Zambia Offered Mugabe Asylum – Pres. Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has revealed that he had offered to shelter former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe in the days preceding his final fall.

Mugabe resigned on Tuesday afternoon with an impeachment motion in parliament underway to wind up his 37 year reign.

President Lungu who arrived from Angola at a crisis meeting under SADC Defence and Security Committee said that he had offered the fallen Mugabe that he could be harboured in Zambia but the Zimbabwean leader declined.

“I had talked to him that if the chips are down you can come here but he refused saying that his home was Zimbabwe and he will remain there,” he said.

President Lungu said that with the Mugabe resigning the soldiers should now return to the barracks.

“Now the people of Zimbabwe should follow their constitution since President Mugabe has resigned. It is time for the soldiers to return to the barracks,” President Lungu said.

President Mugabe had been resisting stepping down but finally headed out with pressure mounting on him to step down.

His fall is largely to his long stay in power spurning 37 years although overtures to install his wife Grace as his successor proved the final straw in hold on power.


  1. cts

    We don’t want him here iwee Chi lungu,u just want to be getting nonsens from him rubish

    • Chichi

      Is Zambia a safe haven for brutal dictators and criminals? Edgar was merely extending an olive branch to his partner in crime. Since Edgar’s days are numbered too, will go to Uganda in exile?
      Signs off cute Chichi girl

      • Paliba Mutenta

        It is so far we have kept Obote, Mengistu. Mugabe would have been at home

      • iam

        Only a stupid,spoiled brat like (chichi) wuld say these nonsense

      • Timmy

        Ba Lungu Even If U Ar A Gud Samaritan Y Inviting Hell In Ur Own Country….

    • Dunderhead Phiri

      This our Lungu is dull. Did you think Mugabe would want to live in your Zambia for any reason? What an invitation!

  2. Pamutunda

    A-aa thus how the arrangement was kansi eee Mugabe is a Wise man thus why he has got Wise soldiers

  3. Ernest

    out of the speech of people ,saying that president mugqbe’s resignation prods to have been a save from the cave of the lion,they should not forget that he has been one of the most successful political leader and he should be honoured for his fight during colonisation.

  4. Robinson KAMBOLE

    Job well done ba Lungu

    • Dunderhead Phiri

      Atase what job has he done you dunderhead. He put Zambia in bad light with the Zimbabweans that we were supporting their tyrany.

  5. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    Time eventually comes. Take heed leaders, nothing is forever!

  6. Christopher mwelwa

    Good words of peace to our beloved Zimbabwean people.

  7. Sj

    Good that he has conceded defeat. But a Man with his educational background he should ‘ve left When the Crowd was still clapping for Him.
    Men in power learn that the wind of change is upon us. When in power and the country is no Monarch prepare to vacate the seat one day (According to constitution). A lesson well taught.
    It was wise to offer a fleeing President refuge, maybe he’d ‘ve been remainded to just give it all up. Incubent President must remember that in as much as there is In coming President there’s Out going President. Where you peacefully hand over Instruments of Power. A painful decision but it awaits all in power.

  8. king coin

    mr president Zimbabwe it is not ur country so live theme alone.

  9. Solomon Pleito

    A true friend is seen when you are in trouble. Bravo our President for your solidarity to my big man

  10. Lawrence Chungu

    Smart guy,polite & diplomatic.It’s cholera outbreak that put him off.

  11. Paul Musakanya

    If he refuses then live him, he has the right for decision but later he will regret.

  12. Ellicious

    Well done Zambians for your tender hearted u have towards neighbors, continue with the same spirity, I salute Zimbabweans for the peaceful demonstrations and petiance we are one let’s surport one another in everything as our forefathers did

  13. ck

    Show love to others in time of troubles thanks Mr President

  14. Dre'

    President Mugabe did well to decline that offer, we already have so many Zimbabwean nationals trying to make living here.we salute him for holding on to power that long,high grounds are indeed very slippery places as mistakes are easily seen. Let him stay in “HIS”Zimbabwe as he used to call it.

  15. derick

    Muggabe wamona ka kkkkkk

  16. Non Aligned

    Comment: Was the assylim going to xtended to president MENGISTU HAILE MARIAM ?

  17. Bsquard

    foolish Lungu,weeee bakukanina

  18. shazi

    That’s bushit lungs let him b punished there

  19. webman

    Just wondering who will offer you asylum when you turn comes. I am leaning towards Museveni, that is if he doesn’t go first. Magufuli? He will want to keep you at arm’s length. Same as that as for South Africa, don’t even dream it!

  20. papa plus

    Mugabe should not be looked at as a villain all ZANU-PF members are to be blamed for having allowed him to perpetuate his despot rule to prolong under their watch. Mi

  21. lungu e

    Pliz let Mugabe go back to Zimbabwe pliz pliz

  22. Mutaman

    lungu do not bring scarp mu Zambia let Mugabe be himself Ku Zimbabwe with her wife .

    • Nalisa Katukula

      Mr. Mugabe and his contemporaries played a major role in fighting for the indepence of the country, thus he needs to be honoured

      • Kasongo Wa Kasongo

        Owe na Lungu na muluba. You have just come from Chawama. He can’t join you in dilapidated State House. He is not sufferer like you and you travel too much, do you think he will want to be home alone?

  23. Onillmoonga@gmail.com

    Worsted energy Robert Gabriel Mugabe . come over sekuru Lungu will either put in mukobeko or maheba rg camp .

  24. Matuzi

    Zambian’s, you are to believe that PF came from Zimbabwe’s part called ZANPF,Wat is the need of Mugabe in our country Zambia,we serve his people freeing from cruel leadership and hem,Aaaaa iwe lungu nomba wakolwa we.did you consulted from your advisers,?
    kwashala iwe coz you think Zambia is yours.
    Thats wat MUGABE deserved so let him be showed to believe in people and respect them.
    Even you lungu its your time to copy how people react more especially farmers you are persecuting.
    Watch out and repent before that extent rechers you.
    Ukwali insoke takwafwile muntu.


    We don’t want Mugabe here. Lungu can go to Zimbabwe if he wants. Bravo Mugabe for refusing visionless offers

  26. Tingombe

    We thank God for mugabe’s reign. Thanks our President Ba lungu for what you had offered to mugabe. Love your neighbors as you love yourself. God bless Zambia.

  27. Eric Tompwe

    Everyone In Zimbambwe Is Happy About Mugabe Stepping Down. My Question Who Has Been Voting For Him All These Years?

  28. bunda Emmanuel kapenda

    Zambian leaders ni wala,you think Zambia is the only peaceful country where he can stay?

  29. santo

    We know that mugabe saurced you with useless ideas, in the 2016 election scandal,

  30. santo

    We know that mugabe saurced you with useless ideas, in the 2016 election scandal,

  31. James

    so lungu has the audacity to say that!!

  32. Dr Easy

    goodbye mr Robert as u a leaving the head of the state , now u will feel how to be lead feels like(everything has got its own measured time )

  33. Emmy Jenson

    Take a serious matter,in a serious way Mr President .If Mr former president of Zimbabwe,Mugabe deceive to be a bega then let it be.What is wrong with you , your excellence Mr President of Zambia , to go and beg former president of Zimbabwe to come here and spend time for the rest of his life here.No Mr President did you forgotten how terrible problems happening in Zimbabwe all along,when Mugabe was a president,and you, you want the same? people to die terrebly.Please we beg you Our dear lovely President don’t welcome such man.We supporting you in many things but in this matter , never.All the best.

  34. Mr mugala

    Mmmm invite Mugabe here Zoona Ba president…..? thank God he refused

  35. Manje

    He would have refused to go back……Ba Mugabe bafitala

  36. bravo

    But kwena haaaa I just used to hear ati some leaders are dull imbeciles who fall below the datam line mawee.no percentage of IQ nowonder motoka yabo has gone off route and put people’s lives at greater risk.what a driver get lost with your useless ideology atase iwee.

  37. Chikondi

    That’s the spirit Mr president God is love so let us show love to one another don’t worry pepo I’ll talk but let them talk, you just do your job that God placed you there for,it is well


    The problem is he on reign in Zambia as a president u hav really seen wat the Zimbabweans hav gone through bcoz of the evil president yet u want the evil to penetrate in our country think u ar too old enough sir though we know he is the one who has been empowering u buh will not toralet this anymore


    Wanshi Mugabe muno mu zambia? let him rest kulya kwine ku mwabo,just find ways to fight chorela in lusaka.

  40. jose

    Mugabe, he is a wise man, let him stay & die in zambabwe, no one, will kill mugabe.

  41. Alex

    Ba lungi naimweeeeee careful.

  42. E mwanza

    Check your excitement , reforms are coming and you will remember Mugabe sure!!

  43. Eliah Mungule

    He still remains the important icon of the freedom of Zimbabwe, you Zimbabweans don’t forget that, we can not burry the his sacrifice for the freedom of Zimbabwe because of his past Dictatorship I was a past selfishness but since finally He has made a right step,he part of Zimbabwe itself forgive him,award him, honor him,give him safety his the father of the big family of Zimbabwe and concetrate the Zimbabwe of tomorrow,,God keep Zimbabwe,God Bless Zimbabwe,,we love all Zimbabweans you are part of African family.

  44. lewis bwalya

    u have lot of work to do.
    u are busy inviting that useless and care less person, so no to such demon

  45. Eliah Mungule

    My fellow Zambians let me tell you this let’s learn to respect our Zambian leaders, in whatever way this leaders acquired leadership God allowed it for a certain reason is either for them to know something or the people they lead to know something, remember old days king saul etc,that’s me I just talk on wrong corrupt practices and other wrong decisions they make and not insulting them.we have huge work to do for the BETTER Zambia of Tomorrow because that’s where I’ll spend most of our time

    • Derby

      God is LOVE & president Lungu just did that to his former collegae.Love one another Zambians.

  46. Mweo Niamwiza

    But why come in zambia.

  47. Get mutale

    How do you take yourselves as Christians when you are busy insulting your own father. Let Edgar alone please. No one is perfect.

  48. Bishop Ngoma

    Lungu want to persuade mugabe to step down that’s all.

  49. kabange

    CommentNi zeee

  50. Mike

    Jesus Christ embraced sinners in his daily life and even died for our sins.
    The bible tells us that Jesus said ” love your one another just as l have loved you”.
    Please , the gesture by our President should be looked at objectively and it was the right thing to do by him as Zambia is a Christian nation.

  51. PETROS

    So among all the presdents in africa,lungu is the only leader who is the most wise and impathetic to call such a dictator his country? ifyakucita fwashupa nomba kusabaila uku tata.Do you think mr mugabe doesnt have a home to go for resting and the family to enjoy life with? oweee kuwayawaya fye

  52. Sophty Browny


  53. Mafuta

    Lungu, learn what has happened in Zimbabwe. Next its you. You will have no where to go. Not even chawama will welcome you. You its jail full stop. You criminal.

  54. Chocho

    Yayayayayaya yayaya yayaya yayaya sssssssskikikikikikikiki

  55. BUZZ K


  56. Destiny

    Welcome to Zambia a place where criminals are invited to stay

  57. Destiny

    Welcome to Zambia a place where criminals are invited to stay wen flee from their countries

  58. fred fale

    Without the guidance of good leaders a nation falls. But many good advisers can save it. Proverbs 11:14. Please Zambians don’t insult our president if we can’t respect our nation then who can? Bless you our President Lungu.

  59. ray

    aweh not here mu zed

  60. Chisengo Chindumba

    Lungu just wanted to make history by doing do ,Mugabe is an African Icon. Whether you like it or not books will be written worldwide and his name in it, he did not just have a solution for Zimbabwe but to date Zimbabweans one their land unlike Zambians

  61. Davido Zed


  62. Dommy

    What a good father of the country with good heart and I say continue with good heart for good reputation of our mother country zambia.God bless

  63. edward banda

    can’t any of the Amy make a move about lungu if nt for the pipo u couldn’t how been there enjoying the money wat are the toll getas for

  64. Cj

    Ashee .filing pity for stupid family but leaving your families suffering .stupid man

  65. mwenda muyupi

    Wats the all ideal of bringing mugabe mu zed
    I mean wat for???

  66. Timmy

    Ba Lungu Even If U Ar A Gud Samaritan Y Inviting Hell In Ur Own Country….

  67. Mubanga

    Ba Lungu Ba puba seriously

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