Letter: Zambia’s Future Bright In Hichilema’s Hands

I call upon all well-meaning Zambians to guard our country jealously and make sure we put it in the safe hands it deserves and belongs…..

The greatest mistake UPND would make ahead of elections is to change the president and his vice at the forthcoming convention….. That would mean NDC or PF regardless of whoever candidates they field as president in 2021, will win and Zambians would still continue to suffer, now even worse especially under the PF.

UPND and all Zambians should this time around not allow themselves to be misguided/misled by the evil one.

Zambia’s sweet and bright future is nowhere far from being archived as long as we unite… We are just delaying the process and solution ourselves…

The solution is from God himself through president HH and his team.

Look how president HH has won confidence not only from UPND, not only from Zambians, not only from Africans, but the world as a whole!!

What more do we need to see for us prove or be believe that the man is a rare asset to have and that he is equal to task???

If we are being driven by the evil one, please let us kneel down and pray that God changes our hearts that are full of hatred, jealousy, tribalism, etc, so that we all have one spirit of oneness.

Once we do that, we will be able to put a capable man in statehouse and trust me, God will open the heavens and sprinkle showers of blessings to every corner of our beloved country.

God gives what we ask for….. But remember, not everything we ask for has blessings from above.

God can give you a snake if you ask for it so that when it bites you, you can learn on your own that it was wrong to have asked for it in the first place, and that you learn to ask for a better thing next time.

Open your eyes Zambians……

The devil hates what is good hence confusing you so that you fail to see goodness in president HH

The devil has so many ways/tactics of ruining and destabilizing people’s minds to deprive them from what is good for them and shatter their only good hopes.

I am not going to sleep until all Zambians open their eyes.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for leading me your listening eyes.
Together we can move mountains.

May God bless you.

Honourable Bruce B Bwalya.


  1. Fred Hamalambo

    Wise Talk Thanx Man God Bless U, We say wisdom may come 4rm jst a ka small anthill amen


      This so called convention is rigged in favour of HH. their is no way UPND could remove HH unless he dies. GBM will be there for window dressing like Dr Banda was.

  2. Spiritual

    I cant vote for someone who became rich by stealing money through the privitisation process and hide it abroad according to the paradise papers. He is stinking rich while many zambians lost their lives through that process. Companies were sold at cheap prices so that HH can benefit with the remainder. I cant allow such to take the reigns of govt because they will just finish us with their capitalist nature that cant be changed unless they are truly born again

    • Mune

      If stealing was made by your opinion, we would all be thieves. So why are you throwing stones on social media rather than report to the authorities about your discovery. Cheap thinking.

    • Emmanuel

      So you agree to suffer because of privatization that happened in Chiluba’s regime? Think of the corruption which is taking place now….we are suffering not because of privatization but because of the current happens in our country.

    • Mr you have a.mental problem not to know who was in power. Don't you know Nawakwi was finance minister. Sufferers are easily brain washed. Bwalyà you are a great thinker. Tell them just as Yakima told them in parliament

      People who are shallow minded always think HH was the one who sold the mines. Why are these tribalists shielding Nawakwi who was minister of finance by then? No matter how dull you cañnot accuse HH. Unless you are from the underworld

    • james kaumba

      PF candre

    • kapola


  3. Redson Chisenga


  4. Marker

    I don’t submit to what you’re saying my feeling is that God knows who will take us to the promised land ,not necessarily Lungu or HH.

  5. DREXY

    Iwish we all thought like that .you think wise honourable.

  6. Nason

    Mr Bwalya if your eyes are closed it does not mean all Zambian eyes are closed as well, wake up and you will realise that what Zambia needs is not Mr HH.

  7. moses Zulu

    how do you prove that .HH has a dent he stole our mines. Malambo awe twakana

  8. Ikandi ne bolo

    nice one but bonse ba pfool fikala finyo fyenu coz original pf have gone with sata.

  9. mwila mwamba

    Ba bwalya u are just wasting your time just pray for your family ok

  10. saimbwende saimbwende

    Bruce bwalya I don’t agree with you. Zambia led by the so called HH can be worse than it is now. The following are the reasons (1) the man is not trustworthy-he became wealthy dubiously and suddenly during and after privatization. (2) he is not a democrat- he has been at the helm of the party for over a decade so what can stop him from manipulating the republican constitution to his favor? (3) the man is a puppet of foreign agents who want to come and pounce on our natural resources especially our minerals and the information in the public domain indicates that the man is heavily funded by these agents for his political campaigns (4) the man is bitter so given an opportunity to rule this country he can be vengeful especially to his political foes (5) the man is anti-Zambia- he has dented Zambia’s international reputation and he always celebrates when calamity and other good things befall Zambia, for example last year’s loadsheding, kwacha depreciation were a cup of tea to this man. The man is not our GOD given, GOD will give us somebody else after PF in 2026

    • The Gentlemen of Kwilanzi

      Let me respond to a few things if i may, 1) His not trustworthy? If he dubiously became wealthy why wasnt this probed fully? at the time of privatization the mines were of low value did you expect them to be valued higher? Chiluba (RIP) and his tandem are the ones to be blamed not a private company who reported back to govt which sold of the mines, are you saying the govt then was docile to see how it was evaluated? 2) Have you read the constitution to base those facts? its NOT about the longevity but what the constitution says! 3.1) The man is a puppet, currently the country is being raped left right and centre but you choose to close your eyes. The Chinese and others are stealing and buying us off through state house but you choose to stay mute. Maybe you are benefiting? 3.2) His being funded by these “agents”, without shame again, its also in public domain that some individuals have made state house their second chill spot were envelops are tossed around and shutting up the president. We all know the funders of that corrupt party. We are already in a mess! 4) The man is bitter, the right word is ambitious. Does his fighting spirit give you an explanation why his wealthy? he never seems to stop! thats a man we NEED. If someone calls a spade what it is you say his bitter, what a bunch of morons, are the people in PF archangels? in fact they are the bitter ones, loosing court cases on a daily basis. 5) Anti Zambian? really? they chuck your ass in prison for months and somebody asks were you treated right how would you respond? if you dont have the balls to back up your actions dont say its unfair for something to explain his ordeal when someone asks. Load shedding and depreciation of the Kwacha were artificial, either way the cost of fuel was increased and government corruption. The kwacha can appreciate but people are still subjected to this harsh economy.
      Lastyly the man is NOT God, yes his not so as Lungu. Do you know power comes from God but God Himself allows us to choose who govern us? You wouldnt say God put Idi Amin or Hitler in power because you know what these morons did.
      Thats it.

      • Peter J

        God allowed Hitler and Amin to be President for people to learn from the two. Hitler was very popular when he ascended to power and he still is to some Germans hence the neo-nazis. People rejoiced when Amin deposed a legitimate government and they applauded when he chased the Indians until he turned on them. So God can give a good president but can also allow a bad president to take over especially if you want to change a president for the sake of change.

      • John Chinena

        Can you also explain how HH as liquidator of Intercontinental Hotel became a shareholder and Chairman of Sun Hotel. That was unethical and makes some of us have reservations.

  11. chansa chiluba

    We are now supporting HH without fear or favour us well-meaning Zambian youths. ‘Tulefwaya fye inchinto bane’.HH we’re behind you!

  12. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Yaku,ubwasuko bwaba kuli ba Lesa abene fyonse

  13. Real man

    Good one

  14. Kabamba

    Mr habwalya, history repeats itself.He rejoiced wen he hed of privatisation knowing he was going 2 steal from the sale of the mines and now Zambians are getting menial jobs in their mines.He is an imperialist and evil capitalist who will only want 2 benefit his foreign agents.

  15. George Mainza

    Dear sir,may God Bless you for this inspirering news , we must pray to our father in heaven so that he remove our blindness ,if we do so tribalism, hatred,jelourse corruption and selfishness etc will end, Bane bushe tamulemona efyo tulechula palindakai? ndalama katwishi oko batwele,fwe bapina twalasuka tufwe kunsal bena baleikuta nabana babo,bushe nikwisa tuleya pa ZED.?

  16. muunje

    I totally. totally disagree with you a monkey is a monkey remember the issue of privatization don’t be too forgetful please please my fellow county men and women

  17. George Mainza

    Who tald you that HH is rich just becouse of stolen property for zambians? how can some one who is not a head of state commit such a prohibited or unlawful munner while he is not in leadership? we know ,some of you, mwalikosa pa tribalism, nangu icinangwa mwe bambi bakwata akapatulula pamitundu, icipuba kuti mwacisala nga intungulushi as long as cakumyenu,that’s not the way we should live in zambia as a christian country ,bonse tulipamo kucata chakwa Lesa,its One Zambia, One Nation, GBM&HH are our good example,but why are we dividing ourselves? shemu kuchinso cakwa fulwe.

  18. Milimo odrinemilimo

    HH for life president. #viva

  19. Kabamba

    Mr habwalya, history repeats itself.He rejoiced wen he hed of privatisation knowing he was going 2 steal from the sale of the mines and now zambians get only menial jobs in their mines.He is an imperialist and evil capitalist who will only want 2 benefit his foreign agents and himself. GBM won’t even b able 2 say anything bcoz it’s him against others in the party,they’re only using him,they too know that.# Ifintu Nimbwili. Imbwili Ileisa,elyo yena taipitilila yalamikama ba kapoli pamikoshi.

  20. Faruk

    While I respect your opinion. I want to say that leadership comes from God. Let’s wait upon Him and He will give us a president in 2021. Ask ECL; not in his wildest dreams did he think that he would be president. HH will definitely be president if God’s hand is upon him. HH can not force matters to ascend to the presidency.

  21. Bernard mulonda

    Over and above my faith is not in any human being to lead us to the promised land but God the almighty

  22. Hotness

    U are busy quarrelling here but ,what you should know is that the Almighty God in heaven will give us someone with the heart of helping the less privileged people in society.

  23. kelvin Sichone

    Linguistic natusebanya

  24. Magaba

    Well that is your opinion and that’s the goodness about democracy. I hope you will also respect other people’s opinions

  25. kelvin Sichone

    Cili kuno tukuya

  26. kelvin Davies sichone


  27. No man

    Keep courage

  28. Nason

    The problem with us is that we forget our to stop and act on a problem, we are the same people who supported the current government and now we don’t want it. If their are no jobs now in PF does it mean in UPND jobs will

  29. Nason

    The problem with us is that we forget how to stop our problems. We are the same people that supported the current government and now that things are not in order we now know who to blame (government). If their are no jobs in the current government does it mean in UPND jobs will rain from the skies no you will again write the same words and statements complaining and as a country will be at the the position in our economy… The angel you know is better than the one you don’t know, if you think the UPND will bring jobs then you still must be dreaming.

  30. Arnold Hampeyo

    Hi Colleagues!
    Surely Mune, and Emmanuel are right!
    The Leadership is between God and Men,just as in the Bible.
    If We Allow God to Choose President,He’d a Better Leader but if we Disallow God and let Ourselves(men) choose that’s why there’s Perpetual Leadership Contradiction in our country,Never will these problems end.Surely Open your eyes and learn from your friends Abroad.

  31. Matuzi

    Zambians please open your eyes and see.since pf came to power and mostly in the leadership of Chagwa lungu Zambia’s development is jast going declining rapidly.You see guyz,if tribalism, racism be first in leadership or politics then Zambia mast not continue to be called a Christian nation .it is going to be called pfools cobmon.
    All pf carders please if you are blind stop leading others in your blindness coz you are Abominating and spoiling country Zambia .
    pf in short mast be binned coz its dating the nation.
    people are clying in rulow areas forhelp yet no answer to .
    in mmd their was no selection of whose to give fertilizer bat a man from nowhere so called lungu jast after coming in power fert nikumawa,electricity nikumawa,ma Bohol’s of water nikumawa,raods nikumawa,then you say he is kind and fare.Liyongwe ,Kanyemu,Chamakamba,lunchu Mukonchi few to mantion nikovotelako chabe.
    we will see you in 2021 its jast nose and mouth.
    God bless Zambia ,God bless HH.

    • Kumawa

      @ Matuzi, I am from kumawa so what do I do? Run away? What does it mean for me for the future when political hands change? What message are you sending against us from Kumawa who might not even be PF? As you know PF did not get 100% kumawa other parties got something as well. I am not related to Lungu but I was born Kumawa.

  32. stranded millionaire

    To be a leader is not about fame and richness.
    Leadership is not position but ACTION.
    Who from the infinite aspirants to plot one is capable to rule us ?
    A cabbage
    A vegetarian
    A smoker
    A drunk
    A Judas
    A vegetable farmer
    To mention but a few
    only God knows the best

  33. sakx

    If the foundation isn’t straight at the beginning, the building is no longer be straight

  34. sakx

    Is just the same, you’ll go forward until you come back wards

  35. Chocho


  36. patrick musenge

    U speak like squiller on animal farm.I tell u our bright future lies on the things that we do today, y wait for them

  37. the duke

    If only u guys could get to the nitty gritty of the word nepotism ,u are bad,hh is not a politician,but a regionalist

  38. Ronald

    A president of Zambia for 2021 I will give you a vote Mr HH

  39. FGM

    It was the same during Data’s campaign time. Most voters didn’t believe he had a well meaning agenda for Zambia. Let’s give chance to HH and let him show us his economic recovery agenda. I have confidence in him bcoz he is an economist that has personally succeeded in his business ventures.

  40. Kamata

    I’ve been hearing complaints against the government of the day eversince I was young. People complained against kaunda, chiluba, mwanawasa,sata and they are still doing so with lungu; its expected! Worse more against the man they want now if at all he will win.

  41. kuku

    zambia’s bright future is only in God’S ..not a politician.

  42. Q-c

    My God bless you

  43. kelvin Sichone

    He is also a great thief hh me I have been seeing him at the moment he was in South Africa

  44. Jose

    If HH, sold mines, report him to police. incompetence pfools cadres, motherfucker.

  45. Elias siluma

    Comment, farmers have suffered alot.2021 hh, God bless our country zambia at large.

  46. Kabamba

    More like ‘Zambia’s future dim in hh’s wolves’. Kwati pali naminwe;iminwe yamakunkuta.Hell NO.

  47. Mbo Bubo

    If he, HH, stole when he was given a few companies to sell on behalf of the government, What do you think would happen, not when but if, the man is entrusted with the leadership of this country?

    The UPND can be a good party if it is lead by an honest and respectable person and not a freemason and a thief.

  48. Anti-Tribal

    Only those who have short memories can vote for HH.
    The UPND agenda is so narrow and unattractive because its all about tribalism.
    They insult us daily for not voting for their tribesman and but still want our vote.
    If they are the intelligent pipo of Zambia why do they need our vote?
    Why can’t they figure out this puzzle even after 16 years of self-exile.
    Why is it that voters are called fools for exercising their God given right?
    Zambians know better who they want in plot 1.
    Unfortunately,HH comes with so much baggage-Imperialism,tribalism,unpatriotism,arrogance,greed,etc…

  49. TJ


  50. Zgodfrey Zmwiz

    no tribalism I love ma country come 2021 and show us our leader

  51. MT

    You are lying! He is not God. Zambia is only safe in the hands of all zambians. You can tell from his face that the man habours serious hate n bitternes, he doesnt zambia at heart but his selfishness n desire to just be prsident. He is forcing things at all costs….i dont like his politics that opposese everything sure..but does not propose! Sata was the best opposition we had, no wonder we ended uop voting for him mwe…..

  52. JAMBA


    • mukenga

      I think a lot of the people who talk of HH having stolen privatisation money don’t what they’re talking of. HH was employed by a firm of Chartered accountants who engaged by the Chiluba Government to privatize some selected companies. HH was appointed liquidator of some of the companies thru the firm. Those who know how those fir

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