Hichilema Should Learn From Mugabe About Overstaying In A Leadership Position – MMD Youth

MMD youth Prince Ndoyi says it is a mark of hypocrisy for UPND members and its leader Hakainde Hichilema to celebrate the down fall of former Zimbabwean Robert Mugabe when the situation is not different from happenings in their party.

Ndoyi says Hichilema, who has lost five presidential election since assuming the UPND leadership in 2006, has never been subjected to an election in the party portraying an image he was the life president.

The young politician has since urged young UPND members to push for change so that the country’s biggest opposition re-brands its image and stay relevant to electorates.

“It is hypocritical for HH and his UPND to say they are celebrating with Zimbabweans when infact the party leadership should DRAIN THE SWAMP to avoid the embarrassing act of being forcibly removed like former MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba.

“It is a lesson for the young and brilliant minds like Garry Nkombo, Cornelius Mweetwa, Gilbert Liswaniso to speak out or else UPND will be buried as an opposition party.

“Those sitting in influential positions (irrespective of opposition or ruling political parties) must show more responsibility, maturity and integrity in words and deeds. The followers of such leaders must understand that silence is a loss only for themselves and their families.”

Ndoyi says dictatorship is not only practiced by those with state power.

“It is incorrect to always assume dictatorship is only a practice of those in power, but the phenomenon is true even for those in opposition who hold on to presidency beyond their constitutional mandates, and those equally are dragging their countries backwards.

“Any political party in our country is better off to have new blood and new ideas. Leaders must desist from insisting as though they are the only ones with new ideas, there is always that somebody with new energy and new insights and perspectives good enough for our parties,” he said.

Ndoyi has since challenged the UPND to call for a convention adding that the same goes to other political parties such as FDD and UNIP.

“UPND must quickly announce when they shall hold a convention. This is not only good for themselves but will assure Zambians that if given instruments of power they cannot mutilate the Zambian constitution. The sooner the better. Conventions will only present the party with an opportunity to appraise their leaders for a renewed commitment for the future of their party,” he said.

Ndoyi says UPND youths must take a keen interest in understanding the direction their party was taking if they were to remain a meaningful contributor to the governance system in the country.


  1. David

    So what your problem MMD dead

  2. David

    So what your problem MMD dead

  3. Mr justice

    Kandoi ndiwe galu leave upnd alone.

    • John chama

      Stop that language pa social media coz its heriteting me ok?

  4. Mpombo

    Its high time Armocor intervened in upnd to restore democracy like ZDF has done in ZANU-PF

  5. Mr mugabe

    Ba MMD kalani chabe

  6. lungu e

    That z crazy news,did he rule any more such DAT u can be comparing him to master Mugabe? Sily

  7. nineo

    This Prince is he normal? how does one from the MMD even talk about the UPND? This is a party that has two Presidents with one of them serving as finance minister in the PF Government? So from which faction is this Prince talking?



  9. Hotness

    I totally agree with you.Upnd should go for convention as soon as possible to elect people who can bring new philosophy. If nothing is done,I can see the most powerful opposition party dying a natural death.


    I agree with you Mr Ndoyi,UPND as a party accommodates brilliant men who can lead the party. It’s not one man show.Where are person like Mr Mweetwa, Nkombo to mention a few.UPND please go for convention so that everyone can see that in UPND there’s democracy as at now there’s no difference between Mugabe and HH.

  11. cts

    Ndoyi just sitback,if i were u i wud v just known my business of the down fall of mmd.wu told u dat upnd members don’t like hh ?? The situation of mugabe n hh z very different .mugabe had manyengelesha even if he ddnt win he used to try by all means to claim dat he has won .as fr hh if the party members says hh shud stand again he shud stand.they say gud things comes to thoz wu wait no how long it will take.God answered hh in lastyr s gen elections,but some pipo wants to be in power frever they stole wat belongs to him.stop waisting yo tym to post stupidity things on this platfrm,learn to diffrntiate things boy not were by u just wakeup frm yo slamba n start typing ma rubish ,,,,,no nsence.

    • Mpombo

      In Zimbabwe mugabe was removed by the party for over staying so all political parties must democratise before calling on national democracy

  12. Happy gilmore

    very true walk the talk

  13. Mr Intelligent

    HH, please just go for a convention so that you can silence your critics. Party elections are not a bad idea. Thank you.

  14. chansa chiluba

    Ndoyi!you’re not an UPND youth spokesperson to tell youths what to do.youths in UPND are wise just like their leader HH, don’t misled them with your sponsored speeches, stay away MWANA!

  15. Wise Me

    Ndoyi, you are one of the few wise and visionary youth in Zambia. I can only add that we shouldn’t transfer such people into national positions where it is said power is sweet.

  16. pastor

    Ndoyi is right keep it up prince.

  17. mulase

    Sense young man.Though such reasoning will be of little or no substance in the UPND.Some of us who wea brought up in southern province Monze to be specific do know that the so called young and intelligent men u have mentioned can NEVER take heed to yo advise going by the cultural values these old Tonga men impose on the young ones.That’s y I pity GBMs decision to join UPND.Iam saying this because it happened to me in the 70s.By the way iam an easterner.I was a soccer player playing for Monze swallows.There was a game wen we wea down and this coach wanted to substitute one Billy choongo defender and put me there.Guess wat…Billy choongo May his soul rest in peace refused to be replaced by me saying nd I quote “Ndakaka..eyi team nja mukowa”. Kkkkk meaning the team belonged to the Tonga clan nd not balumbu..wat ever he meant but I think he meant foreigners. And we lost 11/0.This is not to mean Tonga’s ar bad pipo no no no.these guys ar good pipo morally but kamene kaja ka syndrome. That’s y uka peza mutonga pa roadblock wa traffic ma ma ma ma uzakambila kusogolo!HH to be our presdo..nakana pamutu pa galu.

  18. Benson Kampukwe

    Mr ndoyi learn to differentiate between party presidency and Republican presidency hw long did it take the late Sata to usurp presidency? From 2001-2011simple mathematics if you have a problem with HH why don’t you approach him and resolve everything. Some of us we’re tired of baseless sentiments which people like you produce. Reason properly before you say anything

  19. RB

    I see your point my brother. There is no way the young and energetic youths keeps this old maroon for ever in the party. He has tried his best and failed, allow others also to try….. I see no point of keeping a loser meanwhile the party is sorounded by sound mind people. Ledies and gentle men , this man has failed,!!!!!! It’s high time we changed the face of the party, we need the restoration of the party. Nevertheless, we don’t mind with losers our focus is to continue with ECL

  20. RB

    I see your point my brother. There is no way the young and energetic youths keeps this old maroon for ever in the party. He has tried his best and failed, allow others also to try….. I see no point of keeping a loser meanwhile the party is sorounded by sound mind people. Ledies and gentle men , this man has failed,!!!!!! It’s high time we changed the face of the party, we need the restoration of the party. Nevertheless, we don’t mind with losers our focus is to continue with ECL beyond 2021.

  21. caphas

    What christ prophesied shud always come 2 fruition.just trust Jesus who does not embarrase people and work extra hard to make ends meet and help build our nation by cherishing a positive mind

  22. Gmy

    Ndoyi Your Party Is Dying In ICU. Mwbona Mwamana Doo “MMD”

  23. caphas siwale

    No human being shall ever bridge up the gap btween thee impoverished and the rich.conquer poverty with the strength God has given u

  24. nshilimubemba

    People are just the same every where, they all love power at all costs we may have our own opinions, but the fact is that with in any organisation there are more people desiring to lead.
    HH cannot be the only one unless there is something wrong with the party.

  25. hanene

    It’s quiet interesting to read the posting of Prince ndoyi. Upnd has its members. If members are not happy with what is happening in their party they will find a solution to their problem. Why should involve everyone in an issue which is non existing ? If you bear the title of prince out of Prince hood, iam afraid of your chieftainancy. Think better bwana Prince.

  26. Ngoma David

    Nonsense ba MMD

  27. PT

    Hh if become president saza chokapo. Selfish man. Nanga ndalama zake nizako.

  28. Sj

    The thing about local opposition political parties is that when they’ve a president to lead a party then they’ve arrived.
    They become apologetic about testing Leadership in the party by trying out a convention. Which is healthy really.
    So after fielding the same presidents over the years, they’re convinced that that’s the best to be had for Plot One? I shudder to share such sentiments. It’s sheer midiocrity. Comment

  29. Julius

    Hh is our president in upnd not in zambia,go to hell with your analysis

    • Sj

      SHAME one is forced to recollect CK ‘s apologised STATEMENT! Comment

    • Sj

      SHAME one is forced to recollect CK ‘s apologised STATEMENT! The comment was in plural and not assigned to hh. Comment

  30. closeed gaps

    HOW can u compare 35years to 5 years? like really,are you okay??

  31. Ba muna.

    Upnd uths are danderheads bcz they can’t see eny sense in plince’s atical they are blinded by their leader, u need to be derivered.

  32. closed gaps

    BUYANGA BWINI, 35 years vs 5, how is that fair!?,before you show your lack of mathematical skills check the facts.

    • Sj

      Advice for UPND is LIKE Flogging A Dead Horse. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. (FIGURE OF SPEECH) BEFORE SOMEONE PICKS IT UP to mean it’s deaming, they’ve been called dogs. Comment

    • Linda

      Which school did u go dat u don’t even know de different between 35 and5 years. Go back to school and ask ur teacher. leave HH alone with his part alla iwe

  33. mainzĂ 

    H-h good mw

  34. kesha

    HH is a man

  35. martin

    Comment mugabe was ruling the country, hh has never ruled. leading a party is not ruling a country. how do you compare different things people?

    • Kalos

      And stop calling him President ,call him party leader.Upnd party leader hh.

  36. Sofia

    Prince!what kind of a prince is this ai?you want to clean other people’s house when yours is full of dirty, ndagambwa!so you mean you’re more intelligent than all the youths in UPND that you can speak on their behalf?Those are bad manners kusondela mung’anda yaba neighbour balakugonka mpemo nciindi cako.

  37. George Mainza

    Iwe Ka Ndoyi, do you think that UPND members are IDIOTS as you are ? kanshi ulicipuba, elo ulemoneka kwati tawasambilila ,are you a member in UPND or you are just chasing the wind from East to West? plz just mind your business within MMD, we shall not stop surporting HH becouse he is one of the best and wise men in our party and zambia at large.

  38. mnjeg

    You shut down ndoi go to hell your part mmd is dead how can the part president sever as the finance minister in other part he is like resembled eating to times at the same sport will continue follow and support our hh and upnd forwarding Zambia if you don’t know

  39. martin

    Comment a party president can not be compared to a republican president. know to differentiate things. country men

  40. memory

    You are very stupid 2getha with the pipo who gave u so much courage to talk about HH in such a mana,mind your dead party coz HH is a party Lida and not a Zambian president you fool

  41. Fundi Hillary

    Ex-Maroon and Ndoyi u are so stupid, don’t u see that yo mmd part z dying… Clean up yo mesi first u morons. We love UPND and HH for eva…

  42. Fundi Hillary

    Ex-Maroon and Ndoyi u are so stupid, don’t u see that yo mmd part z dying… Clean up yo mesi first u morons. We love UPND and HH for eva… How can u compare the situation for Mugabe to HH they are totally different .

  43. Tembo James

    HH is not the only one who can lead the part plz

  44. Temweni chaongopa

    This is not about mmd pf or upnd listen to what he is saying, you v got eyes en yet you don’t see ears en yet you don’t hear. We cud v seen a lot of things destroyed if it was in Zambia coz of Pipo like you, but look at the Zimbabwean’s. I don’t see anything wrong in what Mr ndoyi is saying

  45. cts

    Temweni I wud love to encourage u to mind yo own business in pf or mmd.u r de. kind of pipo wu bring confusion in othr pipo s marrieges meanwhil ,,,,,mind yo on business wt yo stupid ndoi

  46. Jose

    ” Ndiyo or munani, mususo “. i don’t know, what they called your seif. to start with, in pf mr sata stayed in opposition for more than 11yrs, their was no convention, until he won elections. why HH ? starnyoko, wembwa ya muntu.

  47. Lucas

    Prince is just fine in Zimbabwe they changed Mugabe from president of the country and the party for overstaying, get the point from him that is the same with upnd they need to go to the convention to convince people if it’s really a Democratic party by having elections within the party not like this current situation when was the last time they had a convention?meaning there is no constitution they follow? Let’s be level headed and see.

  48. Africa twasebana

    mr man

  49. Gbv

    Leave hh alone u!!!!!!!+

  50. Emmanuel

    I wish you could talk about president lungu who wants to rule over two terms. You are quite but someone like Mugabe wants to be voted into office for 3 times here in Zambia….. But you’re busy attacking your fellow opposition party. Comparing Mugabe to HH!!!!

  51. sj

    The era was definitely away from leaked papers, unlike now where the value of an exam has lost true meaning. hh is not an issue. He alone does not make up a party.

  52. mercutio

    Comment: Some comrades liks the party not the leader period.Evaluate the sample & see.

  53. cts

    Y didn’t u go fr a convention when sata over stayed in the opposition party pf ,yyyyy ??? Chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi .hh z upnd presdo forvr chiku babe.if u hate him thats yo own fault just die wt yo hatred.

  54. cts

    Elo he z going to be de prst wethr u like it or not

  55. fredson mushani

    Nowada hh used thm

  56. fredson mushani

    Nowanda hh used to perform childish he wanted it in Zambia as Zimbabwe

  57. fredson mushani

    Nowada hh used to perform childish he wanted it in Zambia as Zimbabwe.

  58. Jimmy mk

    People from UPND they can not accept HH to leave that position.let them wait for 2021 if HH will make it.all members from UPND are visionless

    • Chocho

      So 2021 yobe naba noko? ulimbwa.

    • Ra's k

      hh is only leader who is able to run a upnd.without him the party can be same has mmd.that’s the believe of party members

  59. SK

    Ndoyi you are a fool and wikala pa chishala apo baposa ifisoso . If your party is finished join even corrupt parties or dogs aba bosa ninshi tapali necho bamwene

  60. Katukula Nalisa

    Scared of HH?

  61. kaizer

    hh i used to hate you bcoz i thought you were tribal.Mange nikukonda you are my next president.Tikufuna ukontolore zambia twacula sana.

  62. George Mainza

    Kaizer my brother, may God Bless you for that testimony, may you please leave those fools who hate HH for nothing,they dont care even if they are suffering (incito tapali,Ndalama tashilemoneka,amakwebo kuwayawayafye) , they are just like a person who’s dumped into a toilet, when you try to pull him/her out, he refuse to be saved ,thats the way we are in this country.

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