Uncertainty Over Zimbabwe Crisis: Mugabe Exit Stalls

Following a meeting by beleaguered Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga and others at State House in Harare yesterday, uncertainty continue to cloud the political climate in the southern African nation.

There is no official statement to outcome of the meeting, but speculation is rife a deal was reached for President Mugabe to officially leave office.

The scanty information available from the meeting suggest the parties have not agreed about when President Mugabe should leave.

The meeting was attended by South African envoys comprising Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and State Security Minister Bongani Bongo.

Others that were part of the meeting are Roman Catholic cleric Father Fidelis Mukonori, Zimbabwe Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi, State Security Minister Kembo Mohadi, Air Vice Marshal Elson Moyo, Permanent Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services George Charamba, among others.

According to Zimbabwean officials, Mugabe is expected to quit and pave way for a transition government.

The long-serving leader has also been seeking assurance of his family’s safety.


  1. comred mayaya

    Through the power of God Zimbabweans WL b set free

    • Hummer where it hurts

      I’m chite-chite and I have shown you my friends…….now you know who iam. elbmuh in reverse

    • Zulu Cassius

      What do you mean comedy katayako? Do you mean the president should leave and that Zimbabweans have never been free?

  2. Mbayo Jackson

    This must be the end of Mugabe…… 37 years in power TAKWABA!!!!!!!
    93 yrs still the president TAKWABA!!!!!

  3. Real man

    Let peace prevail in Zimbabwe

  4. David Kafwanka

    What has happened in Zimbabwe is a. work up call for
    African Union member countries charter which has over looked the violation of the human rights of the citizens by the majority of African Presidents and have protected the governce of these. Presidents without checks and balances of how the incumbent Presidents govern their countries.What has happened in Zimbabwe would not have happened if AU had cautioned President. Mugabe on human rights and governance abuses.many years ago. Long Live the Zimbabwe Army and all the Defense Forces of that great country Zimbabwe you are truly patriotic to the citizens and the country.
    Awaited is the response from
    AU Secretary general. TO GOD BE THE GLORY HE ONLY IS WORTHY TO BE. WORSHIPPED on Earth and in Heaven in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

  5. Emmy Bwembya

    May God protect the people of zimbabwe

  6. Simeo Musonda

    People who resist or block peaceful change, make violent change inevitable.

  7. Elijah Mpundu Malama

    Give mugabe chance and vote in the coming elections than humiliating him like this

    • endie beejay

      May peace be restored in the great nation of Zimbabwe

    • Emmanuel

      God may u reign in that country, protect every citizens of zim zim

  8. GTY

    Only if I can understand the torture he pas through can make the old my to resign but I am not the one carrying the pain SBD the burden he is going through it is hard to resign

  9. Noah. B. S

    Promise Honoured”yes We Can” Finally Free Zimbambwe, He Thought He Was A Small God. People Should Learn To Leave A Place Better Than You Found It. “God Bless OBama Hussein Barrack, The President Of Our Time” Foundation En Advise, Mentor, Inspire En Influencer Positively. Not These Mutobelibwe “chancers” What A Down Fall?

  10. Joseph Pablo machoni

    Let him leave the office in peace because it’s too much

  11. banda mpheka

    Its good to have a respect and love! Just as good as Madiwa Nelson Mandela.being stuborn its not the solution to help the nation out of the situation it is in.that’s why I’ll stil love that man Mandela because of his great job he did to the RSA, even thoulgh he is not anymore, let everyone learn from his life story may his soul rest in Peace!!

  12. jm

    let mugabe leƄve

  13. Frank munkanda

    37 years in power no

  14. Nicolas

    The man has had more than enough time in office why can’t he just let others rule as well.

  15. jackson mwanji

    yes maybe zambabwe will change her powerment htrough this plan congraturation zimbabwe army for your eforts may you mentain peace first and make sure that man does not come back i like your powers you have shown towards your country help your country men women and children

  16. Debby mutota

    Deal with that culprit


    Let him give others to rule. Those who are saying that they have to mourn with his brother. Let them join him .he was not born to be The president for his life span. Let him go.

  18. itx manga

    37 years in office….
    He must leave the office in peace.

  19. Zambian

    Thumbs up to the real patriots, who happens to be the Members of the armed forces in Zimbabwe.

  20. Mutale

    Job Wel Done Ba Zimbabwean Security Forces, I Love Your Mood…

  21. chytoshy

    May God be with the people of Zimbabwe

  22. King David

    We pray to almighty God to resolve nicely

  23. david

    this must be the end fo mugabe

  24. Zeddy mphande

    dus the only way for u pipo of Zimbabwe to have development in yo country 93 years its not a joke.

  25. patzan

    Let the will of God be done. No coup, No blood shed , president well kept. What is better than this??
    Zim army commended.

  26. RB

    Only God knows when should CG Mugabe leave the presidency office not a man neither his militalia personnel.

  27. Christopher Kabwe

    Good rindance. History changes after every generation. I pray for peace for our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe. People have been taken for a rough ride for many years.

  28. King David

    Let’s pray hard for our brother & sisters.

  29. JL

    robert m is the oldest president in ur world and ur army has decided to follow suit

  30. JL

    say good prayers peace will prevail in northern rhodisia kikhikiki and heaven is mutendele business

  31. kanogoiwa chester

    Let mugabe and pave way 4 Emalson Mnangagwa

  32. kanogoiwa chester

    Let mugabe go and pave way 4 Emalson Mnangagwa

  33. sitali

    ndiye ma Army aya,nt these fools

  34. Jeremiah goodson mwanza

    So sorry mugabe its over.Comment

  35. Christopher Silwamba

    Lets Pray For Beloved Brothers And Sisters That They Handle The Situation In That Nation With Cau Tion So That Peace Is Sustained In Name Of Jesus Christ. Br.Chris

  36. CK

    God”s’guidance will prevail; thank u Jesus

  37. Jonz

    Speculations is now the news of the day.reporting what suits ones media.am sure no deal was reached coz Mugabe takes good care of the army than any other African country

  38. Danny

    Mwakula bamudala n ts high time you left dat office

  39. endie beejay

    May peace be restored in the great nation of Zimbabwe

  40. Ricko Newman

    Is he God, 37 years in office let him go

  41. Cornelious M

    Let us just pray to God so that they will be piece in great nation Zimbabwe in Jesus name of Nazareth. Amen Amen.

  42. Patrick sakala

    Only God knows

  43. jona

    Mugabe please give room to others, let them also feel the chair of presidency.we will never forget you you did a great job for Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

  44. vubwi (John side)

    So sorry Mugabe its over

  45. Emmaus Mulando Kafungamina

    Baba Dis issue of leadership is hard fo at de end wen u tuk de pipo fo granted dat dey’ll do noting wen dey discover you to b a bad leader pipo bcome so aggressive wereby dey forget dat u’re ad were dea leader. ba mugabe bakula asikulu wen u’re too old thinking capacity bcomz low give youngonez who’re energitik to rule.

  46. Mfumukazi

    May the good Lord hear the cry of the Zimbabweans and cause his light to shine on them. Amen

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