OPINION: Mugabe’s Fall Should Serve as a Lesson to All

The fall of comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe provides valuable lessons to many an upcoming politician. But perhaps more valuable would be lessons for those that walk around the centre of power.

For many years many people that have abandoned Mugabe walked with him and were some of the biggest cheerleaders as he walked through the 37 years at the helm of Zimbabwean politics.

They helped build the monster that eventually consumed the once upon a time fierce anti-imperialist. Mugabe was cheered on even as he declared his desire to contest the 2018 general elections at 94 years old.

The ZANU-PF executive committee endorsed his candidature even when none of them believed he could withstand the pressure that came with what they were lumping him with.

Once it became clear that he was on his way out, the same ZANU-PF executive committee that had in compliance with Mugabe’s (most likely Grace) desire expelled Emerson Mnangagwa were all over rooting for the man spookily christened the crocodile.

All of sudden after 37 years the ZANU-PF cohorts had finally seen the light.

They had all of a sudden seen how bad a leader Mugabe had been. How ironic that it is the same ZANU-PF top hierarchy that has become the chief protagonists of a Mnangagwa presidency?

Perhaps the biggest lesson in all this is that people are loyal to power and not individuals. Once Mugabe had lost that power he was useless to them and had become a pariah.

Even some of his foremost defenders had abandoned him at his greatest hour of need. Even people that had sworn death in defence of President Mugabe like Chipanga Kudzai who had said he was ready to die if the army intervened.

Kudzai was made to eat his vomit by reading his speech for 10 hours. Is that not a lesson for those among hanger-ons around power to learn from? Hanging around the presidency does not make one the President? It could be lonely once one steps out of power.

Ask a certain George Chellah who even abandoned his wife and household at the height of his powers but is now back as a facebook dotting husband and father. This is a matter of public record as court records are there to that effect with reasons as comical as the wife being unable to ‘handle my fame’.

The Zimbabwe template should be used as a lesson of how the power game plays out.


  1. Hotness

    The old man will be remembered for liberating Zimbabwe from the imperialists in 1980.

    • Chichi

      A great lesson for Edgar, Kabila and Museveni – Africa’s worst remaining brutal dictators. These they don’t require a General Chiwenga approach but a bullet each at the back of their ugly heads.

      • Huzaifah Banda

        The gud ideas are buried on

      • Sj

        Life is not worth living if a political leader should be brought down by the burrow of the gun. The ballot box ‘n’ non violent protests should determine that one was not wanted.
        God who sees the suffering of his people finds a way to use someone to forster peace. And not ‘ve the blood of someone glaring @ your hands.
        Zimbabwe is a case in hand. God’s time has trully been the best to peacefully remove their former leader. Instead of using some gruesome treacherous means. Comment

  2. caphas siwale

    God is omniscient.The time u wanted Mugabe to resign wasnt the right time for God.Little did u know of the ramifications had the soldiers forced him b4 God’s time.Zimbabwean soldiers ought 2 b eurogised for being brave

  3. Nelson Mena Chipaila

    This is probably the most peaceful coup ever. Whatever goes up, must come down.

  4. foothold

    Beware of a woman in all yo dealings.They annoint kings and dethrone kings.

  5. luwi Richard

    Everything happens for a puppalse, mind you give him respect he has brock a record.

  6. Joseph Ngosa

    Gen Chiwenga should be awarded a PhD. He can present a thesis on HOW TO EXECUTE A SUCCESSFUL BLOODLESS AND LEGAL MILITARY COUP IN AN AFRICAN DEMOCRACY.

    • Sj

      I can’t Agree More with You Joseph Ngosa. Your thought is right on. Comment

  7. luwi Richard

    Respect him he has brock a record.

  8. Allan Ovid chisangarJr

    May God blesse u as u are resting

  9. Allan Ovid chisangarJr

    May God blesse u as u are resting am also wishing Zimbabwean to be in peace

  10. Prophety angel major

    Give thanks to God time as come for change. God he gives time for everything also thanks God for using Mugabe to liberate Zimbabwe.. Also been the freedom fighter does mean that you anything about the country no. God uses people for papoose in the Bible God appoint Saul as king when God saw that again says if keep this man on this leadership people they won’t see development or having peace in there life ?????????? Prophety Angel in Lusaka MATERO thanks

  11. haantolongo maps

    I strongly agree wth those saying, this shiuy save as a lesson especially to greedy african leaders.

  12. haantolongo maps

    Stupid African greedy leaders.

  13. AJ styles

    None of my business yong thug ok.

  14. Ruth maku

    What other leaders ad upcoming ones should learn also is that they should work together the people but put God first because once they lose power the people will disappear but God will never leave them

  15. Texeira

    There should be an African Criminal Court to judge such people

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