Kamanga Claims He Has Unearthed Plot To Oust Him

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and his surrogates are reportedly circulating rumors on social media suggesting some people are plotting a ‘coup’ against the Football House boss.

Kamanga’s surrogates have published their first piece of information suggesting some people, who they are yet to name, were scheming an impeachment motion.

The FAZ president, who is obsessed with former president Kalusha Bwalya’s shadow, believes the scheme was being organised by the 1988 African Footballer of the Year.

However, Kamanga and his surrogates have angled their accusing finger at City of Lusaka as the leader in the alleged drive to oust him from office and retain Kalusha in the driving seat.

Kamanga and his surrogates alleged that City of Lusaka in collaboration with three other clubs, a FAZ employee and other people are working hard to allegedly bring his leadership down.

“A lot of people are very frustrated that Kamanga is not allowing people to chew FAZ money like it was in the past. So they want him out. They will do everything including coming up with impeachment motions and many things,” a quote linked to Kamanga and his surrogates reads.

“While these accusations are on the table, it is not clear whether the clubs plotting to remove Kamanga have thought of people who allowed foreign players to play in Zambia without registration in the first place.”

According to the article, Kamanga blames a calamitous ending to the league this year which has been marred by controversial boardroom decisions to the previous executive led by Kalusha.

“The president just wants to clean the mess that he found. This has been there from 2014. So he doesn’t look worried at all because he is providing leadership and guidance,” another quote linked to Kamanga and his surrogates reads.

The report jokingly heaps blame on other members of the FAZ executive suggesting they were responsible for the hiring of the current general secretary Ponga Liwewe who observers say is overwhelmed with the role and has disappointingly performed below average.

Further jokes revealed in the report is that Kamanga has rushed to FIFA to deal with illegal registration of players, a position, if true, will suggest he is incapable of dealing with issues affecting Zambian football.

“I think the president has written to FIFA to ban all those involved in the illegal registrations. No one shall be spared. These things happened under the watch of the former executive. And there is no way Kamanga should be punished for other people’s crooked ways,” another quote in the report reads.

Kamanga assumed the FAZ presidency in March 2016 after defeating Kalusha in a closely contested election at Kitwe’s Moba Hotel promising a renewed leadership.

The Lusaka businessman run on a promise of accountability, transparency and an effective secretariat operations, among other campaigns pledges.


  1. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    Why do you call them Kamanga surrogates? Are you biased already against Kamanga. Be professional & level headed in your reporting for us to follow you.


      I’m also wondering why ZR reporters have taken sides, already. ‘Kamanga surrigates’.

      • Too late

        You mean you’re discovering ZR’s biased reporting only now? They are always biased. That’s Zambia’s new form of journalism
        Show me one unbiased report anywhere in zed and I’ll show ypu7

    • Pamutunda

      Please we don’t tollarat stupid ideas happened to kamanga he has changed things in Zambia football from bad to good so plz dare

      • Jani Simulambo

        What good when we have lost all qualification attempts? We will even miss AFCON because Kamanga is just a crybaby who does nothing to boost soccer in Zed

  2. Mpelo saulo

    When are you ever going to work kanshi, Please work and stop this takataka childish behavior of finger pointing. Previous Executive this and that, you have failed to take the nation to the world cup and all that you do is finger pointing. I can assure you this Kamanga of yours Will leave the presidency without accomplishing his propaganda and lies of improving football in this country, it is impossible under this leadership.

  3. Chichi

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    signs off cute Chichi girl.

  4. Kamata

    Cry baby kamanga!

  5. Kamata

    Cry baby!

  6. Advisor

    What’s wrong with Kamanga honestly. Instead of concentrating on his job but he is busy investigating imaginary schemes. Until Kamanga believes he won elections and he is a president not Kalusha, that is when things will be straight at FAZ. Lack of self confidence like HH. Believe in yourself mr Kamanga. Stop dreaming.

  7. chanda

    This is cleaning the mess left by crooked money hungry kalusha.

  8. Pamutunda

    Please we don’t tollarat stupid ideas happened to kamanga he has changed things in Zambia football from bad to good so plz dare

  9. hasty

    Comment Kamanga just work,you are really a cry baby.Leave Kalu alone,even now you feel insecure.Ma rubbish!

  10. Faruq Mofia

    I think Kamanga is a day dreamer.Surely how can someone plan to impeach him on that position?If i may ask him how special is his position?If you are an easterner this is the only problem that we have from our cousins they want always to be vice.This is a clear indication that he cant manage the FAZ Boss he needs to step aside and leave room to someone who is passionate about Zambian football.He is not supposed to duel on rumours.Maybe the FAZ presidency was hijacked for him to ascend to that position.My cousin just do your job correctly and prove critics wrong.Put politics aside at Football House work towards building football in Zambia by hiring an expartiate coach who will nt be biase towards selection of players.Aim to leave a legacy at Football House.Your colleague Great Kalu has left a legacy by constructing Football House through lobbing of funds from Fifa among others.Faruq signing off for now.

  11. Great Greater Greatest

    Kamanga is as useless as Wada and Chipolopolo.

  12. last Ngoni Worrier

    Andrew Kamanga, when are you going to start working kashi, your shadow boxing with King ? Kalu its making you lose focus. Please please focus

    • Mr k

      Kalusha’ s name shouldn’t be coming up anyhow.We all know what great things kalu has done.Play your ball kamanga n we will know u accordingly.That Presidency is not for a mama’s boy.Perform

  13. Hotness

    Who are those Kananga’s surrogates? Could you kindly name them?

  14. King David

    We never lost all qualifications please we will play CHAN competition next year mind you!.The problem some people like condemning everything and will qualify to AFCON.Stop being jealous with him he has changed a number of things don’t be used by other people. Learn to follow on your on now you don’t understand of what is happening.

  15. Ernest kaliminwa

    Comment. we want to know if Kitwe united is coming to the super league or not

  16. King David

    If you are a Kitwe united fan then you know how your team performed

  17. Bm

    Its true we are not supposed to call people names. And why cant people wait for the next elections so that they contest.



  19. CT


  20. Pedigree Leverage

    ZR are Biased, who doesn’t know them.

  21. Claude Rodgers

    Durring kalu time everything looks great kanshi ni corruption working.. There is no secret under the sun

  22. Jose

    Even Kalu, he was doing a great job, than Andrew, very useless.

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