Kitwe Official Ditches PF For Kambwili’s NDC

Patriotic Front Wusakile constituency losing candidate Ackson Simwizye has ditched the ruling party to join the newly formed National Democratic Congress Party (NDC).

Simwizye, who is believed to have been Kambwili’s stooge and was imposed on the residents of Wusakile in the last held election, has been spotted with Kambwili at all NDC events ever since the party was launched.

Kambwili was on the trot this weekend disguising himself as the NDC consultant and addressed meetings in Lusaka and Ndola.

The little known Simwizye had a tough time representing PF in Kitwe and failed beat “Jerabo” Pavyuma Kalobo who contested as an independent.

Simwezye’s behaviour has however shocked some officials within the Wuskile constituency.

“The trouble some of us went through to campaign for him especially that he was not even popular but we sacrificed, today he is ever with Mr Kambwili a man that has run out of favour with the party is a shock,” a PF official in Wusakile said.

“We are disappointed but truth be told he never added any numbers and I am sure that is the reason he has gone alone without any numbers, such people are liabilities. I hope that one day he remembers the sacrifices some of us made during campaigns. It’s just courtesy; he should come back and tell us that he has gone than behaving like that.”

When contacted, Simwezye said he was very busy and had no time to respond to issues suggesting he had abandoned the ruling party.


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    From a frying pan into the fire,

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