Street Vendors In Mufulira Get Ultimatum

The Mufulira Municipal Council has give an ultimatum to street vendors to vacate the streets and take up designated stands in existing markets.

Assistant Public Relations Manager Thandiwe Tembo said the council has been losing revenue due to street vending which has also contributed to denting the image of the district.

Tembo said the vendors have advised to occupy the vacant stands in markets as opposed to trading along the corridors of city buildings.

“Most of the traders in the markets have deserted their trading spaces and opted to trade from the streets. This has caused a lot of dirty to accumulate in the streets, some corridors have become impassable.

“We gave them a one week ultimatum to move back to the markets and occupy the empty stands,” Tembo said.

“we are also losing revenue because we do not collect any levies from vendors who are on the streets. They will have to comply with this directive failure to which we will have to use minimum force to move them out of the streets of Mufulira.”

Meanwhile, the vendors have complained of not having been given enough time to relocate from the streets.

They said the decision by the local authority to drive them out of the streets will make them even more vulnerable.

“This is our own means of survival, so if we are chased where we going to trade from? The council should just be fair. The Markets they are talking about have no trading places; those stands they are talking about have owners,” one of the street vendors said.

The vendors have appealed to President Edgar Lungu to intervene and allow them continue trading on the streets.

“The President should protect us at least, there are no jobs elsewhere and this is our only means of survival,” the female vendor said.

Street vending is a problem for many cities in the country with local authorities having a tough time dealing with it.


  1. nineo

    These people should do what the Lusakans did. They ask their Mayor or Council Chairman when he is asleep and their problem will be solved because he will say what his colleague in Lusaka said . . . “Street Vendors will not be removed”

    • Chichi

      Oh no, this is so unfair. How can you push people out of the spaces you tolerated for a long time? There are no jobs in Zambia. Hunger, AIDS and illiteracy have reached alarming proportions yet you want to treat poor people like that. Edgar and his cronies are busy stealing, so what do you expect people to do? You’re horrible creatures.
      Signs off cute Chichi girl

  2. Davido

    Street vending mu mufulira is not that bad people don’t want to go Ku market why iwe ka public relations ka tembo goand check gabbage uko kwine Ku market don’t be foolish clean the market first then let them go there letter on ultimatum at a see

  3. Hotness

    Let them continue with their businesses otherwise, if you Chase them from the streets ,poverty levels will escalate among the residents of mufurila.

  4. Irene

    The streets look very dusty and dirty. Is this because the Council cant afford to hire cleaners because it has no revenue from the markets? Nevertheless All Zambian councils need to look at cleanlinesss seriously. The country is only 50 years old it cant have decayed so quickly after the British left it spick and span. Ati ba President Lungu. Act for goodness sake Act!

  5. James

    where do you expect them to go iwe with this recession in the country,that their livelihood.

  6. squeez b

    Comment the reason why they are selling in the streets is due to the fact that there is limited space at the public market.
    leave them alone!

  7. Bonde

    Before chasing them back to the market, first u go through the streets and count how many people are trading there, and c if the stands in market are more than enough to accommodate them,if not then think twice.

  8. Callme

    They have nowhere to get the money..ver stupid just go and look for job

  9. kk2

    Baleke iwe kaboke

  10. Jose

    leave those pipo, you an IDOIT together, with yoka jemason. you jst go and open your ass hole, whore.

  11. Kaboww

    Iyi Town Lintu Ifwe Twalekula We Used To Call It “MAFKEN” Mucifikila Beni. In Those Days.

  12. slim tyola

    That’s y ama beef na PF tayakalepwa leave the people to trade just sensitise over cleanness

  13. Ms J

    Yes we need clean and clear corridors. The situation is pathetic and we cant go on like this, we need order. Nevertheless I understand and respect the need for people to sell but let it be in the right place. Mufu Municipal Council clean the markets especially kulya bashitisha musalu waku Mupena. The veggies are well grown by farmers from Mupena and very tasty akantu busaka tapaba epo bashitisha, but i go to buy anyway because they are healthy and tasty.

  14. Kabange

    Comment Emotwakulila laka bawamye.

    • Daniels

      dirty dirty, dirty is what I can describe Lusaka town. all the brains at civic center are paralysed to think about sanity in town because everything is political. This dirty city pictures the dirty that is in the minds of the current administrors in gorvenment. Good move mufulira hope it happens.

  15. mercutio

    Comment: Think twice period.

  16. Tagagani

    In Lusaka as well as else where street vendors should go back to inside markets or the small shops they have rented out to foreigners at their houses. In Lusaka street vending has taken much of the corridors such that pedestrians are made to share the traffic roads. I wonder if we have a council or government in place. For sanity sake good move mufurila council.

  17. Nalisa Katukula

    I support the move by the municipal council 100%. Let the vendors trade from the right place and will have a clean town. My appeal to the council is that insure that you have enough space to accommodate traders or identify a place where you can build a market with proper ablution block. Lusaka is a disaster, there is filthy litter everywhere in town. The city is so dirty and it’s like people have gotten used to it as normal.

  18. Destiny

    U people indeed there’s no spaces in those markets to trade from. Make a good market for them and the problem will solve itself don’t just increase the level of poverty by chasing vendors without giving them a place to trade from

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