Livingstone’s Fairmont Hotel On Fire

A popular hotel in Zambia’s tourist capital is on fire.

Livingstone’s Fairmount Hotel is on fire as firefighters battle to put off the inferno.

Eyewitnesses say the fire has largely affected the club section.


  1. Yotam nkhonjela

    Thus extremely bad..

    • swibob

      Thus sad to hear. BT now where are the new fire tenders?

    • Hummer where it hurts

      Behaving the n’ganga way, bewitch someone and rush to heel him just to make a name…..fake…!

  2. Matole

    What no emoji OK I will just type Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. tha holy


  4. Mwine


  5. Ben Rodgers

    Damit ,hope are all fine.

  6. Jackson simamuna

    Too bad

  7. Whiteson njobvu jr

    Were is dis fire cumz from dere days? its over nw we hav tired wth fire,anyway toooo!! bad nd hard.

  8. jackson mwanji

    very sad story hope all to fine

  9. holy

    what is the problem

  10. Trust

    What caused the fire

  11. Jose

    Too bad

  12. hasty

    Comment so sad,,these advents of fire ,what is happening?

  13. mmmmm

    Inferno’s ar most well come , for the wheelbarrow’s t be working.

  14. eugine

    Were are we going ,,,, ooh no God have mercy for our country

  15. kk

    Too bad Zambians let’s allow God lead Zambia

  16. Chilufya

    Who do u think are suspects?

  17. ac

    Zambia was not like this b4 th firefighter trucks. Tontonkanyenipo!

  18. levy

    Eish too bad

  19. chichi

    To bad,God knows everything

  20. chichi

    To bad,God knows everything

  21. Matole

    I assure u my pee is strong enough to put out that fire….$1million dollar if successful! Who’s in?

  22. Munsaka Rodwell

    Too bad for what happened, we thank God no lives were lost and hope the hotel will recover from this loss soon.

  23. Romeo Musonda

    Comment that’s sad

  24. honour

    B4 this firetrucks came there was no such a thing but now we will witness more I don’t know which one is next

  25. Jose

    too bad. where those fire tenders ?

  26. K. J

    Sad to hear… Bt whre was that fjre generated from…

  27. Watsup

    The problem of fires in Zambia is caused by unprofessional electritians who instal electricity in buildings and if nothing is going to be done about it, fires wont stop.

  28. Gift malambo

    Too bad

  29. James chimbala

    Oh my God, hopefully no one has died

  30. Oga Boss

    Iye fair mount elo Ku club sure… But zo0na that fire ai wasiya ma toilet na Ku kitchen washoka che club sure

  31. Alfred

    Too bad

  32. Chiku

    Comment: When God Said Remember, We Ar Talking That Zambia Is A Christian Nation. Look ! Why Things Ar Doing Like This?

  33. Mcd

    Aaaaaa too bad.

  34. Ozzy

    Haaaaa too bad.

  35. Mwape

    To bad

  36. RB

    Too bad

  37. ØØРŞ ŁŁØ¥Đ kasumba


  38. Abel

    Too bad.now if l may ask you guys what causes this fire?

  39. amos mwape

    To bad Hw

  40. Tembo James

    I hope no life has lost,too bad.

  41. BM

    Sad story

  42. Bosco Chiyengo

    Nanaaa! Yetumwane kulikomokela wa kimono.

  43. CJ

    What was that fire canter doing in the pic?watching???

  44. Trust

    Nayo nayo baba!

  45. Esther

    Too bad

  46. tendai

    fire tenders are not working how does one fire tender come to put out a big fire like that

  47. Storms drizzy lungu

    Too sad

  48. Agripper

    We are in the last days

  49. junior lunar

    People never learn if something happens.they blame the president even when he is abroad….mind the way you talk……and thanks the fire fighters we’re able to defeat the fire…..

  50. Bright Mbewe

    this is bad but why to have such development again?

  51. Sidney Mulenga

    it is sad that the fire accident took place at this place of our visiters. The fires we are seeing today were there even in past only that the media capture and coverage was poor on fire issues. The “no water” issue, basically fire engine operation in detail can help Zambians to understand the so called wheelbarrow. For details please contact me on 0955641615

  52. Moffat Chama

    Bosco interpret! Too bad anyway. Call me on 0978074203.

  53. xystus

    Dat dem bad ting…..

  54. caleb

    Thats terrible


    Too bad God is watching everything

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