Give Pres. Lungu a Break; MMD Members Deserve Ministerial Positions

Many of the so called founder members of the ruling Patriotic Front seem to have a bone to chew with President Lungu for allowing former members of MMD to “gatecrash” the party and continue enjoying the banquet at the high table at the expense of long standing members of PF.

After scooping the elections, they obviously expected President Lungu to simply round up everyone from MMD and throw them out through the window so that they would continue “eating” alone.

Sometimes our hearts are filled with compassion for the President. He finds himself in the unfortunate position of attempting to steer a ship on the verge of sinking after sudden demise of the captain but the crew isn’t eager to see new people jump on board to help navigate the vessel to safety.

“Mwalikwisa ninshi twalechula mu opposition?” you would hear them complain.
What kind of thinking is this?

Many political pundits or analysts would tell you that without the much needed support from MMD, PF would be languishing in opposition today! In fact former President Rupiah Banda tirelessly campaigned for PF in his home province (Eastern) that they even coined a popular campaign phrase – PF na MMD ili ngati Cell phone na sim card (PF and MMD are like a mobile phone and a sim card, the two can’t function without the other).

Although some people may want to dismiss President Lungu as an upstart still trying to master the craft of politics, on the contrary the gentleman is actually a shrewd and tactful politician.

While most in PF expected him to commit what we may refer to as political suicide by sidelining those that assisted him win the elections, he did what any honorable person would do. He delivered on his part of the bargain by rewarding a number of individuals from MMD lofty government positions.

Some of the names that immediately come to mind are: Felix Mutati – Finance minister, Bowman Lusambo – Copperbelt province minister, Dora Siliya – Agriculture minister, Vincent Mwale – Minister of local government, Lucky Mulusa – Minister of national planning and Katambo – Fisheries & Livestock minister etc.

One veteran politician once observed that Zambians have short memories. In case some folks deserve reminding, President Lungu won the elections by a paltry margin of 100,530 votes, roughly representing 3% of total votes cast. Isn’t this a near miss?

If at all there is a party that had representation in every corner of the country, it is definitely MMD. Now suppose the said individuals never went back to the branches to convince their members to vote for PF, would PF have bounced back in power? Muletasha nokutasha; give your colleague a break!

As they say, there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics; it therefore remains to be seen how long this marriage of inconvenience between PF and MMD remains sustainable given the recalcitrant attitude of some PF members.

Bill M. Kapinga
Freelance writer


  1. Mwana Mayadi

    This just smells like a “mselela kwa kaba” syndrome. Obviously all the rats would jump out of sinking ship and still remain rats.

  2. Chitojoe


  3. Gift Nyangu

    That’s politics for you

  4. Sj

    President Lungu is mature enough to think independently and can’t be equated to an upstart. If MMD OFFICIALS are capable of serving the country better give to Ceasear what belongs to Cearsear because he can’t effectively run the ministries alone. Ukuboko kumo teti kutole inda. So they say. Governance is about those who’re ably able and can make themselves available to take up the challenge serve in given positions. Before one is MMD/PF THEY’RE ZAMBIAN.Comment

  5. kannn 1


  6. Chongo

    U people are u serious with wat u are saying coz those people you are mentioning here are ones that we kicked out of government in 2011 so even without their help we would have won the election nowander we are experiencing this kind of economy and corruption issues just because of the same so called Mmds.

  7. Chamushalila

    Where is the problem? Do you want to be on these positions? Those who are there are human being like you and I so its one person at a time. You and I just wait our time will come.

  8. Spannerboy Zulu

    Rats with long fingers.

  9. cq

    Bali kwisa ilyo twalelwisha,again if we rejected mmd for sata,if now they are better,how about those that fought so hard to oust useless mmd,where do we put them…
    We will see if mmd can help without credible members of pf…
    No wonder we have changed to NNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDCCÇCCĆCC period

  10. Kat-Man

    Do you see any sense in this? Those were the people we removed from government in 2011 that they had failed us,.
    Lelo bakwata Amano yakuteka Zambia?

  11. Jekao

    God Gave Us Edger Ala Ushapelwa Ku Palamina Fye Teti Ateke ,go Go Lungu! Bambi Kupela Fye Mukubwatauka

  12. mawema mbewe

    Comment. ECL the best African president

  13. mulase

    Imwe Bantu munidabwisa..do u know that these guyz from MMD we kicked out ar the ones teaching ECL how to amass wealthy from the govt? How I wished u knew uncle RBs business connections in the world.Just wait for 2021 General elections and c how much money will be flashed into that campaign by ECL.HH will not be a factor that tym.Already ECL has penetrated in southern province.Look out for projects in dundumwezi come 2020.As a prophet iam seeing NDC beating UPND.God bless Zambia.

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