Graft Report On Zambia Denting The Country’s Image – Finnish Envoy

Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Timo Olkkonen says the continued reports of misapplication of funds are denting Zambia’s image internationally.

Olkkonen has expressed concern that some Civil Society Organizations have been cited of misapplication of donor funds.

He says the funding appetite by donors will be reduced if the vice is not addressed.

Olkkonnen says revelations of misappropriation of funds and corruption are bad for Zambia as they are tarnishing the country’s image, adding that this is also hurting not only donors, but investors perceptions as well.

He says such cases have the potential to make it difficult for the country to ask for financial assistance.

Olkkonnen says there is need for Zambia to curb the misapplication of funds so that investors and donors do not lose confidence in investing in Zambia.


  1. Paul M

    It is to bad

    • Sj

      This vice that has gripped the Nation of embezzlement/ misappropriation of donnated funds is shameful and it knows no rank and file.
      Please thieving Officers you claim to be CHRISTIANS so you shall understand this quote Better! Ill Earned things fly out like a SPARROW…………….!
      GOD rejoices in a hard worker and rewards them Handsomely. Try it and God will not fail you. Try reading the Psalms/Proverbs more from the Bible and the words there will convict you to try and keep in check.
      In a neighbouring State if you Steal and are caught, you will get you hands amputated! Sliced Off!Comment



  3. Christopher Kabwe

    Those of you stealing donor funds,muletusebanya.

  4. James

    there is no political will whatsoever to fight corruption in Zambia.the people who are suppose to fight corruption are the once embezzling and misappropriating public funds. these people must not go Scott-free when we the people of zambia kick them out of power within the shortest possible time, they must be PROSECUTED for misappropiating public funds.

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