Pres. Lungu Stands Firm on 2021 Bid

President Edgar Lungu faced up to the debate about his candidature for the 2021 elections by saying that he wants to contest the 2021 elections.

Featuring on a ZNBC special interview program, the Head of State however clarified that he would not insist on contesting if the courts of law rule otherwise.

President Lungu recently uncharacteristically sent a veiled threat to the judiciary against being too adventurous with their rulings and replicate the Kenyan example of ruling against the state.

The debate about President Lungu being eligible for contesting the 2021 elections has dragged on despite the matter still pending before the courts of law.

President Lungu said that his opponents were scared of facing him as he was more popular than them.

He said that rather than demonize him for availing himself for the third time they should be happy to challenge him.

On foreign trips President Lungu said that they were beneficial to the country as they enhanced Zambia’s global reputation.


  1. mugabe must go

    trips only benefit your pocket not zambians.You even avail yourself three time.Enough no third term.We are tired of lungunomies

  2. ibolo ukufota

    power is sweet pashupa ukufumapo pamulu.

  3. mmmmm

    it’s not that the opposition is afraid of your popularity no, but that you over exceed presidential term.

  4. Christianhood messiah party

    White wash 2021 elections-pf 23% upnd 21% christianhood messiah party 55%

  5. king coin

    know chance again for u.

  6. Paul M

    No political leader can fear the so called lungu.

  7. Hotness

    I conquer with you,this man is moving like a nomad.these trips that he is making are non beneficial to the country but to himself and his family. Why can’t he emulate President John magufuli of the republic of Tanzania who doesn’t make unnecessary trips?

  8. K

    just leave its enough!

  9. Kabamba

    PF is more popular as a party;CK is more popular as an individual.

  10. TJ


  11. Trust

    Know de

  12. Matuzi

    Icalo ubusuma bamwanawasa bashila MUMBWE ukuteka.
    People mast learn to vote.
    people mast learn to choice.
    Wat the Bible Say’s is true.
    u have eyes bat don’t see.
    u have earse bat dont hear.
    whent to school for nothing.
    seating in parliament for nothing most people seats to the right hand.
    Enough is enough.
    Only a died person in mind will give a vote to.
    We hear you guyz wat you discuss in parliament.
    goods come from the left hand seat side.
    bands and west from the right hand seat side.
    Highlights. com .HH
    You are jast after money you pf.
    council levies are too many snacked from the poor people of Zambia,you find that a farmer from farm going to sale his or her farm produce to town on the way council requests money to a person who have no money bat on a way to make money.how do you think that person going to pey when money still in goods?yet again to whatever he or she buy’s from tuntembas and big shops levy contribution is there.
    on top of this emagin government stills from poor people. FISP vouchers of last season not yet to be cread hence holding farmers k400s.Bwafya sana I sound like chishimba kambwili in parliament.
    Anyway, night schools is most needed to teach pf leadership.
    Kipp on dicampaining your pfoos party.
    Extra time given to learn from Mugabe.
    Come 2021!pfoos wala.

  13. Litunga

    No one is honest…… Politics is a dead game….. Before it’s too late… Work hard

  14. Sat Ghost

    Iwe Dont Lie To Your self, That The Opposition Partie’s Are Afraid Of You. You Vissionless President. The Ma Trips You Are Makin Are Just Beneficial To You And Your Family. Shxt You Sack.

  15. Sat Ghost

    Iwe Dont Lie To Your self, That The Opposition Partie’s Are Afraid Of You. You Vissionless President. Shxt You Sack.

  16. ecl

    we ar tired with u.we wl never gvn u another opportunity.wayiba sana ulupila

  17. jay z

    Ecl is such an extravagant President

  18. Pedro

    We thank you for your services sir but it’s time to go.

  19. Talabuku

    We want change not ifyo fya contesting

  20. why you

    Our constitution won’t allows you unless it’s changed while your ruling

  21. Solomon Pleito

    Finish your term bosses no President in Zambia is good than you. Hh takeminine coz his term is finished apona sana that tonga dictator

  22. james kaumba

    But sweet is nice,kkkkkkkkkkk how many times Presido is inaugurated in a Democratic country 2015,2016 and……….. Power !!!!!!!

  23. nineo

    Yebo Your Excellency Mr President! It is not right that you can surely ignore the that you made a declaration of your net worth the first time you became republican president which is documented as K2.5m in 2015 and K23.7m 18 months later in 2016. Before we talk about the corruption in your government SIR, are you able to talk about the tenfold increase in your net worth over a period of 18 months A-LUNGU??????

  24. ec

    Tiye nayo lungu

  25. prince chileshe

    Yaaaaaaaaa anyway pfooos wala

    • Derby

      You voted for him let the rule of law take its course. Stop those insults He is our state president currently & commander in chief of armed forces, therefore give him His due respect.

  26. Jose

    to start with a president & pfool cadres, their incompetence IDOITS.

  27. Chi

    That’s bushit

  28. 408EMPARE


  29. Citizen

    2021 no more ni Zambia forward chabe,kikikikki

  30. Hubble

    U ar gone my dear no more third time

  31. WHY

    To the News Editor,you don’t show certain news,whats wrong and what is happening to your system we will lose interest

  32. jb

    Ecl is jst ok u people cnt u see the development who else nt him hh wala

  33. LJ

    for good salary and your friends

  34. FGM

    From these comments readers sound tired of your leadership. Sir work on the noted weaknesses, poverty levels are on the increase, corruption allegations on the increase and need to reduce on foreign trips. PF may be digging its grave through those activities. The economy should directly benefit the citizens not what’s happening on the ground, there is need for a paradigm shift in the way some public affairs are being managed. Viva Zambia.

  35. STREET

    Third term nabandani ka chikala ka lungu?
    Katushenifye naimwe namukula
    Sunakute nama jemason☝?

  36. Zambian Observer from Russia

    This is Lungu’s second term. He should know that out of morality. if he has forgotten, zambins still loathe the way KK made them foolish by standing with a frog at elections for more than 5 terms. Up to now no one has ever explained what that frog meant. weather the courts rule that he can stand, zambia was not born through the current constitutions. dictators all over africa temper with constitutions and other laws to legitimate their autocracy.

  37. STREET

    Third term nabandani chikamba?
    Katushenifye naimwe namukula
    Sunakute nama jemason☝?

  38. Nebuchadnezzar

    Kings comes and go, God watches over them to see how they are working…

  39. Fg

    Kwena mwaba na jealous bafikala upnd should also change the candidate because HH has also over stayed mwembwa imwe .you indeed scared of president Lungu you he can win again if not then let your dictator face him in 2021 Hh and Mugabe no difference.you guys are evil.

  40. chinkulile


  41. Jacob Nyirenda

    Comment just leave to others to rule. you have ruled two terms.

  42. Nomanazempire

    Lungu must go

  43. Nomanazempire

    Lungu must go we went charge

  44. Mike

    No matter our personal feelings , wishes, or otherwise , the ultimate decider for our leader is God almighty .

  45. Metra

    Even though you plan that,think you will be there next term,if there shall be a person who shall vote for you then I may say he or she is a danderhead. A wise man cannot be blamed but only like you lungu are being blamed each every second,minute,hour,day,week,month and years. Lungu you are just polluting Zambians to remain in poverty instead of development. If there was a way to handle you I would have deal you but despite distance thank God you’re alive. Lungu you only focus on beer and you are commanding. Zambia was a Christian nation but now it’s a beer nation due to your foolishness.
    Everyone here in Zambia is complaining about you,why is you exist?of course you are but stop distracting we are as Zambians citizens. God bless you.

  46. Rasco

    Sometimes it is necessary to be ashamed of yourself, especially when your rule is about destroying other people. it means you are not worth the name a human being but an ANIMAL being. How do you literally bring the entire government machinery under your care, fearing to be challenged. The postponement by the Con-court is just in order, lest they are all killed by the powers that be.

  47. Rasco

    It is always absurdity to think that you are the only Zambian that can rule Zambia decently. There are a lot more Zambians who are capable of ruling Zambia. Zambia is never, Never short of capable men and women who can rule it. Just pull out and we have more willing Zambians with good hearts to rule us. We have seen your style of rule, it is quite harmful to Zambians , I dare say.

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