Kambwili Is Childish, says Nathan Chanda

Patriotic Front Copperbelt youth chairman Nathan Chanda has warned Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili to stop attacking President Edgar Lungu and his style of leadership.

Chanda says it is childish for Kambwili to start accusing President Edgar Lungu that he has neglected late President Michael Sata’s vision.

The Luanshya Mayor and once close ally to the Roan parliamentarian said Kambwili’s behaviour is disappointing especially that most projects started by the late President Michael Sata have continued.

Chanda has challenged Kambwili to point at any projects the late President started and has been abandoned.

“The continued attacks on President Edgar Lungu that he has discarded the vision of founding President Michael Sata are unfounded, baseless, childish and lack substance.

“however as youths we forgive such people who are desperate to be called ‘Mr President’, we have just witnessed the launch of the Pave Zambia 2000 in Ndola. I think this is a project started by the late president,” Chanda said.

He said President Lungu has carried on with late President Michael Sata’s legacy to ensure that more jobs were created for youths in the province.

“We want to challenge all these politicians who are only focusing on politics of name calling, character assassination to show us projects that have been neglected by President Edgar Lungu as opposed to just ranting,” he said.

Chanda says a further 500 jobs will be created in Ndola’s Chifubu Constituency through the Pave Zambia 2000 road project.


  1. Kabamba

    Iwe naiwe Chanda little has happened on the Copperbelt . It’s you that is childish who erupts in jubilation and starts drooling upon been given a sweet not knowing there’s a box of sweets in the bedroom . Just hope and pray copper prices don’t drop otherwise you’ll remember you ought to have done more on the Copperbelt when the mines are be affected.

  2. We gave Dr Chishimba respect but he will soon lose it,if he wants to become the president of this great nation of which am sure he can,let him not be attacking the president. Instead let him offer proper checks and balance by doing that we are going assess,if definitely is a presidential material or not.


  3. pompolyongo

    It’s very true that some projects are abandoned by his excellence E.L

    • Sj

      In some parts of C/belt Province towns major high ways keep getting a facelift and those smaller ones are impassible in the rainy season. Comment

  4. Abena kafue

    Western province university and stadium? Quiet. Livingstone University and stadium? Quiet. I would like to ask Mr Chanda to do a random survey to ascertain presidential candidate who are popular. Definitely EL is not anywhere near popularity in Zambia today. Politics of the belly ba Chanda yamusebanya. HH, CK, SC and others top the ladder. People only know EL not as popular but as current president of Zambia. I’m PF by the way and a staunch one. I don’t support blindly.

  5. As

    Kachanda ulikapuba walishibe efyo basata balebomba ulishilu. Country wide was projects. Loads lounching in rain season without money. Mwachusha abantu muluanshya na cl

  6. PT

    2021 hh will win but not 50%+1 second will be ck relun ck is going win.

  7. Ht

    Come to kwacha, bulangililo & kapoto elo Kachanda kalelanda wilatukalifya pantu ulelyamo. Katwishi kukapoto necho ba votera nefula iyiyaisa sharm.

  8. Miles

    You people should read before commenting nonsense.

  9. Jose

    iwe ka chanda, ulikapuba. the only job you ve done with your ka jemason, this to reduce the price of beer, cz 90% of pf cadres their drunker’s.

  10. obama

    things are worse in zambia.Twacula.No money in our pocket.The richer are getting richer the poor awe tavutika.

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