Kambwili Summoned by Police

Defacto National Democratic Congress (NDC) Chishimba Kambwili will have another brush with law enforcement agencies when he appears at police headquarters in Lusaka.

The motor mouthed Kambwili has been summoned on unclear charges but believed to be linked to his incessant verbal attacks including having labelled President Edgar Lungu a thief.

Kambwili has emerged as the harshest critic of the ruling Patriotic Front after being stripped of his ministerial position last year in November.

The Roan Member of Parliament has since challenged his expulsion from the PF despite being the most venomous attacker of the party he insists he still a member of.

Kambwili has been directed to present himself in room A 73 at 14:00 hours.


  1. David

    Such pipo who abuse the law must b delt with regardless of his/her dignit remember no one is above the law.

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GMB)

    Ba kashimba chimbwili

  3. Chichi

    Fuck those summons. Why didn’t they summon a thief himyself? Traits of a dictatorship. He needs a General Chiwenga approach too. Fuck Edgar.
    Signs off cute Chichi girl

  4. David Daka

    Don’t follow the politics closely

  5. Kabamba

    Such people don’t relent.U are only making him stronger and more popular.Use a different law of power.

  6. Jeffrey danielz

    Chishimba Chimbwi Will get nowhere

  7. Kabuki katombela

    Let Kambwili not be detained coz the country may enter a ‘frustration and bitter’ mode similar to HH’s detention and thereby gunnering greater sympathy and support for the opposition. Thats what CK wants.

  8. Trevor pambwe

    Dats how life wen som1 makes a serious mistake 2 som1 its a lucky. Kulakwa kwamuzako nimwai wako,kopanda olakwa ziko ingawame bwanji.

  9. Christopher mwelwa

    Avoid finger pointing. Let’s be sailing or present ourselves sanitary for the sake of gaining popularity… I know ka tiger maybe involved himself in tribal cousin. Tribal cousin has no demarcation.

  10. George Mainza

    Fellow Zambian , what’s wrong with you? i think we shall never develop in our country, becouse we behave like a person who have gone in the bush to hunt some animals with his dog and a gun in his hands, when he find an animal, instead of chasing that animal by using a dog to help him, instead he will shut his own dog then an animal will go forgood,what do i mean? corruption in Zambia is growing like a (kwati Bowa) mashrom, if not careful , at last this country will be extrimelly poor more than the way it was in Zimbabwe.

  11. Japhet kalonde


  12. James


  13. Jose

    Young Cobra, CK temunobe. contunue exposed those thieves CK.

  14. Cili kuli iwe.com

    God is the answer to all these.
    Signed by the voice of the voiceless. Com

  15. young bokani k Junior

    Just let justice prevaile otherwise zmbia will experience civil war

  16. khipkho

    Ngatabafwaya ukubeta ba pompwe belaiba simple, don’t become foolishly the enermies of democracy,let kambwili speak,its a free society
    Personally this pf government has turned out to be the most corrupt regime ever witnessed…
    fire tenders,tu mandamanda,third term bid to mention,but a few

  17. Christopher Kapisha

    Let kambwili be you are just making him popular let’s just continue with development in our country ,

  18. viper

    lelo lelo ba kambwili.

  19. Cili kuli iwe.com

    We can talk hills and mountains, but only GOD knows.

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