Mugabe Makes First Public Appearance

The drama around the ousting of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has taken a new twist with the ageing despot making a public appearance at a graduation ceremony.

Mugabe has been under house arrest from Tuesday when army generals took over power claiming to act in public interest.

The 93-year old has reigned over Zimbabwe over 36 years and has been lining up his wife Grace to take over from him.

Things fell apart when he sacked his Vice President Emerson Mmnanagwa in what was seen as a move to pave way for his wife, Grace to take over.

Mugabe has been sighted at a graduation ceremony at the Harare Open University.


  1. Ben Rodgers

    Is he back into power again?

  2. Powerful prophet

    Did the bishops predict this?

    • Simon nkhata

      Mugabe should leave people are tired of you.

    • fyakuifwaila

      Iwe bupuba ubo bishop predicted mufikansa fyachalo!!!! Shame, flesh to flesh spirit to spirit waumfwa? Mwilufya Bantu!!!

      • Trust chibala

        Naimwe akulu nanga nicha?apa night free and fair election

  3. xmonk

    Game of the throne! The army knows the world doesn’t accepted coup , they want the world only to see that Mugabe is still in charge but technically is nailed.

  4. Anete chewe

    Why?how come?Comment

  5. Whiteson njobvu jr

    Let him step down not even to leave 4 he’s wife Grace noo?!!! Vice president can change living in Mozambique, pipo dey ar suffering in Mozambique dan here in xambia.

    • Mphatso Zulu

      We are not talking about Mozambique, we are talking about Zimbabwe.

  6. Whiteson njobvu jr

    In Zimbabwe life came more tough bcoz of Mugabe so he need to leave Zimbabwe in peace wth his vice president

  7. jackson mwanji

    is he back into power or whatt?what is going on right now on him?

  8. Kml

    The lion king is back in power

  9. Shadreck lee ilunga

    Evil man the doors of hell is open for you evildoers mugabe and kabila wait and see..

  10. Terrence mubanga

    Is it true that if he reaches his 40th term he will become a king ♔

  11. Coswell Banda

    What is currently happening in Zimbabwe is a circus act featuring the main clowns,Mugabe,Chiwenga and Munangagwa.Tickets still on sale but due to popular demand the show has been extended for another week.

    • bravo

      Coswell banda kkkkk wow nice one my guy its dramatic circus

  12. Trevor pambwe

    Let god b de 1 in control

  13. Trevor pambwe

    Leave zim in god’s hands pipo

  14. Trevor pambwe

    Leave zim in god’s hands pipo and Neva say anything bad on dem,ziko niyovuta

  15. man of action

    V,e,r,y st,u,pit President, by foce by fire let him stepdown no what,!!!!!

  16. ecl

    Mugabe’s term ain’t over yet the man will die not as a civilian

  17. jackson mwanji

    is it true that he has come back into power and how did it happen

  18. Mpuya Justine


  19. M tembo

    Let him give chance others

  20. KK

    Ruler for life. I just want to die on top ooooooo.

  21. George Mainza

    Mugabe Kuya bebele, wapenzya bantu mubucete, let him go back to the land and feel farmer’s pain.

  22. Williamf Gomo

    ‘ll see wht ‘ll happen after tht

  23. Ahmad Smith Sawendeli

    it is their faulty bcz how can somebody take ownership on that matter.

  24. Alex

    Mmmmmmm this is too much and he seems to be comfortable

  25. Rodgers Phiri

    Mugabe go

  26. king coin

    mugabe leave people please their are tired of u.

  27. Tembo James

    Mugabe plz stepdown. Let others to take over Are you the only one who can lead people of Zimbabwe?. R I P Mugabe.

  28. alex Chilumba

    Mugabe people are tired of you stepdown and go to the land .

  29. The Gm

    I ve started doubting if Zimbabwe ’s Boys-Bricade(ZDF) can finish what they started.Real Soldiers act fast & time conscious.

  30. Yetubene

    Let him leave the office for another people

  31. Advisor

    You’re right my dear

  32. Big Fish

    Am giving the soldiers all the best please do it don’t fail guys if it means coming am on my way to help u archive

  33. Alex

    Just step down

  34. Wapakwenda

    Mugabe for life till death claim your life.The African president.

  35. Cornelious M

    Give chance to young one’s ,you
    Colonial people.

  36. Muzuntu

    Not only Mugabe there are others who are more like him and must watch out for what has happened to their colleague


    Let them have a world.. PF IN ZIMBABWE AND PF IN ZAMBIA.

  38. Schaums Linus

    I like the man Mugabe, let him just finish his term peacefully

  39. DOT COM

    Mmmmm muagabe should just resign, because presidential position should not be rotating in the same family, the rotation issues are not gud coz thus what happen in Togo and pipo wr in oppose of it. It can be a gud way that he should resign

  40. Emmausmulandokafungamina(Hifta De Lifta)

    I Want To Join Da Panel In Commenting On Matters Arising Facebook Ad Giving A Reply On Dem

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