CBU Students Riot

Copperbelt University students on Tuesday night ran riot over delayed meal allowances.

The students have lost patience with promissory notes over the allowances and vented their anger on the public by taking to street at midnight.

Police arrived at the scene to quell the riot with some students reportedly injured in the aftermath of the clashes.

Students have been demanding their allowances but have yet to receive after having been assured.


  1. Christopher Silwamba

    Surely Fifty Three Years Down The Line No Moderity Of Handling The Universities In The Countrya; Does It Means Their Are No Think Tanks In The Country Of Ours? C.Sills

  2. Sj

    According to Auditor’s Report those charged with responsibility to run CBU ‘n’ UNZA mismanaged students financial affairs, if it be true, it means the long/short arm of the Law visits the unfortunate. Have mercy on your students. Those students want to get over their Programmes.Comment

  3. Nisha

    Really… Students should be given allowances not promises

  4. katongo

    Some people are claiming that Zambia has in the past 50 plus years claimed stability,prosperity and peace.seriously can someone boast of such things wen imiti ikulu epanga are suffering. By far from development will Zambia achieve such things,

  5. Lukwe M

    Its true,,,,students must be given allowances not promises……Umuntu kulya then learning follow as usual.

  6. Lukwe M

    Its true,,,,, students must be given allowances not promises…. Umuntu kulya then learning follow as usual.

  7. everisto chilombo

    true imitikula empanga bapeni

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