Malanji Threatens ‘Renegade’ Councillors

Kwacha Constituency lawmaker Joe Malanji has branded Riverside Ward Councillor Chanda Mbao and Ipusukilo Ward Councillor Mwango Sata as renegades for allegedly working to tarnish his image.

Malanji and his supporters are disappointed that Mbao and Sata were working in isolation and side-stepping the MP.

The officials have complained described Mbao and Sata’s activities as an attempt to undermine the leadership of Malanji in the constituency.

Mbao and Sata have been accused of shunning events called by Malanji as a way of protesting.

“On several occasions meetings have been called and these two have not attended. We convened a meeting with the District Chairman (Christopher Kang’ombe) to address the issues and all seemed well but we have observed that the working relationship has not improved,” a PF official in Kwacha constituency narrates.

“Of course we are worried because this is going to affect development. The MP may have plans and if councillors are not willing to work with him then it’s a problem and we have to get worried as a party.”

When contacted, Mbao rubbished the claims saying he enjoyed a good working relationship with Malanji.

“Whoever is peddling such lies must have details but as far as am concerned we are working well with Hon. Malanji,” he said.

His counterpart, Sata said he had no time to discuss such allegation saying his interest was to fulfill the promises he made to the people.

Meanwhile, Malanji says he was working towards meeting people’s expectations adding that those not willing to with him will be exposed at an appropriate time.

“Team work will always bring results, service delivery is the only thing that will make government show its relevance to the electorates. We get excited when voted but the primary thing is service delivery.

“If there are people that feel they are not willing to work with me, am here to drive the vision of the President and I will do anything within my powers to fulfill people’s expectations,” he said.

Malanji says it will be folly for him to fall prey to individuals that did not mean well insisting only time will expose such people’s skeletons.

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  1. Joe Kawimbe

    A divided house does not augur well for development. Hon. Malanji, you are right to call those Counsellors to order. You are supposed to be a team….

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