PF Leadership Unhappy With Members Flirting With Kambwili’s NDC

Some Copperbelt Patriotic Front members have been accused of disloyalty after allegations emerged they were flirting with Chishimba Kambwili’s National Democratic Congress.

The allegations have forced the Copperbelt Provincial leadership to summon some members suspected of double dealing.

According to an exculpatory letter seen, the Patriotic Front in the province and Kitwe District is accusing some of its members of dining with the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC).

Some officials being alleged to have links with the National Democratic Congress Party include Kitwe District Treasurer Charles Bwembya.

Bwembya has since appeared before the disciplinary committee while another is Patriotic Front Copperbelt Youth Vice Chairperson Sternly Chandindi.

An insider has disclosed that the party in the Province has become uncomfortable since the National Democratic Congress Party launched its consultative programs in different towns on the Copperbelt.

The source observed that the allegations were baseless because any party member that not attending meetings was seen to be accusing to be working with the Chishimba Kambwili/Mwenya Musenge led party.

“What is happening is sad and if we continue with this behavious it will lead us astray, not everyone is working with Kambwili but if we start pointing fingers at each other we may just force some people out of the Party,” the source said.

When contacted, PF Kitwe District treasurer Charles Bwembya said he was not spokesperson of the party and referred all queries to the party chairperson in the district, Christopher Kang’ombe.

“That is an internal issue which I feel cannot be discussed on the phone, please contact the party chairperson Mr Kang’ombe,” he said.

Kang’ombe could not be reached for a comment as he is reported to be out of the country.


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  2. Jose

    the job, of young cobra CK, is to destroy the pf stronghold area’s in copperbelt b4 2021 election, so that UPND can scoup the all copperbelt.

  3. cts

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  4. king coin

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  5. Hotness

    Let people join the party of their choice,it is their Democratic right.

  6. GMM

    John chatile TEMBO,How do you combined English and nyanje and which school did you attanded?
    So far we have observed that mwebena chipata you are all athieves look back and see what lupiya banda and his government did, nothing but stealing public funds all the minister’s become so rich when sata come into power he implemented alot of developmental programs country wide,he gave 100% salary increment to government workers but look what your so called Lungu has done he left out the owner and the founder of PF and allows beach of thieves from mmd so we are not happy for this government, so luapula,muchinga,Northen copperbelt we are joining the new part NDC,How do you end corruption when cabinet are busy corrupting the new recruited teachers,Those teacher’s who have recruited has been corrupted,God has seen what we are going through so 2021 I will wipe out our tears by give us a new leader not hh but other parts.

    • martha kamona

      you are right. I have been left out since 2015, till now. if we can’t be helped by our government, then where do we run to? or rather, what do we do.

  7. Christopher mwelwa

    They z no any restrictions of changing the party. What z there z to follow the protocol.

  8. Pamutunda

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  10. Macs

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  11. Pleito

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  12. Real man

    Let them enjoy their Democratic Rights

  13. Matuzi

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  15. Kabamba

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  25. Berry Mpasela

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  26. Dingani

    Kkkk, he is John Hatembo not Tembo . Zambia is a Democratic country so anyone is free to join or form any party

  27. Agrippa

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  33. Brighton Muma

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