Correction: Buildcon Not TP Mazembe Sister Company

Dear sir

We sincerely appreciate the efforts you’re doing to correctly inform the public on various issues. However in one of your most recent article regarding TP Mazembe’s teavel challenges regarding their trip back to Congo DR from South Africa you have erroneously refered to Buildcon FC as a sister company to TP owned by Mr Moise’ Katumbi.

We wish to categorically guide that the two are totally independent hence your article is misleading to the public and in good faith we ask you to correct the misrepresentation of facts.

Further we guide that Buildcon FC upon a request from TP simply assisted the team with its team bus purely based on football brotherhood which is common world over for travelling teams.

We would therefore appreciate your quick reaction to the raised concerns.

Moses Mubanga Owner/President
Buildcon Fc


  1. Kabamba

    Buildcon FC.#TEAMKOPALA. $TEMUNOBE $.In name of football indeed . Don’t mind them careless reporters,they only want 2 distract u bcoz they know u re on course 2 build a formidable team and company .We behind u ba Mubanga and Buildcon.

  2. George Mainza

    Fellow Zambians, may you please work hard on your own so that one day you go for world cup and name higher than Kilimanjaro mountain!.

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