Zesco ‘Loadsheds’ Self As League Match Is Postponed Due To Blackout

Power utility firm Zesco got something of a taste of its own medicine when a match involving its club Zesco United and visiting Red Arrows was postponed due to a power blackout.

The match was stopped in the early minutes of the first half when power went leaving the stadium in total darkness in a match that kicked off at 19:00 hours and live on pay television channel SuperSport.

Power was partially restored but the match could not go on and has been rescheduled to today at 13:00 hours.

The episode is only embarrassingly rivalled to the September 8, 2015 episode when Zambia played Gabon at Heroes Stadium with Heroes Stadium bathed in a blackout as President Edgar Lungu joined the crowd.

Both teams were tied at 0-0 when power went.


  1. Hotness

    That’s a great embarrassment to faz and the country at large.the football federation and the power utility company should work hand in hand in ensuring that there continuous supply of power in all stadia across the country. Just in two weeks time, Zambia will be hosting the under 20 cosafa youth championship to be staged in Kitwe, hence the need to have a constant supply of power at both nkhana and auther Davies stadia.

  2. V. More

    This is a disgrace to our nation and the football federation, zesco is doing things on purpose now. It’s too much.

    • Emmanuel Chiguta

      True I mean we cannot host a Under 20 world cup
      Because of loadsheding

  3. Paul M

    What is hapening in zambia is very bad, no wonder AFCON and WORLD CUP will not be hosted here until the end of the world.

  4. Mr. BJ

    Failure by Zesco, is failure by all of us. Those in leadership should show unity of purpose. Zambia is for all of us. Mulatumweneshamo to the outside world! Supersport is watched in many countries, hence the need to perform wonderfully! Ba Kapata, be on your toes to quickly identify issues, such as the Ndola one. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  5. luwi Richard

    Too bud for oure nation to such embarassiment, that the world was waltching.

  6. Chupah Happy

    Look guys we should not show the embarrassment to our nation……let support our nation because things can’t be same throughout the year,so if we this to the people in power they will be devoted to there works peacefully….

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