Zimbabwe On The Edge

Zimbabwe is on the edge as long standing Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe refused to step down after his anticipated address to the nation disappointingly for most citizens ended with his re-affirming his stay.

Earlier the ruling ZANU-PF had announced that it had fired Mugabe and replaced him with his former deputy Emerson Mnangagwa.

However, Mugabe addressed the nation surrounded by army generals emphasizing that the party congress was due in a few weeks.

Mugabe said that he will preside over the congress that will usher in a new leadership.

The ZANU-PF has announced that it will commence impeachment proceedings as pressure begins to pile given the length of time it has taken for the Zimbabwean crisis to be resolved.

Citizens have remained withdrawn choosing to quietly go about their business.


  1. caleb

    That’s good

  2. AK

    Mr Mugabe Learn A Lesson From Mr Julias Nyelele Who Steped Down On His Own

  3. watsup

    Wat a dramatic country Zimbabwe is!

  4. Amina Saidi

    Mugabe has to step down, enough is enough. It’s time for fresh government to take over.

  5. Trevor pambwe

    Just stepdown and allow pipo continue with their businesses cz som are fearing of getting into zim.who Eva z against the stepdown of mr Mugabe should count hw many yrs of mr Mugabe in office and wt zims wnt.zed z free kk z relaxed peacefully and zed z moving,y cnt Mugabe learn from kk his intake.

  6. chibz

    But mr man! So wat are the army commanders thinking about dramaticaly thing, i thot mr man has been to xul and he knows how to read and understand, so were is it difficult to read and interpret the constitution and its laws

  7. Jepherson

    Please solve your issue wisely people of zimbabwe, and don’t let money and power tempt u into doing wrong or wht u wll regrte in the end you are all elderly so lead by example and may the Lord be wth u in and every step Amen

  8. grantmulaya

    Mr Mugabe sir just step down in peacefully mannar you will loose nothing.

  9. Chichi

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    • x monk

      I am shocked that you are exposed to education; with all those insults, good luck ? study hard don’t write HH or Edgar on your exams.

  10. Mulenga & Patience

    Mugabe is a comedian,,

  11. Hotness

    Mr Mugabe just step down to pave for others.

  12. Hotness

    He is too old to run the affairs of the country.

  13. Real t

    Zimbabwe, no bwino bwino

  14. lungu

    Just STP down BOI au look after u

  15. Osborn Muleya

    Mr Mugabe should just step down a pe aceful manner.

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