Pres. Lungu Heads to Angola for Zim Crisis Meeting

President Edgar Lungu will head to Angola to join other Heads of State in the SADC region under the defence and security committee.

A crisis meeting has been called by the Head of the Defence and Security Committee chairperson Joao Lourenco.

The crisis meeting will be convened on Tuesday with SADC expected to make a decision.

SADC has hardly been known to nail out solutions for any crises except convening meetings.

It is customary to just hold talking shops for the leaders without making any practical steps.

The neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo has had a long standing conflict following incumbent Joseph Kabila refusing to step aside to pave way for elections.


  1. Samuel


    • Sj

      So what’s meaning of pinning a name ONLY to a column of responses? WHAT SENSE should be derived from this Fashion? Comment

  2. chibz

    Complicated article

  3. Bigjah

    Thanks very much SADC for quick response but talk real issues when you are in Angola people in Zimbabwe our friends are suffering we know that the powerful comfort comes from our Almighty God. But has SADC you can try to do something good in Angola when you meet wishing you well in Angola and we are in need of a fruitful meeting thanks travel well our president ECL.

  4. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Just step aside for fresh ideas,too much of u aMugabe

  5. Ottis ottis

    Help the country and save the pipo



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