Lusaka Man Abandons Matrimonial Home After Wife Becomes Violent

There was laughter at Chelstone Local court when a Lusaka man narrated how his wife would squeeze his manhood in his sleep causing serious discomfort that at one time required emergency medical attention.

Gift Mboloma, 53, of Chisamba sued his wife Janet Chitalu of Chainda compound for divorce stating their marriage had broken down.

The two have been on separation for 11 months. According to the testimony, the couple got married on 2008 and have two children.

Mboloma told the court that their marital problems were triggered when his wife developed a habit of inspecting his manhood.

He said Janet would pull his manhood as he slept. Mboloma added that the wife also used disrespectful language and occassionally locked him out of their matrimonial home.

In fighting back, Mboloma narrated that he would sleep with his clothes as opposed to the traditional Adam until his wife apologized.

However, Janet resumed his tricks and one night pulled the husbands manhood so hard that he collapsed, running out of breath before being rushed to the hospital where he regained consciousness.

In her defense, Janet Chitalu said the problems started in 2013 when Mboloma got a job in Siavonga.

According to Janet, Mboloma started to seek ways to abandon their matrimonial home a year after he got a job.

“Sleeping out became the order of the day,”

Janet said she also complained to family elders that Mboloma’s private hair was shaved and when she questioned, he become upset and started sleeping with his clothes on.

Passing judgment, the Magistrate said circumstances of their union were enough to demonstrate that their union had nothing to show they were still happily together.

Divorce was granted and Mboloma was ordered to compensate Janet with about K7,000 with K1,000 as down payment while subsequent monthly payments were K500 installment.


  1. Wise Me

    Janet deserves an arrest for attempted murder if there’s any medical record for trying to uproot the manhood whose effect can be stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in slowing down or stoppage of the heart. Fortunately Mboloma only experienced the former. Please note that hiting the eye, pulling the intestines has the same effect. Stop gender based violence.

  2. MR ZULU

    mmmmm what a wife and husband.

  3. Paul M

    A situation like this is dificulty whom to blame, Janet shud also be fined for tempering with manhood.

    • Witheld

      When are the laws going to favour men so that wives will also be paying compensation to their respective husbands for divorce?

      • Reagan

        i also wonder if as men will ever be favoured by the law,let the law be like death were it take any one without partial.

  4. T Rex

    Hey wise guy go and Google more information on the subject I find it very interesting.

  5. RB

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk, no matter how you as a man defend yourself the woman will always be defended by the law through the judge, magistrates and local court presiding officers. My friend don’t worry that woman (Janet) wasn’t made for you. Give her that ka $700 and completely forget about her. She is a devil, she wanted to leave you without life or manhoodless. Let her go.

  6. steadwell

    the wife deserves an arrest

  7. Kamocha Evans

    Comment:Hey men we are in trouble,women are on winning side ,whether a man is right or wrong becomes a looser plz remember in garden of eden ,GOD punished adam but who sinned first?

  8. nel g

    Mboloma u could have also put her vagina so that she feels how u felt and never repeat again, y would she touch ur manhood without consent

  9. bravo

    Laws must be changed or else we will stop and advocate for bachelorhood for life#women pulls manhood. Marry or lose your man hood.it’s gender imbalance and lnfringement on men’s rights.

  10. king jr


    • dalisda

      All that GBV on a man today he is the one fined all that amount sure? supose it was a man who was sqweezing the clit

  11. ronald msukuma

    what kind of that couple?

  12. fus

    Law Maker’s u are not fair to men, when u hear that a man has being killed ,that when u show that u are doing yo job, be Fair to men .heip azimuna.

  13. Jose

    very useless women

  14. Nathan kafute

    She is evil she could have found other ways & not way of solving the problem

  15. chidyobo kunona

    The biased towards women is too much.for me janet was suoooesd to be fined not the husband

  16. Fiji

    Too bad

  17. skwizb

    too sad

  18. saif

    That’s witchcraft

  19. Gaps

    and they say men are animals

  20. Noxy Pee

    the law makers dont give fair judgement to us men
    thats why me i won’t marry
    i will be going ku ma hule than geting in trouble
    zimbabwean hules for life and its only k10 than paying k700 to an evil wife awe!

  21. R Du du mwezi

    Introduce DNA tests free of charge in every clinics . Men are the most abused creatures in the world . Just DNA tests they will be exposed .

  22. UNCLE T

    ”Janet said she also complained to family elders that Mboloma‚Äôs private hair was shaved ”
    Ladies & Gentlemen ilyashi lya maso telinobe…..Anyway its none of my business

  23. Vessy

    The court was so unfair with mboloma…Janet was supposed to be arrest not to be given an award of 7,000! Mboloma my dear don’t worry if u need a wife to marry am here for u n promise to b a gud wife to u unlike that female Mugabe u had married.

  24. David

    Let them be unfair to men on earth but not on judgement day…

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