Uncle T Adopts Young Rapper Dizmo

Lusaka business man Trevor Ng’andu popularly known as Uncle T has completed the legal adoption of young street rapper Dzimo and his elder brother Slim.

Dzimo, whose real names are Paul Mwansa and his half brother Slim whose real names are Steve Wonder, are young street rappers who in the past would go to Uncle T’s Dallas City pub to showcase their talent and get a few coins from well wishers.

Their dream has been to go to school, have decent shelter and be around loving and caring people.

That dream is coming to fruition after Uncle legally adopted Dizmo and will now be under his care .

“These are young ambitious kids who need to be looked after so that their dreams are realize. We have adopted these two beautiful talented children.

“We shall provide them with shelter, food, clothing and most importantly take them to school. We shall put them into primary school in January when schools open and we shall support them till university level.

“As for the talent they have we shall also will help them showcase it by giving them a chance to perform at the up coming Aki & Popo event slated for 22nd and 23rd of December 2017,” Uncle T says.


  1. Aaron ngulube

    What happened to slap d with dizmo

  2. David

    Bravo ancleT God will bless you for your kindness whatever you touch shall flourish your children’s children’s will never lack what your four fathers failed to achieve in years you will achieve it in half day that is the heart we want for Zambian community bro look to the vanurable

  3. Musial

    Oh! buitfull , a helping hand indeed.

  4. Charles

    God is merciful and may he glad all the blessing apon that kids

  5. Given SHONIWA

    God bless you big man continue with your good works world’s needs people like you.

    • Elvis mwale

      Thany you very much uncle Trevor ng’andu you are an icon

  6. Mwale Clifford

    Good spirit God shall definitely reward you

  7. noxin atraps

    You have done a wonderful hing Sir God will bless you and your family

  8. Michel

    Thus the greatest thing you have done uncle T otherwise God will prosper you.May your bissuness flourish in thousands fold for the decision you took brother

  9. to be or not to be

    If so Lesa kuti akana ukukupaala? May GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless Uncle T, family and his progeny down to thousands of generations in Jesus name. Amen

  10. to be or not to be

    Ifi so Lesa kuti akana ukukupaala? May GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless Uncle T, family and his progeny down to thousands of generations in Jesus name. Amen

  11. Noble

    Heaven has counted on the work you have done just wait for your crown.

  12. gas choice

    May God bless u sir

  13. MyZambia

    God bless you Uncle T. Wonderful gesture.

  14. Francis Mubita

    Rearly do we get to see such generosity amongst ourselves!!.Auncle T continue with such good deeds as the one in question.I know this was just but a direction God ordered for you to persue.God who directed you will surely guide you on this selfless path.Your case is indeed different!!.

  15. Jose

    GOD bless you, uncle T.

  16. julius chione

    If we can have people in our country with the heard uncle T has exhibited,the level of street kids can be reduced.Am appearing to those with a big muscle to follow uncle T’s spirit

  17. Abel

    God is love and what you have shown is love .my heaven Father he shall not let you down.then to you young ones please be humble this is now your parents in which you need to give them respect and remember God for he is the one who have talked to them and that’s why you have picked.

  18. Elvis mwale

    Thank you very much uncle Trevor ng’andu you’re a true icon of Zambia.may your business in Jesus Christ’s name prosper

  19. jay jnr

    God never sleeps, he is still watching over u, and grant u with all ur needs. May he grant u good life and blessings over ur bsnss

  20. Ragu j

    I just want to thank uncle T for His good and genaracy heart. It is not easly to remember children in street without a family uncle God bless u

  21. Patrick BWALYA

    Uncle T you are such a wonderful blessing.May God richly bless you.

  22. john phiri

    wish you all the best

  23. Elvis

    Thank you very much for making there drimz come true

  24. benjamin chenda Kapepa

    Uncle T you have done a good job, god bless you.

  25. Tomaidah

    May the almighty God bless you Uncle T

  26. Jenny

    May God reachly bless you uncle T and your family. Continue with the same spirit. How I wish someone can sponsor me to go to college.

  27. Grace

    Uncle T May God richly bless you.you have shown the true love of Christ .May you continue to prosper in all your doings. We thank God for people like you

  28. Lad b

    Uncle T God bless u.

  29. Lad b

    Uncle T u have done a big job,continue with yo gud heart.

  30. BABA B

    Comment that’s good give your money to the poor than to the richest you are blessed

  31. Violet

    Uncle T may da merciful God look down from heaven upon u n yo entire family….u are da pipo we need……to God be da glory 4 wat’ve done

  32. Ephrem shatunka

    Zambia wud have been much better and with few homeless kids if had good number of business executives like you uncleT who are ready to plough back to the community with one heart.God bless you big man.

  33. sililo

    Big ups dizmo


    Indeed God will bless u more blessings ar yet to come

  35. Mwamba Bwalya

    God bless you for the great job done

  36. John

    But,,!!!!!what has gone wrong to king Dizzo

  37. zimba Maxwell

    that’s a blessing man

  38. Joseph

    May God bless u uncle T remember blessed is the hand that gives may God be with u and have a prosperity life u are a good hearted man wise with wisdom think u Uncle T for ur support to this two children.

  39. mulongoti

    I believe everyone of us has capacity because we’re always better than someone else big up uncle t

  40. Johnnie

    What really happened with Slap D? Question to answer… thank you sir AKA Uncle T for the godly spirit. Take care and help the needy, they’re tomorrow future.

  41. oliver nyeleti

    God bless the man

  42. Darious

    Jehovah God is great and we need more well wishers like uncle T to come on board and help people who are in need especially children

  43. Moira

    May God bless you and protect you for your gesture!

  44. Gift Limoo

    Good thing taken by you uncle T

  45. Zark

    God will give you a double reward for uncle T.. Stay blessed

  46. Phiri

    Wonderful Uncle T!! Viva Uncle T!!

  47. T blaze

    Thats what big people do and we need more carring people like you mr t thank u for help if it wasn’t you dizmo could have remained in 2017 peace mr

  48. Hastings

    May God bless you uncle t for the good heart you have shown to them???? you’re a king sir.Dizmo we are behind to support your music?????

  49. steven nyambe

    thats nice and good news to general public thank you.

  50. Vera

    May GOD Almighty see you through in everything u do.

  51. salome

    our good works will take us to heaven mr T take the children to a bible beliving church so that they testify to the glory of God.congrats

  52. Elias

    You real passionate business man

  53. Elias

    You real passionate business man
    Keep up

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