OPINION: Who is Behind Dr Banda’s ‘Strip Tease’?

Dr Canisius Banda seems to be a man with powerful enemies. Whatever Dr Banda, otherwise known as pilgrim has done to his people seems beyond redemption. A vicious social media campaign has been waged against the former United Party for National Development vice president.

Dr Banda’s near nude images whose authenticity and source remains questionable have been flaunted all over social media. Ironically the good Doc has been one that has been a darling of his dotting audience that follow his prolific poetic postings that almost always devoid of malice.

Occasionally the prose is too deep for the ordinary mind but the good Doc remains a respectable writer by any standards but above average by our humble standards. Just whose feet has the good Doc stepped on? What has the gentle mannered pilgrim done to deserve this disgraceful campaign against him? Pilgrim where art though when your pride is wounded? No one has offered any explanation on behalf of the pilgrim. Is this not the highest testament that politics is dirty?

To what ends does that seemingly photo shopped image of the pilgrim take its architects? Does one have to pay such a high price for holding an opinion different to the next man? Not too long ago the not so quiet Mumbi Phiri was a victim of images of her in near nudity whose origin and authenticity were questionable.

Mumbi Phiri admittedly has one of the most politically toxic tongues but does that warrant anybody sinking low to create photo shopped images that paint her in Jezebel colours? Do we not live in a society that professes womanly dignity? Does not Mumbi Phiri have children, grandchildren and a husband whose exposure to such malice only ends up traumatizing innocent people?

Does not the very Bible we so much love to flaunt as a country teach us about doing unto others as we would want them do to us? To what level are our politics degenerating to? Does the ends of pushing for political power justify such level of indecency and calumny among political players that they are ready to strip opponents just to earn political office? Does the country really have to sink lower than it has already done over the years?

Today it is the good Doc on the end of this brutal style of politics, tomorrow it could be anybody. We hope the purveyors of this type of politics will re-think their strategy and at least have the decency to fight an open and honest battle. Otherwise there can still be morality in politics. Pilgrim.


  1. EG

    Very true , our good doctor should be spared of all these. He is my favourite writer and poet so far here in Zambia, very creative and humble mind.

  2. kambwili

    Too bad for the good Doc. He has inspired a lot of us. However, these are Zambian politics. And please don’t compare the Doc to the useless Mumbi Phiri. Mumbi has not contributed anything positive to our nation. 90 percent of Zambians are short -sighted when it comes to picking leaders. That’s why we end up with useless ones. God help Zambians.!!!

  3. Jose

    Very IDOITS, baku chipata, even his names at ” banana ” fyakumona mubukulu.

  4. King David


  5. Chagunda.

    Comment plz let us learn to respect each other no matter what. One Zambia one Nation.

  6. Chimfwembe

    From prominent doctor to a male stripper

  7. Love your neighbor

    Tribalism is a ver

  8. Love your neighbor

    Tribalism is a very serious cancer which will eat our good and lovely country Zambis. I think law makers should make tribalism prosecutable, who ever atters word related to tribalism, arrest and convict or charge with a fine. Our children will have no respect in future for these tribes,each & every tribe in Zambia is very important.

  9. Kopala

    Everyone has their opinion. I ve been a follower ofor the doc since his time as a collumsit in the post years ago. His a splendid writer, prolific in prose. Then suddenly the good doc is you might put it became good for nothing. One must say as a learned person, and as a political figure then he should ve had avoided attention seeking using a forum like Facebook. Facebook is for cleaning up the shit that others don’t know about a person. No wonder bloggers wake up early to post their photos, their thoughts-good ones, and sometimes lude ones. You an use Facebook for championing something good too. But in Africa mostly it’s junk. Facebook is an informative platform not personal egoism championing and that’s what the good doc-turned bad lost it. He should ve chosen a different platform for his writing like avenues in the ministry of culture and development, be a writer of novels or even high level poetry on that level. Lately I began to wonder whether his brain was ok? But I must say there is something wrong going on which he turns to clean up in social media by arguing with 11 or 15 year old boys and girls of Facebook. It’s good he was photo shoped. You will never find a good leader arguing with critics on social media only Trump has the audacity and it seems it works for him because the audience is altogether different. So doc grow up like you keep those beards.

  10. LJ

    very idiots for good education zra rain

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