Govt Lifts Ban On Night Travel

Finance minister Felix Mutati has announced the ban on night travel will be lifted in due course.

Mutati made the announcement during a tour of the Kazungula Bridge that will connect Zambia and Botswana.



Government has announced it will lift the statutory ban on public service vehicles driving at night.

Finance Minister Felix Mutati says the decision to lift the ban was aimed at effecting a positive growth in Zambia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by allowing the wheels of commerce to continue rotating every hour.

He said government was confident with the robust measures that have been put in place to ensure safety is adhered to on Zambian roads.

Speaking when he conducted an on the spot tour of the construction of the 923 metre long permanent rail and road bridge between Zambia and Botswana in Kazungula, Mr. Mutati said public service vehicles will now be allowed to move after 21:00hrs effective Wednesday next week.

“The original intention of the ban was to try and enhance safety on our roads. So the Minister responsible for Transportation has put in adequate measures to ensure that safety requirements are met. So from next week government is going to lift the ban on night driving.” he said.

He further explained the decision to lift the ban will encourage a surge in activity levels for critical sectors of the economy such as mining and agriculture leading to increased job creation.

“In particular the mining sector, they are moving material across mines. I think it is prudent that we allow commerce to move ahead. So next week we are lifting the ban.”

The Minister further expressed satisfaction with the ongoing work on the Kazungula Bridge Project and said the facility will further cement the strong trade and economic ties between Zambia and Botswana.

Issued by:
Kasabo S. Kalusa (Mr)
First Secretary – Press
Zambia High Commission
Gaborone, Botswana.


  1. Victor

    Chipante-pante type of vision and pride is what our leaders have. People reasoned with them not to go ahead with such a backward policy but their bullish mentality got better of them. Now, Bwana minister, are you going to reimburse the losses we the transporters suffered during your curfew

  2. Victor

    Chipante-pante type of vision and pride is what our leaders have. People reasoned with them not to go ahead with such a backward policy but their bullish mentality got better of them. Now, Bwana minister, are you going to reimburse the losses we the transporters suffered during your Illegal curfew on transporters? Money has become more scarce during the ban than before and our living standards have gone down just because of your arrogance. HH advised you as a qualified economist but out of political bitterness, you plunged the nation in a reverse gear economically. Policy inconsistencies are sending a wrong signal to the outside world besides killing our economy. Mucinje!

  3. NASON

    continue doing that it is good idea.

  4. kelvin solo

    It’s true our honner am supporting this issue.

  5. Sj

    There’s increased Truck transport on our roads, can’t you re-route trucks so they carry their things in containerised loads by ( fixing the) Rail line? How have roads been made safe for night travellers? Comment

  6. Derby

    Nice one yo honour!!!!

  7. kays

    Welcome bwana minister well qualified economist

  8. Bubu

    That nice

  9. Cj


  10. George Mainza

    After missing a lot of property.? this plan is very good and must continue forever.


    Kkkkkkkkkkk the things you thought you knew are always what we see


    Good idea by the ministry thumbs up

  13. Jose

    incompetence govt, with no vision.

  14. Christopher Sichinga

    The minister should also take into account the number of road blocks on the road a trip of 4 hrs results into 10 hrs just for the Police to correct money from minor cases on the road blocks .These road blocks equally retard economic growth just look at the stops plus toll gates now


    Thanks Very Much Because I Hope The Truckers Have Learned One Or More Lesson On Safety Issues By God’s Grace. Well Thought The People Concerned. Br.Chris.C

  16. John Kayeye

    First it was to reduce accidents ,now the ban to be lifted to make money , confused government!??????

  17. Elias

    I stil dnt understnd why you people had to bad night driving…Cause if its accidents..No reasoning was behind that…Accident happened even durinp the day..
    But anyway it nice you have come back to your sences..Thumbs up for the idea man of this ban.

  18. hellas

    kkkkkkkkkk days a gud idea otherwise congratulations BA minister

  19. Victor

    I think Psv’s carrying goods should be allowed 24hrs but those for passengers please maintain 21hrs ban .

    • Alice

      Good comment. Maintain the ban
      on PSV. I concur. Accidents reduced during the ban.

  20. Travis J'Walker

    Dear Zambian government you create a problem and expect us to praise you when you solve it yourself… that’s a one step back – one step forward thing you’ve done here.

  21. Zednonymous

    When people say we have a chipante pante type of government you say they are bitter!. Surely did you have to wait this long to realize you needed ‘wheels of commerce to continue rotating every hour’? Mutati has proved his good at PR and talking, the outlook of the economy is bleak. The IMF can attest. Chapwa.

  22. Bright Mbewe

    what are those measures that you have put in place to avoid accidents? someone may say many accident happens during the day but that is after the deriver have drive whole night without resting.


    The way you do the things you do awe sure

  24. mukelabai kandandu

    Hi that’s a good idea

  25. Sydney Banda

    Kuwaya waya fye pa zed, so to what time are they going to be allowed travelling???

  26. Annie

    That’s a good idea.

  27. Chulu

    This is great news…the ban was limiting businesses at ?

  28. mercutio

    Comment: Passenger buses shud remain banned period. or else chipante chipante policies.

  29. katongo

    BA boma,what is happening with your vision u think u are running a manger of cows.be real ba mudala do you even realise how much resources pipo are loosing because of that caressness.be real guys unless u don’t travel u can say its was fine but that was shit

  30. Hummer where it hurts

    Thanks for realizing that we should move forward and not in reverse. Electric and maize subsidies to be reinstated.

  31. David

    Ee mwamona

  32. Destiny

    Vision less government with incompetent leaders

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