Letter: Zesco Contributing To Underdevelopment Of Kaoma

I wish to express my disappointment the manner in which ZESCO Kaoma has been handling their clients. According to their database on clients pending to be connected, they have customers who paid as far back as last year very huge amounts who have not been connected with reason of shortage of materials which have not been supplied to them from the head office because some people gave themselves contracts to supply conductors which they failed.

Despite all this, customers have suffered very much in the hands of one old AREA MANAGER whose placement in Kaoma was on the basis that he is yet to retire and need to support him before being separated through retirement.

This manager has proved to be arrogant when customers seek his audience for an explanation as to why they havent been connected for this long, decisions made with us workers have not been favourable as he does not listen to us when we try to advise him, because of his age, he has always thought that all what he says is gospel truth.

One of the old customers has reached an extent of taking the Manager to court for defarmation of character and not honouring the agreed contract as he has not been connected even after paying this is the oldest customer not connected up to now (more than 20 months on the database).

Customers have literally suffered at his helm as it has proved that there is nowhere they can run to because of his attitude. The area has received materials and transformers meant for an area called Folkland within Kaoma where the oldest customers reside, but upto now these customers who paid last year are not being considered as he keeps on saying its not his priority but Nkeyema and Luampa as new districts.

It is for this reason that am asking the Regional Manager, Managing Director and others incharge of ZESCO that they intervene on the Kaoma situation by changing this old man with a young vibrant Manager who may assist the district in developing.

Western Provonce has been rated amongst the least developed not because of anything but such behaviors by people mandated to forster development in districts.

The way things are moving people will continue accusing the ruling party of not doing enough when it is actually the type of individuals that have been placed in these critical positions like the one being described.

The Honorable Minister of Energy needs to be visiting these places and check if people are being treated well by checking on the oldest customers on the database not connected.

Please assist the people of Folkland who have been frequenting our office for help they have suffered enough, they also deserve to be connected to ZESCO power.

Source: LG

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