ConCourt Drags Pres. Lungu’s 2021 Bid to 2018

The Constitutional Court has pushed further the day for the ruling on the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu for the 2021 elections.

Four opposition political parties aligned to the Patriotic Front led by Daniel Pule filed a motion in the Constitutional Court to determine the eligibility of President Lungu following a debate ignited by the Head of State making his availability to be on the ballot for the third time.

The Constitutional Court has pushed the matter to January 23, 2018.

Movers of the motion had been pushed in the cold after their lawyers from Mweemba Chashi and Company withdrew from representing them.

The Patriotic Front through its secretary general has stepped in to offer legal support and applied to engage lawyers on behalf of the petitioners.

President Lungu has made it clear he will be offering himself for re-election in 2021 with his critics throwing spanners in his bid.

The bid has created some ripples within and outside the ruling party with some hopefuls fearing their ambitions have been thwarted.


  1. Stanley

    Lungu ,go go forward but muletwibukisha at ground level i fought hard but abalekokota nibambi come 2021 you will find us!

    • Kabange

      Comment lungu balange ifyo bateka viva lungu 2021 Nipa bwato mukuloba isabi hh and gbm mwaa.

  2. Wp


  3. double check

    better deal with this matter now b4 it’s too late

  4. Christopher Silwamba

    Why Is It That Justice In Zambia Takes A Long Time To Pass In The So Called High Profile Cases. Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied. Br.Chris

    • Bamuzo


  5. Jose

    this is, the only development changwa he his busy dreaming, instead of improving the life of pipo.

  6. Abel

    Don’t forget my people we are in Zambia were only few wants to benefit.?️✈️

  7. LJ

    dont forget you are president va ichikwela guys no! Hapy new year and chrismas.

  8. foothold

    I think we the vast majority of Zambians prefer poverty in fredom to riches in turmoil.Let God be the judge and not concort judges.God has a plan for zambia coz he reads the future.

  9. Jackson

    2021 ni lungu

  10. ben man

    when king soul was rejected by GOD EVERYTHING COME TO PASS, it was prophet SAMUEL who passed the prophecy.we are waiting a prophecy passed by joshua iginla over lungu.he said lungu will not see 2018.let as wait and see.



  12. Christopher mwelwa

    We shall wait and see.

  13. Stephen Chinoya

    The Zambian constitution is self explanatory on the issue of the presidential term(two terms).
    Let’s avoid manipulating the constitution,it’s a very important document which requires handling with care. Let’s learn by example what is happening in other countries for not respecting the constitution,there are chaos and is this what we want to cherish?

  14. Ray Mulowa

    why third term my dear country men and women,remember chiluba wanted to go for third term but he failed and the green ribbon should be re introduced

  15. John

    Pamaka,,,,,,2021 ni Lungu fye

    • Ak47

      God chooses leaders not Leaders to choose God Lungu is not a God chosen leader tym is cumng his end wll b so bad

  16. Marker

    To those who spend sleepless notes over this why?what will determine whose going rule is the ballot.if I don’t want E.C.L to rule me whether he force himself or not it’s the voters choice which will be at play.

  17. kambwili

    Stupid people can’t read what is on the wall. Stupid people perish. Wait and see, you can fool all the people but not all the time. PF chaps will live to regret.

  18. ninja

    Ok will see

  19. Prochaka

    Awe Mr president lekeni nabanenu batekeko.

  20. mwami newton kunda

    Chosen one

  21. Andrew Nanda

    always remember………
    It’s Zambia 4 Jesus?????

  22. Kondanize

    Let the court decide and will see on that but also it requires people who can truly interpret the all act not just because they passed Ziale awe even ifikopo ifyo twakwata my cabinet fyalikwata amapepala so we mean here real people can help we hope this people will not interfere

  23. Zigodo

    We don’t bloodshed in our Zambia for Christian country.
    Others are glad when things are very unfavorable in this nation. God have mercy. Remember the Humble and Handsome economist.
    I thank you!

  24. Nsofwa

    2o21 gbm baleisa bane

  25. bob

    Let’s wait for concourt to clear the air. This is interesting.

  26. bob

    This is interesting,let Goncourt guide the nation.

  27. chikwembeta

    No two ways about this,you should not stand,we don’t want 3rd term, chiluba tried he failed people demonstrated all over, ecl you should not start behaving like Mulyokela…
    Leave while some are still clapping, you have divided pf with your hatered,we are only dinning with you now,but we won’t allow you to injure the constitution
    Think about it

    • Peter

      A ti mulyokela mulyokela,nimulyokela wako? leava e m’y president alone.mwasoba vokamba?

  28. king coin

    mr president leave for ur frnds

  29. Timothy Phiri

    Kanshi efyo mwaba

  30. THE DEMONIC CHILD (who uses the Bible for toilet papers)

    lungu ewabako

  31. hanene

    The writing is on the wall.

  32. Chamushalila

    Who am I to say before the court?

  33. kantu

    Wapya hh na gbm 2021

  34. MUBITA

    He has been voted into Office twice. We don’t want third term. The people tasked with interpretation of the Law shold do so to the content of everyone..We do not want anyone to interprete Law.to suit someone’special narrow interest the way it was done in the Electral Petition. The Fraudulent narrow 14 day explanation was designed to deny people justice which was just a Chapter in their well orchestrated Syndicate to rig the 2016 August Elections.
    Early disposal of anybody’so eligibility to stand in 2021 will help people to re -organise themselves as there are already 2 camps,


    It’s time for development n’t for 2021 election ba mr.ECL.COZ TOLKNG ABOUT 2021 IT’S NOT Unesue.ngamwanaka pyenimofye.

  36. Mundu

    When you give chance to your friends in a peaceful manner Zambians will give you total respect and it’s important. But again don’t talk about this issue just work hard for Zambians.the system you are using to give farmers inputs is very poor people are struggling but you are there ruling. Too bad.

  37. Emmanuel

    Comment Lungu 4 president 2021.no more 4 other fool’s.

  38. cts

    I can smell something here,this z mugabean behavior of clicking to like i dont kno,,leave flow to yo friends also to test de sweetness of dat sit mpopwe iwee

  39. TJ

    Ni Zii chabe. Happy Xmas and Prosperous New year President ECL

  40. double double

    Twaeshako abakukomboni thinking he understands ubuchushi bwabantu kanshi twaigong’a now they even want a third term ala mwandi….. Bwafyaaa.

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