jr

    True indeed. Lusembo learn and listen to people’s advise if u want to be a true and vibrant leader

  14. james kaumba

    U man waisting money on bill board when people can’t feed on good food in CB Lunyambolo

  15. Jose

    His an IDOIT. the bemba proverbs, at ” koswe ngaakolala muna’nda, alasha na remote ” . he behavers a like a president, pf chipatepate govt.

  16. Billboards

    Remove that bill board immediately! Billboards for politicians can only be mounted during campaigns and this is not the time. Only HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s billboards are acceptable. Who is this thug that he should put up bill boards anyhow? where is the council?

  17. Patrick BWALYA

    Lusambo STOP showing us your UGLY & SAVAGE face on those billboards & start showing us how the Copperbelt is developing or underdeveloped plus solutions.I think this will make sense than displaying your monkey face all over kopalaland.

  18. Rux Lilley Da Happier

    Tell him this man talks too much!!

  19. Chabala

    Chipuba cilya

  20. Ben

    Comment Chipuba fye ichi.

  21. Copala voice

    Lusambo please stop wasting time and money busy advertising your self on billboards you already won the elections this is now the time for you to perform your duties and responsibilities as a minister, your people want to see the development you promised them. Watch out for the next term 2021!!!!

  22. David Daka

    Don’t cry my brothers you did deliberately putting him into office. Stop choosing a person because of a part.

  23. Alex

    Ba presindent should act on lusambo

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