Hichilema Praises UPND For Peaceful Rally On The Copperbelt

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is happy with the turn out at the card renewal exercise for the Copperbelt regions.

Hichilema praised his members for a good turn out.

“Thank you abena Kopala for turning out in numbers and being peaceful during our card renewal exercise at Kitwe’s Show grounds.

“We are your servants and we remain committed to the well-being of all our citizens from every corner of our country.

“Together with our party Vice-President, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, we love you and shall move together in uniting, developing our country,” he said.

Hichilema had a busy weekend.

Before the rally, he met with a Commonwealth envoy negotiating a consultative process between his party and the ruling Patriotic Front.

“With our party Vice President, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, party National Chairperson, Mutale Nalumango and other senior party officials we held a closed door meeting with the Commonwealth delegation led by Professor Ibrahim Gambari.

“We remain committed to the dialogue process for the greater good of our country and we will not walk away before finding lasting solutions to the many challenges our country is faced with,” he said.

Hichilema is hoping to make a sixth attempt at the presidency when elections are held in 2021.


  1. GMM

    You two fools bafikala do you think you can be leaders of Zambia? GBM said I don’t follow people who have no brain but you follow that idiot hh coz has a brain, now my question is ba GBM does it mean you don’t have a brain?
    Chikala hh how do you become a President when you can’t speak good bemba,sorry bana 2021 ni CK nomunakwe

    • Cacious Mulumbu

      Foolish, idiot ,baga

      • Sk

        Please I edge you to keep quite if you have nothing to post on the media rather than to curse your life by insult please you don’t your day when it is ending be careful

      • Sk

        Please I edge you to keep quite if you have nothing to post on the media rather than to curse your life by insult please you don’t your day when it is ending be careful.

    • allan m hamilube@gamil.com

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    • ben bela

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    • moses kamanga

      Kkkkkkkkk kwena !! dont insult plz i beg u

    • Akapondo

      Sir why insults , this blog is accessed by kids,

    • Doug

      Remember God is seeing u and he is able to get wat u are saying, that’s why politics make people sin without them knowing but be aware of God don’t just keep on insulting my dear…

  2. Hotness

    I can’t wait for 2021 elections so that I can exercise and give you my vote.


    HH we are behind you. Mobilise us. Harder Na bena for the economic and political emmanspetion of our Country.

  4. james kaumba

    Viva HH&GBM 2021 yenu!!!!

  5. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GMB)


  6. paul moses

    Just to remind ba GMM that Bemba is not an official language do not confuse pipo & ur utterances ar full of hate speeches!!!!!

  7. Halema Donald Junior Dundumwenze.


  8. muntungwa

    GMM andGMB,
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  9. Kabamba

    Ba pompweeeeeee aba.Fake smiles,devil’s incanates,ready 2 plunder the nation’s resources as they did b4.History repeats itself . I personally wont 4get how chi hh rejoiced wen he hed of privatisation knowing he was going 2 steal from the sale of the mines;he couldn’t even provide better advice bcoz all he wanted was the mines 2 b sold.Now Kopala is strugglin economically and u still go back with cow dung 2 stain and make it filthy-ninshi yakuchita Kopala iwe kapala.Moreover it is in this hh’s blood 2 b greedy,stingy and evil.

  10. Kabamba

    We already have CK imbwili from Kopala.Go back u danderheads,ba nkusa imwe . hh u put Kopala in the economic shumbles it’s going thru and u have the guts 2 come back and bark about “Oh I’ll do this 4 Kopala,I’ll do that 4 Kopala,”annoying and irritating . Indeed that’s why most of yo supporters are from the south,fellow danderheads who don’t care about wat u did 2 the majority of Zambians.

    • memory

      Gmm you are a big fool,idiot,stupid and foolish what did hh do to u to vommit such rubbish pipo like u don’t have respect even to your own parents if u have nothing gud to say about HH u better keep yor dirty mouth shut coz we are behind him 2021 is coming watch yor back

  11. mnjkwa

    Our hh keepenit up
    you are welcome not problem well vote for you hh and gbm
    Hakainde means =happy and keep all information now delivery each
    Hichlema =means his ideas can help each meet anyone
    Now Gbm means= goods be made

    • moses kamanga

      Pipo stop insulting each other only God knws wh will be the next president iz it ECL or HH but y troubling ur selves hahaha weeee mwee mwelesa wandi isen wangu

  12. chibz

    At kabamba! Be careful the way you use your tongue, if you want to insult HH better insult him alone, mind you there are so many followers of HH some are older than your father and they have never insult anyone all wat they know is just to vote a person they want, what a mother fucker you’re bushit!! Webwa iwe wabechinyo ubukulu satana wamuntu iwe

  13. Tembo James

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  14. North western

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  15. Mundu

    There is too much insuilts why? Let’s talk about things which can build our country zambia.

    • moses kamanga

      Gud may God bless u tell them somthing to build our courntry

  16. mwila mwamba

    HH go back ku farm .

    • mk

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  17. Mutandabantu

    Ati kabamba it is wrong to insult the whole region of Southern Province. It shows that u don’t understand that the country that u r living in is a mult-ethnic and multi a democratic state that requires a multidimensional approach to approach to politics if u want to end all the problems u r going through and bring about development our country in a way that will help the current government deliver development and continue making our lives better. Hence, my advice for u is that if u don’t understand development and democracy, its better u go back home and play some video games because u r a very childish chap and half Zambian.

  18. John chama

    HH for president

  19. Evidence Taulo

    Am behind u guys, 2021 is yours no dault.

  20. John TEMBO

    Hy people of Zambia don’t for get that we have good readership here in Zambia, freedom of species, freedom of movement,

  21. chibesa nkandu

    Lets mind our comments or else we shall be in trouble.insults are not encouraged zambia for all people nd for all tribes.anyone can stand and voted for.shame on u.

    • Mr A.M. Jnr

      God is the giver of our lives. He knows who can rule us better. Let’s leave all in His hands.

  22. Titus Kapanga

    Don’t forget solwezi is still yours

  23. Mr A.M. Jnr

    Every leadership comes from God whether bad or good. Lets wait for 2021 and see the one God is going to give us. Your role is just to vote and not to insult one another. One Zambia one Nation. We are in a Christian nation why insults friends? Democracy does not mean insults but the rule of the people by the people for the people. May God forgive you for your bad behavior guys.

  24. vcyk

    wait 2021

  25. TJ

    Oooh no Zambian’s have some manners and stop all this behaviors of insulting each other because tomorrow it may be your father to contest as a Presidential candidate and surely do u expect him to be respected,no because its us starting this,so at least people jx try act maturely cause no matter what u can u can’t change the present just like no one chooses a parent poor or rich,bad or good so we can do nothing but accept whoever is chosen as our leader nd our President.

  26. Real man

    Good one lets continue with the same spirit we are behind you HH

  27. FGM

    It’s a pity to find that a senseless reader took the lead in commenting on a none partisan article. Fools shall always expose themselves like that. Never allow him to derail your constructive thoughts.

  28. evaristo katanga

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  30. simpo

    kabamba and Gmm if you really understand politics you would not be so foolish, Now listen Zambian politics is now tricky, don’t compare SATA to anyone, sata was helped by other tribes that you are insulting to win, Yr relatives will surely struggle to win because of yr tribalism, Zambia is big my friends I feel pity for CK coz of you guys. continue insulting pipo but copperbelt alone can’t take CK to plot 1.

  31. mwila mwamba

    2021 is coming very soon u cry again ok.

  32. jo

    Dull pipo here, insulting tribes and expecting to win with this 50 + 1, I pity you guys. elections in Zambian will remain an uphill battle coz of such careless language, only those embracing everybody will be smiling. some pipo shud be very very careful, because the support of their so called cousins is not guaranteed as they would do.

  33. Boris lukonde

    bafikala mulimbwasana muleikalafye

  34. Graham katema

    Aleisa 2021 we love u hh us from north western we will never give up on u. g katema

  35. Boris lukonde

    did u feek that u are going to be a President fuck u babili imwe mwembwa

  36. Boris lukonde

    did u feek that u are going to be a President fuck u

  37. Shakumbila Shikauluka

    Comment its H H 4 ever try 2021 baba we luv u.plse transform this falen country.more power guys twalateka.

  38. Ngaiwe

    You and I we can talk hills and mountains. But only GOD knows.

  39. Nason

    You HH should not thank us for giving you peace you must learn from us so that you don’t do what you did in western province coz if that ever happens will chase you like a dog and if you listen, listen good coz copperbelt will never accommodate nonsense..

  40. henry barnabas yomena

    Patience pay HH and all members, we voted for pf now 2019 and same months is hh kikikikikikik .

  41. Mr big Doyo

    HH Step down we are tried seeing you loosing us Zambian we are saying no To UMUYAYA presidential candidate… Hope you’ve get the general I’d

  42. kapola


  43. Daniel Santiago Bravo

    Viva Hh

  44. kopala

    We love u hh n GBM here in copperbelt.we are ur pipo.

  45. cephusmweemba


  46. Misheck


  47. Hakainde Hichilema

    munikululukileko!!! my brain need new screws and gears to function properly. anyone with oil please!

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