Kambwili To Officially Assume NDC Presidency Next January

Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has hinted that he will take over the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in January after the party is officially launched.

Kambwili says as things stand, he is still a PF member offering political consultancy services to the newly formed which is a DNA replica of self-declared Patriotic Front founders.

Kambwili says a week after the party is officially launched, NDC members will go to the convention to elect the leaders at Kabwe’s Mulungushi Rock of Authority.

The Roan PF member’s intention to become president were laid bare when he announced he no longer wanted to continue as Cabinet minister for anyone.

“I have told him (President Lungu) that I’m no longer interested in being minister, I want to be called Mr President,” Kambwili told a cheering crowd.

“Those saying that I’m seeking reconciliation with him, let him leave the presidency then. I’m tired being moved on bad roads. Now I want to be the driver. Me I have a vision, not these ba pompwe (thieves). My vision is to establish a major agricultural sector that will create jobs for the Zambian people.”

Kambwili has accused the Patriotic Front of allegedly turning the country into a den of thieves.


  1. Shebarne


  2. Shebarne Kamboyi

    We knew ati efyo muli nokuchita

  3. Elias

    Ya bakambili kkkk??????

  4. Elias tembo

    Kikikikikiki Mr chishimba sir…every politician has a vision but it all ends up fellin up there bank accounts…hope u remember us yo youths.??????

  5. khokhokho international

    Welcom you with two hands the truth shall set you free… How about miles, simusa and several others sidelined,.ndc chapwa fye

    • M.M.

      For your information, Wilbur Simusa is now Zambia’s Ambassador to South Korea.

  6. Nyau

    Good move. no reverse

  7. King David

    Bravo ba kambwili

  8. Robert

    You are right Mr man

  9. elizabeth malama

    Go ahead and be Mr president

  10. mulase

    Go Zambia go Ck

  11. Pamutunda

    Kambwili ewabako, but you should not worst yo time to campaign for others in 2021 campaign for yo own part u b used again if u re not careful.

  12. Hotness

    Ck if you think that people will vote for you by forming your own political party using the monies you STOLe when you were in office after the dissolution of Parliament,is just share waste of time. Please, pay back the so much talked about money. I rest my case.

    • Mbeya

      Tukamu votela ifwe, after campaigning for him ayamba nokuponta tulemumona 2021

    • The Great Bryson

      we are all awere of what is happening in zimbabwe bcoz of learders who are only interested in cleating bank accounts in there own pockets.it all starts with people like u.beware bakambwili rest u put the peace of our belovd democratic nation on a slepary slop to self destraction.

  13. kk

    Mmmmmm nice one BA CK

  14. Fm

    Zambian politics mmmmmmm kaya?

  15. saimbwende saimbwende

    That will mark the beginning of his political downfall, precedents are on our finger tips e.g winter kabimba, mike mulongoti, miles sampa, Milupi etc

  16. Kabamba

    Ifintu ni mbwili.CKKKKKKKKKKK,ba yokaaaaaa,Kopalaaaaaaaaaa.

  17. Kabamba

    Ifintu ni mbwili.CKKKKKKKKKKK,ba yokaaaaaa,Kopalaaaaaaaaaa.

  18. Emmanuel Damptey

    Eliko deep???

  19. Charlie

    In bemba we say Ba ‘Kolwe ba serene ifipato’

  20. charles chifofoma

    In Bemba we say Ba ‘Kolwe basekene Ifipato ‘.

  21. ian

    gud move ba sir the entire nation is behind you.

  22. Ta

    What money he stole mulichipuba. Mps was told by the president how can they pay back.

  23. Ht

    All the pf are Ndc 2021.

  24. Faruk

    The problem with political jokers is that they get elected. I never imagined that Sata would ever rule Zambia but the majority of the Zambias proved me wrong. One Bemba friend told me point blank ‘chipuba chesu fwebene tula chufwa bwino’

  25. nsenga Nickson

    Hehehe politicians, we know tactics”boonse fye nimwebo ba Pompwe”

  26. nsenga Nickson

    Hehehe politicians, we know your tactics”boonse fye nimwebo ba Pompwe”

  27. Faruk

    The problem with political jokers is that they get elected. I never imagined that Sata would ever rule Zambia but I was proved wrong by the majority of Zambians who voted for him. One Bemba friend told me point blank ‘chipuba chesu fwebene tula chufwa bwino’. I rest my case.

  28. John

    Anyway let us sit back and watch over him as to how far he can flew

  29. Sydney Zyambo

    too bad that in Zambia leaders are not leading us youths by example my heart is bleeding

  30. Sydney Zyambo

    OK sir

  31. Emmanuel

    I think its not right to talk about data as the jocker he changed a lot of things for this nation who knew any of you civil servant would drive a car even get a loan.besides on better roads hard he being around companies wouldn’t pay the salary they are paying now things have gone back RIP

    • Faruk

      My friend wait until we start paying for the many unplanned and unbudgeted projects you are talking about that’s when you will realise what a joker Sata was.

      • Hugo Five


  32. HH Junior

    Ifintu ni mbwili !!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Chabala

    My presido

  34. John TEMBO

    Mr whole kambwili ndi se liti bana ba masiye kuti mkakhuta mufuna tivote ukathane mbuzi zikaku votele

  35. Gibson

    Go to chainama for mental check up pliz b4 it’s late .we don’t want to lose u kambwili.

  36. Hotness

    Iwe ci/ka ta how u say that these pipo did not steal and misuse public funds? Please try to read and understand the contents of the constitution.

  37. Katukula Nalisa

    How many political parties do we have? It 100s of years for some to come into power

  38. Katukula Nalisa

    How many political parties do we have? It will take 100s of years for some to come into power

  39. Rodrick

    We shall see ba kambwili were is kabimba and others

  40. mwila mwamba

    ck just go back ku pf to me has long has hh stand I can’t vote for u how go pa pf.

  41. Christopher Kabwe

    Everyone wants to be a leader,but how many leaders with a selfless vision do we have like our own forefathers who fought for our independence.

  42. Moses

    Kkkkkk efyoyatampafye!!!

  43. Demwa

    Imbwili ni chishimba

  44. Sj

    Yes Mr CK Test the Zambian people with your popularity using The Ballot Box. The knowing of how sweet/good the Pudding Is, is in the Tasting. Comment

  45. Mk

    Greedy and sepfishness has multiplied political parties in zambia with many of them without manifesto. If we all become presidents of political parties who shall be our followers? Have a humble beginning God will raise you but if you so pompous you will definitely fall. You may look like a presidential material but if its not you time nothing will happen to you. Don’t be power hungry.

  46. Kampeni

    The Railway Line from Ndola to Luanshya is in Kambwili’s bank account. At least delegates to his party convention will chew something out of the railway line cash.
    But becoming president for Chishimba Chambwili is practically impossible.
    Zambians must remember that bitter men are dangerous men. Look at Akainde Hichalema, Chishimba Chambwili, Wilson Pondamali and Never Mumba to mention just a few. Anyone of this can win the world championship for the most bitter person on earth

  47. frank kabo

    lets go zambia

  48. db

    Politics teyabana look at kabimba,mulongoti,milupi,sampa etc they wanted them to call President and where are they? to day

  49. John TEMBO

    Hy Mr kambwili what u should now readership its a gift by god or chosen by God u a not the one or hh let your friend finish the team its when God can say yes now go ahead now u a making noise with your friend HH and you sher never rurel this country

  50. Nelson Manzi

    My dream come true president, may dream also come true. u’ve all wat it may take 4 sm1 to b a kateka. go harm kambwili n show zambians u care the most

  51. chibuye Rodrick

    Let us all reminded that even the late president mr sata people use to abuse his character and mark some of the points to say mr sata can’t rule the country just after the downfall of his Presidential election. Mr sata never wanted to give up untill is victory came to for fill his legacy. Same applies to Dr CK is what will happen even those politician will appliciate is work. The other thing is that, we underrate the needs of other people which lead to the development of the county. Some are even comparing CK and other politician who have failed to succeed in political arenas. And one thing we shouldn’t to for get is that God knows each and everything i mean good leaders and bad leaders who are totally selfishly. CK you have my vote.

  52. Chitojoe

    Dr ck tulibonse

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