Amos Chanda Parries Away Corruption Allegations

State House press aide Amos Chanda says that it is unfair for people to accuse President Edgar Lungu of being corrupt without giving evidence.

Featuring on Diamond TV talk show COSTA, Chanda said former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili was fired after the Anti Corruption Commission presented a dossier to President Lungu detailing Kambwili’s corrupt activities.

Chanda said acquiring wealth by people around the Presidency was part of every other progression path in life.

“Just do not say that the President has buildings bring the evidence because buildings have got titles. We are concerned that the quality of democracy is being degraded by recklessness individuals,” he said.

“Social mobility comes about when you empower somebody with education and you expect them to acquire certain skills and knowledge to create wealth.

“I am not here to defend anything but state that education is the best equalizer.
That is why the PF government under President Lungu and even under President Sata then, invested heavily in health infrastructure, in education infrastructure, schools. To empower the population to create this space for social mobility.”

He also took a jibe at the popular small scale mining community on the Copperbelt known as Jerabos for wanting to appear smarter than university graduates.

“Even those Copper thieves have ascended in life and acquired something. But we are not going to descend to the level of how they went there. We will simply say that social mobility entails that you must give citizens an opportunity,” he said
Chanda said Kambwili had been shown the door for alleged corrupt activities.

“Let me say here for the first time that Kambwili was sacked after the Anti Corruption Commission brought a dossier from a litany of corrupt activities. And when the ACC wanted to interview him he used his ministerial authority to intimidate them, yell at them, insulting them and telling them that don’t ever come here,” he said.

Chanda said that even the legacy that President Levy Mwanawasa was the most vicious corruption fighter was questionable.

“Read what Andrew Sardanis has written in the book Zambia the last 50 years and read some of the things he has written about some of the issues he has written around the biggest corruption crusade. How many convictions were secured? Read what President said that if President Mwanawasa was alive and had looked at the evidence that was there he would set those people free,” he said.

He said that President Lungu’s foreign trips were beneficial to the country and that the Head of State carefully picked his trips.

“The ratio of cost benefit analysis of international travel is probably 1-100. I know of the many good things that have come from travel of the President. Just tell me which foreign trip has not been beneficial and I will tell you how it has been beneficial,” he said.

He said that President Lungu travelled with the leanest delegations for international trips.

Chanda said there were people that expected people that worked around the Presidency to acquire nothing despite being qualified.

“You, Costa, are coming from Evelyn Hone College. I would be stupid to say I saw Costa in a Benz that you drive. That is utter rubbish,” he said.

“That is the lowest a person looking to assume the highest office of President can descend to. That whatever acquisition you see from someone who has gone through Primary School, Secondary School, College, University and Masters, that they must acquire nothing, he said before adding that the difference between success and failure was social mobility.”


  1. Senior Citizen


    Here is my response to Chanda. You don’t solve a crisis by reverting to uncharacteristic stunts of denials. Zambia has been and is in a state of deep corruption. Liberal political order of get filthy rich quickly with impunity has come with zero development to the country since 1991 yet we’re in peace times. Zambia has only succeeded in stripping herself of every national asset and natural resources while condemning the masses to dangerous poverty. We have had zero development except opulence of individuals and national debts. At the center of these national woes lies gross mismanagement and dangerous incompetence, irregular spending with impunity and lack of internal control systems risking national peace. Corruption and lack of punishment are responsible for our national economic crisis. State and SOEs are not what could be described as the pride of a nation.

    • Fundafundafunda

      Amos takes Zambians for fools. We are more sophisticated and educated than his obsession to steal. You will have nowhere to hide during the day of correction.

  2. Spannerboy Zulu

    Ba Kabolala fye. Especially Abena Phiri.

    They have regrouped after being kicked out in 2011. Instead of buying tuma trucks like Peter Daka they are now keeping money ku Dubai.

  3. Mune

    One of the main tenets of the principles of corporate governance is that public office holders must not accept gifts given them as a result of and or during the course of their work.

  4. Be Warned

    We have the mporarily lost the country to mindless thieves from unethical privatization hacks rumbling in opposition politics to current government criminals in office. Be advised a correction is coming when you will all be rounded up and planed sanctuaries will be internationally targeted and viciously squeezed into surrender of harboring criminals like you. Dubai will not withstand the forthcoming Global measures. Clean Zambians will take back their country.

  5. Ngaiwe

    No one will appreciates if someone is in power, but when he/she leave the Chair, that’s when they (udja enze muntu).

  6. Ngaiwe

    No one will appreciates if someone is in power, but when he/she leave the Chair, that’s when they say… (udja enze muntu).

  7. kambwili

    What I to say has already been said. Now let those who have ears hear and learn something. It’s being stupid to always asking the people to provide evidence whenever the issue of corruption is raised. Foolish Chanda and Lungu why should you take Zambians for granted. Chiluba and Bwezani used to sing the same song, where are they? Zambians are not foolish. We know how corrupt you chaps are. Zambians wake up.!!!

  8. Henry

    awe mwandi napabipa

  9. nn

    with this goverment, things are not okey,the rate at which these people sourrounding the president are getting rich is suprising,

  10. Rasco

    All being said and done, what benefit does a man get from cheating, insulting others, name them, it is all useless. There have been people with great names and all have gone. it is important at an individual level some times to have an introspection and ask yourself what is good for you as an individual? Putting others into trouble or assisting those in need? where do you want to take all that money you want to pocket privately and on top of that insult those who seemingly want to stop you because they are seeing what you are doing to be not worth doing and it is just too bad for the sake of the suffering majority. It is all folly to assume that by doing this you are being intelligent, yet there are others more smart and intelligent than you. Live a decent life of assisting those in need.

  11. FGM

    Corruption has reached an acceptable levels especially that no suspects are ibeing interrogated. Instead we see whistle blowers and those not in good books with the ruling party being pursued and fixed by the investigative wings . Something has truly gone wrong . Empty defences will surely not help us . Someone should wake up from the comfort zone and admit and take appropriate action. After all , they are paid for being overseers of national resources.

  12. Christopher

    This is what we call a heel of steel ,to what is happening to so called power without fear in everything that they do concerning political Senate

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