Cholera Claims 3 Lives In Lusaka

The outbreak of cholera in Lusaka has claimed three lives.

The three people died at different clinics in Lusaka since the outbreak of cholera this year.

There are close to 300 cases of cholera recorded in the city Kanyama leading at 140 while Chipata compound has registered 64 cases.

Ministry of Health spokesperson Dr Maximilian Bweupu confirmed the three deaths saying two cases were in Kanyama while the other was in Chipata compound.

Dr Bweupe says measures are being taken to avoid the spread of the disease.

Stakeholders like Lusaka Water and Sewege Company is distributing free water to the affected compounds.

The Lusaka City Council has also engaged in clearing cabbages in the Central district of Lusaka and the surrounding area.

Dr Bweupu says only one case of cholera was reported at Soweto market but the victim was rushed to Kanyama Clinic.

Dr Bweupe advised Lusaka residents to adhere to hygienic procedures and pay attention to the Council.


  1. mxcm

    The problem is we have allowed illegality where people can sell everywhere.Our municipalities are not doing much when it comes to people by abiding with our bylaws.Even our Lusaka mayor role by ensuring that our city is clean is now being political.Now Cardres are controlling our dirty streets.What a shame.

  2. gala

    Thanks for sharing this helpful article

  3. Paul M

    Why giving free water wen people hav already gone? This shud be done always as its to social money.


    rightly said

  5. George Mainza

    Ba LWASCO , maybe the problem is on between toilets and water points ,why not check how many meters away between, may you plz do something otherwise many souls may perish in our country.

  6. Joseph Lubilo

    Just Okey

  7. Charlesmicklay

    Even in garden,the outbreak reached. We need to very careful

  8. nsenga Nickson

    Please Dr Bweupu try survey the city of kanyama its to dirty hence cholera won’t and will never leave the kanyama city please do something with your team otherwise will be so grateful

  9. edward munemo

    the council should lean to clean the city well…

  10. Kelvin

    Lswasco chek out

  11. benson

    Make zambia clean, give people clean water and keep toilets clean.

  12. Philip

    Keep Zambia ZAMBIA clean

  13. Philip

    Keep Zambian clean

  14. Mugabe

    LCC is clearing CABBAGES?

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