Lungu 2021 Bid Gains Momentum

The touchy debate about President Edgar Lungu having a go for the third time at the Presidency seems to have gone in high gear.

Proponents of the third-time candidature for the 2021 elections have moved into high gear with T-Shirts making this loud pronouncement making the rounds.

Could Zambia be setting up for another marathon third term like destructive debate as did former President Frederick Chiluba?


  1. Ht

    When you steel you look for third term why do you feel like you are the best no. Pf mp why are like this you are now mmd.

    • John Heineken

      Isn’t this contemptuous because this matter is before the concourt

  2. Harpy Eagle

    ECL is a dictator I even doubt the kind of a lawyer he is.A lawyer who does not understand and interpret the constitution is what ECL is.I just can’t describe the mentality of this person

  3. Magaba

    What’s the problem. He is going for his second term,what are you scared about. You know his prowess that’s why you are busy twisting things to suit your ego. He is coming,watch the space.

  4. Elder mubiana

    Leadership is given by God,if God says lungu continue y wasting time

    • PM

      Bullshit…..leadership comes from voters. If it came from God, then he wouldnt have given us a bunch of thieves. God cant make such a mistake.

  5. Mpezeni Mosi Lager

    He is too afraid to retire because of fear of arrest for massive looting

  6. joseph

    Now who is going to be a President of our country

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