US$ 1 Million Fire Truck Accident Sparks Social Media Buzz

Social media has been sent buzzing with images of one of the US$ 1 million fire tenders having been involved in an accident.

The fire truck was involved in an accident along Chingola-Chililabombwe road.

The overturned truck has added to the debate around the fire trucks whose US$42 million price tag was a subject of intense public debate.


  1. chileshe kunda

    When the driver drunk or what

  2. Simon

    1 million dollars worth of rubbish

  3. Simon

    1 million dollars worth of rubbish

  4. Diehard

    Another wound on top of wound

  5. David

    Find out the root cause.

  6. Japhan

    Hope these fire tender are comprehensively insured,a $1million investment needs to be insured. Secondly employ sober drivers not overzealous personnel with little or no experience in defensive driving.

  7. Esther

    To bad

  8. Steven Lwando

    Too bad

  9. muntungwa

    What a waste.

  10. KC

    congrats… those are the benefits of not being fair to yourself. Next

  11. Jose

    made in china. worth of money in water.

  12. wise simon

    That’s the bad development find out the root cause

  13. shazi

    Fake and stupid

  14. Darius Kabanda

    Find out the root cause than rush to condemn.Remember two wrongs don’t make a right.

  15. Nat-K

    Where was it tested and qualified to be suitable of being a fire truck

  16. Gift malambo

    it’s just throwing money in water

  17. Henry

    Its toooo bad

  18. chola

    Our tex going to wast. throwing money into water indeed. Too bad.

  19. christianhood messiah party

    Daylight robbery.even if tender procedures were followed as they claim but as poor as we are living below one dollar,its madness for pf

  20. Wells


  21. Angels

    The word ACCIDENT is there to cmprihened on the occurrence nobody can stop an accident but only prevent it, so wat it Happened.

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