Power Outages Hit Copperbelt

The power outages being experienced on the Copperbelt without an apology from Zesco Limited has shocked the business community in the Province.

In random interviews around Ndola’s industrial area, some entrepreneurs have expressed disappointment that power blackouts have become an order of the day without any notice from Zesco Limited.

They have complained that it has become unproductive for them as most of their business cannot go on without electricity supply.

The local businessmen are calling on Zesco Ltd to tell the nation as to what has contributed to the power blackouts in the province.

“Business has become difficult. Its like we are back to the days of load shedding, we have not been told of anything. You get here in the morning, power goes. How do we work with such situations,” Joseph Mwansa, an entrepreneur dealing in metal fabrication complained.

He said, “clients will come to seek services but in most cases we turn them away because the blackouts are unpredictable. Switching to generators is good but that comes with its own costs.”

The businessmen and women have urged Zesco not wait for people to complain before moving in to correct the situation.

When contacted Zesco public relations manager Henry Kapata said the company was undertaking expansion works on its installations to meet the demand.

He said the infrastructure development that has taken place in the last few years has come with a lot of pressure on its system.

Kapata further said Zesco has been notifying its customers through the Short Message Systems (SMS) about happenings in respective areas.

“We are carrying out major works on our infrastructure, most of our system is getting choked because of demand. Some people have extended their houses but have not come back to us, this has led to the system tripping in most cases,” Kapata said.

Kapata is confident Zesco will resolve the power outages on the Copperbelt soon as the situation is corrected.

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