Kawengele Accuses Kamanga’s Leadership Of Looting FAZ Coffers

South Africa based sports writer Maureen Kawengele has accused the FAZ executive committee led by Andrew Kamanga of looting national coffers.

Kawengele says it was surprising that the same people who claimed to have the muscle to bring accountability and transparency in the management of the game were in the forefront pilfering national resources in broad daylight.

“You campaigned for thieves who are looting daily and if you love Zambian football like you claim , that should be your major concern not what Kalusha is doing,” Kawengele charged in a social media post.

“Tell me, what are you going to do about Rix Mweemba who took an allowance on false pretense that he traveled to Morocco for draws, he didn’t travel, ate the Association money, what are you going to do about Ponga who awarded himself a tender and when I exposed him he threatened to sue me.”

Kawengele says the FAZ executive must be held to account for the mis-management of affairs at Football House.


  1. George Mundia

    Shame on kamanga.He talked I’ll of the kalusha bwalyas group.As usual stealing is the order of the day for an African.

    • shu shu shu

      Use your head mdala. Just reading this and you say its the truth. Zambians are dull

  2. 11KV


  3. Lamba bull

    I don’t trust them

  4. Bulldozer

    Comment we dont know where,we are going with these cruckes

  5. Sj

    If this be true of Kamanga’s sly and underhand way of administration then pa Zed bola yala shupa for FAZ are seemingly in a get rich quick Freenzy. Someone should come to the aid of this institution before the story goes neck deep.Comment


    Yes Kamanga and company where are the cup tournaments you promised?Dont just sit idle “eating”money there at football house we need more cup tournaments here in the local league.

  7. Zednonymous

    If you have enough evidence why didn’t you challenge Ponga to court so that you prove his corrupt? If you are a woman of integrity worth her salt prove these things through the courts and not blabbing here. If you win the cases, we will rise against Kamanga and his tandem. Period.

  8. Wise Me

    This lady has other issues with people she is accusing. No matter how many of us will compliment her will help. She who has evidence cannot sue the suspects, which one of us readers can. Growup lady and stop being petty.

  9. King David

    Leave kama game alone you fools.

  10. Chibuye

    Mr Kamanga can be a Noble man but his colleges can dent his name,now are we going to say this,Kananga that? What we need to expect is that out of ten people 1 or 2 to can be thieves, why not cry against the the victims than vindicating the innocent boss? Just because he is the boss then you wash hands on him! Know not that.

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