Mugabe May Resign Today – CNN

After sending the world into shock with a national address that many thought would end in a resignation on Sunday night, Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is expected to tender his resignation today, according to news channel CNN.

CNN reports that a draft letter of resignation is ready for president Mugabe to to sign. It’s understood President Mugabe and his wife flamboyant Grace will be granted immunity.


Zimbabwe’s long-time president Robert Mugabe has agreed to the terms of his resignation and a letter has been drafted, an official source with direct knowledge of negotiations told CNN

The source said that the generals had given into many of Mugabe’s demands including full immunity for himself and his wife Grace, and that he would keep his private properties.

According to the source, the aim of Sunday’s televised address — in which Mugabe appeared to resist calls to step aside — was to ensure the veteran leader openly declared the military’s actions to be constitutional.

For the resignation to formally take place, however, a letter must first be sent to the speaker of Parliament, added the source.

Mugabe had stunned the nation on Sunday when he refused to say in a live televised address if he was stepping down.

His party had given Mugabe, who has been under house arrest since the military seized power, 24 hours to resign or be impeached. On Saturday, thousands of Zimbabweans had taken to the streets calling for him to go.

But in a bizarre and rambling speech, Mugabe instead insisted he was going nowhere, and that he would see his political party Zanu-PF through its congress in a few weeks.

Zimbabweans who’d been glued to state television to watch the speech live came out into the streets afterward, some in shock.

Harare resident Tina Madzimure called the speech “an embarrassment really. He made a fool out of the generals.”

“This man will go to his grave with Zimbabwe in his hands,” she told CNN.


  1. King David


    • Gift phiri

      Why should he still be President of Zimbabwe because it is done !!!

  2. Mpelo saulo

    Leadership is granted by the governed and if they dont need you, Please leave in peace rather than forcing yourself on people.this bad leadership style should not be tolerated. 37years is a long time, what havent you done that you feel you can do better ? or does it mean that some individuals are indispensable. its time to go #mugabe must go.

  3. Chichi

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    Signs off cute Chichi girl

  4. manjeee

    Cul dat….

  5. mulase

    Mugabe’s party the ZANU.PF ar to blame for Mugabe’s arrogance. A few months ago this is the party which supported Mugabe’s prolonged stay in power.This man is too old to run the affairs of a nation as could be seen from his failure to read thru the drafted speech fluently. I can only hope Dr Kaunda will persuade him to resign so that Peace can be restored in that country.

  6. Cornelious M

    That’s how it suppose to be.

  7. king coin

    may his soul reast in dark piece.

  8. Trevor pambwe

    That I’ll b highly appreciated by main pipo and nt only zims bt oso others from outside zim.if Mugabe steps down from his heart pipo I’ll Lv and respect him for de work done for zim.he should remember dat not everything he did pipo hurts som still appreciating up to now.stepdown den we salute and say well-done.

  9. Trevor pambwe

    Stepdown we salute you

  10. MWISHO

    Naka Lungu kaleya. Ka baby dictator

  11. john banda

    mugabe mmmmmmmm

  12. Trevor pambwe

    Yes dats it now

  13. Trevor pambwe

    Yes dats it now

  14. Gift malambo


  15. Kamata


  16. kaudzu

    old enough… to retire

  17. darlington

    He must go enough is enough

  18. king Tony

    If its Gods time than mr Mugabe can not say no

  19. kays

    Let hm fnsh hs trm 2018 nt vry far.

  20. mof

    we are waiting for a final decision

  21. Moses Samanana


  22. Chabala

    Mugabe leave us in peace pliz

  23. chaks

    Goooo u old FOOL…

  24. Dont Africans trust themselves?

    ZR, Why is an African Media like yours relying on a foreign media to tell them the truth about whats happening in Africa? You see because of your trust and belief in bazungus you have reported a lie. You believed it is true becasue it was said by bazungu

  25. Hotness

    I was very perplexed when I heard that the old man has refused to relinquish power even now ,iam still comteplating about it.otherwise, things are likely to become sour very soon. Let us remember our friends (zims) in prayers so that God almighty can intervene.

  26. lungu

    Sory to my frnd Mugabe BT am still working of zambz for 44 yrs in power no oposition

  27. Mambala Pasondo

    Hehehehee hehehe heh so the Generals also needed to protect their backs, and Mugabe alse needed to protect has. So Mugabe in principal agreed with the generals that it was not coup.

  28. m square white

    Let him just leave and others should do something different

  29. Acer

    the photo goes like whooo whooo whooo,monkey still

  30. Trevor pambwe

    Any 1 with wt Dr kk is saying abt dis issue.update plz

  31. Chao chao

    Bakateka ba mugabe just go n rest ku manda mwakula weeee eeeeehhh

  32. John Kinetic

    Mugabe just leave that office in peace,no one will harm you. You will gain more respect for that.

  33. Yetubene

    Power is good all the time but leave that office

  34. Carlos Maliti

    Mugabe fears to be prosecuted once he leaves office because he has enough crimes he has committed during his tenure of office

    • nineo

      But how will they prosecute this man because he will be sleeping the whole time he will be in court? He will not be able to walk on his own, and they will have to be repeating everything 100 times for him to respond! Does he even remember what the word “scared” means?????

  35. Ray

    You can never train old dogs new tricks

  36. Christopher mwelwa

    Pave way for the fresh blood u devil.

  37. Charles

    Mugabe your time has past now

  38. sydney

    Power is power big man you gave done your part leave the floor for others to dance as well …………

  39. Guide Seti

    He must leave just

  40. Paul Musakanya


  41. Paul Musakanya

    Every thing shud change.

  42. Jose

    Mugabe, must go. 37yrs in power, afriacan leader’s their useless.

  43. Rajlion

    He thinks there no other people capable of handling the presidential office….lol.let him jus leave.

  44. Jack-2

    Bonse nimbwa bakolwe

  45. George Mainza

    You Leaders or SADIC members, i think it’s time to learn a lesson from Zimbabwe,becouse if peope say No! that’s a total FULL-STOP.

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