Kambwili Angers MMD Youth Over Attacks On RB

MMD youths have expressed anger at Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s continued character assassination of the former ruling party and fourth Republica president Rupiah Banda.

MMD National Youth chairperson Dauzeni Tembo said Dr Kambwili was propagating a vengeful agenda which was detrimental to the peace and unity of the country.

“Instead of attacking individuals we urge Kambwili to tell the people what he will do for them if at all he will ever be voted because there are a lot of challenges that Zambia is going through.

“We want to hear how for example he will improve the agriculture, mining and other sectors of the economy instead of just yapping uncontrollably without suggesting alternatives on the table.

“We further want to guide Kambwili to stop creating an enemical political environment that will not promote the culture of democracy and peace and unity in our country. You can’t form a politically party on the ideology of vegency,” Tembo said.

He explained that Kambwili was being disrespectful towards the former President in his continued attacks and accusations.

“We find his continued attack on the MMD and our former president disrespectful, childish and unreasonable. It is illogical for Chishimba Kambwili to insinuate that RB has been influencing President Lungu’s decisions when RB is not in active politics,” he said.

“We are aware that Mr Kambwili is using character assassination as a tool to make political mileage, but that should not give him the muscle to discredit our former president. After all he is just a comedian who wants to ride on the name of the late president Sata to seek attention.

“We want to urge politicians to accord respect to our former head of state. We need to practice politics of morality that will champion and improve the well-being of people. Plus NDC is just a bunch of frustrated people who thought that the PF belonged to them, how can one form a party without ideology? It is indeed a laughable party,” he said.

Tembo has also asked Kambwili to stop involving MMD in his differences with his party.

“Finally, as MMD youths we want to advise Kambwili to stay away from MMD otherwise we shall be left with no option but to deal with him because we do not have a bone to chew with him,” he said

During a consultative meeting in Lusaka on Saturday, Dr Kambwili accused former president Banda and the MMD of hijacking the PF.


  1. No man

    RB can be respected If he can only stay down and enjoying the peace of been a former president, like kk he can only showup in events like independence, but if he choice to come back or if he is been forced by the people in power for him to come back he Can never be respected he need to stay down

    • Chichi

      To my esteemed friends and followers, I regret to inform you that I have decided to limit my contribution on this platform. My brother Koswe has quit and he will never post anything on this platform now and in future in order to concentrate on his family. However, you can still follow me on Facebook where am currently active. Hit me on Chishimba Chichi Hawthorne.
      Signs off cute Chichi girl.

  2. James chimbala

    That’s true Mr tembo

  3. mulase

    I wonder whether my dear brother TEMBO is trying to justify that RB has no hand first in helping ECL win elections and secondly meddling in the running of this nation.Is he sure that RB has retired from active politics? One thing he must remember is that MMD is in the state of Brouhaha because of one RB.I won’t be surprised to c ECL pass thru wat RB past thru wen he leaves office. Some of us know RB from the tym of NAMBOARD and we know the mess he left there.If u continue attacking CK and his Party my bro u shall just open a Pandora box for uncle RB.Your party is dead PERIOD so is yourself.

  4. Trevor pambwe

    Nolan I like yo point, we say respect com’s only wen u respect other

  5. njobvu

    RB is creating problems for himself.if given chance to stand he can’t hesitate,let him respect himself he is very old but no manners.

  6. D.zone

    Tell him to seat down as a former read, if he want respect from Zambian

  7. MAGA

    CK is right RB is surely in active politics through the back door

  8. Akapondo

    I have no respect for RB, he us very useless

  9. Edward Nyati

    Tembo is like u chew together with RB.Let CK spill the beans.

  10. E.N

    Tembo is like u chew together with RB.Let CK spill the beans.

  11. Hotness

    Ck is wasting time with his continued character assassinations. My word of advice to him is that start mobilising your party (NDC) in readiness for 2021 general elections.

  12. Mk

    CK’s attacks must be accompied by proofs that RB is involved in back door running of this nation. Im not saying that CK is 100% wrong no, wat im saying is that he should exemplify the occassions whn he feels RB influenced the gvt or ECL.
    To RB plz if you are really involved in influencing ECL on wrong decissions, you must stop. Don’t transfer the mistakes u made to pf gvt althought we know that you helped pf during campaign. Help the nation to maintain peace not creating proboems as some peoole say.
    To all opposition parties, i urge you to provide proper checks and balances instead of fault finding all the times. Speak out whn something is wrong coz that is your democratic right and appreciate whn the gvt has done well. Let us accommodate one another in order to build our great and only nation Zambia by avoiding character assassination as a way of winning people’s hearts. God bless all political leaders and indeed the readers of Zambia reports.

  13. mulase

    Nzeru za RB NDE NDE NDE fulu za Mugabe.Its just that Zambians ar sharp not to allow failed politicians run the nation.RB is behaving like that chifukwa he was born in Zimbabwe. No Zambian blood behaves like that.No wonder he has abandoned his Chipata farm coz of wanting to be close to ECL.Iam very sure he must be busy telling ECL kuti akolole.Wina aza mangiwa!Iwe tembo Mukwasu ngati ukulya ndalama zo iba nawe chimbokaila iku yembekeza.Let CK say wat he knows freely. Wen sata was saying such things pali ka chiluba mwenzo labilanji?Ati nio funta.U saw how chiluba messed up this economy. Imbwa ika huwa usiku ndiye kuti yaona kawalala olo intruder.Faka pressure CK!!!

  14. King David

    Kambwili is right don’t argue!!!!!

  15. jose

    CK, he is 100% right. RB & ECL, they behavers like thieves who stealing food, forget their children.

  16. mulase

    Who ever is attacking CK naye nikawalala akulya nao.Unaonapo kuti galu ili na bonzo Ku huwa?Mulekeni CK ahuwe.CK may seem to be barking now but wait for ECL to leave state house nd that’s wen u shall know ndalama zaibiwa.Y don’t Zambians learn kunvelela ngati munzao alalata kansi?MMD INA bba ndalama zambili maningi.Party carder wa MMD ngati niosauka ndiye kuti nizende.”Mufisanji amambala kansi”?Mulekeni CK akambe zaku kosi cha!

  17. Mr peace

    Yeah,i think somehow our father is alittle active.Howeva,this chishimba kambwili seems so distorted and is acting like a rabbied dog.To me he’s just a noise maker coz when he was chief gvt spokes person he wasn’t acting this way.Shame………

  18. Destiny

    RB is in active politics no wonder CK attacked him. This man has never accepted the defeat thts why he is standing behind the door

    • abilima

      Destiny – Will you present proof that RB is actively involved in local politics?

  19. Brighton Muma

    Faka pressure ck our great man not aba BA puppet

  20. Reve-iam

    Ck can’t he jxt shut his mouth for once,tired of this old man behavin like a kid,atleast RB is a former H.O.S wen he (CK)we dont even know if he will be minister again!

  21. Emmanuel Chipili

    Duties of office of former presidents must be appreciated and respected by all well meaning citizens,they include representation at international fora and advice on matters of national interest as well as advocacy for citizens .We must be a mature democracy and stop all disdents or unpatriotic citizens ,insulting or finger pointing shows that one as personal problems and is unfit for public service.

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