UPP to Sue ACC

The United Progressive Party (UPP) has continued its crusade against public institutions they deem corrupt with the Anti Corruption Commission placed on their list of targets.

Party president Saviour Chishimba says the UPP will commence legal proceedings against the ACC for alleged ineptitude.

Ironically the ACC is hot on the heels of Chishimba probing his case at the time he presided over the National Youth Development Council where funds were allegedly misappropriated.



We shall be commencing legal proceedings against the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) by way of seeking an order of Court to compel it to be an impartial anti graft agency rather than being the most useless corruption clearance house and persecutor of whistleblowers.

Senior directors of the ACC must also be placed under serious investigations. To facilitate this, we shall be seeking an injunction to restrain them from reporting for work to pave way for a proper public inquiry into their professional misconduct and negligence.

All public officers of the ACC statutorily owe the people of Zambia a duty of care by protecting public resources from daylight robbery by thieves in government. Failure to act with diligence is a public wrong.

The ACC cannot be transformed into a circus of which it has become! When I recover fully from poisoning and an injury, I will lead a protest at the ACC headquarters next week on Friday, December 15, 2017 at 10:00 am. We shall not apply for a permit under an archaic colonial law. Enough is enough!

The protest will be a precursor to the commencement of legal proceedings. We shall not lose Zambia before our eyes!

UPP will adduce evidence before court which will overwhelmingly show that ever since the immediate past director was victimised and removed for commencing investigations into the US$34.5 million Zambia-Malawi maizegate scandal, the ACC has been transformed into a Commission whose agenda is to purely pursue fake and politically manufactured “cases” against opposition leaders.

The ACC has become a very big security risk to the state predominantly because its actions are rapidly building discontentment among Zambians. The anger among Zambians is like a volcano whose eruption may have devastating negative impacts on national development.

The latest anti corruption briefing was not only laughable, but also a display of the highest level of complacency and a culture of taking Zambians for granted!

The claimed window dressing announcement of re-opening investigations into the US$42 million fire tender saga confirms the corporate capture of the ACC by the corrupt cartel in government. This also confirms UPP’s concerns on the so called clearance and closure of the maizegate scandal while continuing with baseless political cases.

The evidence and several reports that have been submitted to the ACC involving over US$5 billion, which is about the national budget of Zambia, are not acted upon and only referred to with passivity and unprecedented perfunctoriness.

The UPP’s #BringBackOurMoney! anti corruption crusade is vindicated by the current revelations among senior PF officials on the scale and depth of the looting that has gone on since 2011. Over US$15 billion has been looted and far more than 50% of this amount is in offshore accounts.

We are grateful to the Almighty God that the G20 has endorsed the campaign by Mr Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of UK, to end tax havens. The #BringBackOurMoney! crusade will ride on this international wave to demand that the stolen public funds in all tax havens be brought back to the owners, the people of Zambia.

The Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force, Zambia Police, Zambia National Service, Prisons, Immigration, intelligence community and civil service continue to be the biggest funders of the budget through PAYE. The living standards of these men and women have plummeted due to the reduced purchasing power of the Kwacha. Their remunerations cannot sustain their families and this is pushing them into the lowest income earners.

Consequently, the middle class is getting decimated in Zambia.

UPP’s next course of action in Court will be part of our policy to start transforming the ACC Now!

God bless Zambia!
Saviour Chishimba
#UPP for: No PAYE; No Sales Tax; No Market & TV levies; No tolls on Public Roads; Land redistribution & houses for all Zambians!


  1. FGM

    Mr. S. Chishimba you’re indeed telling the truth. It’s like every one charged with the responsibility of protecting national resources have been compromised or are benefiting from the resources being looted. Who shall save Zambia if the responsible organs chose to be mute spectators. May God’s power intervain quickly before the situation reaches the bone marrow. Shame indeed.

  2. Hagrey

    Harder Nabena, I Love This Mood

  3. Sj

    Much as we’d listen to your sentiments,first remove the spec(with Nat. Youth Dev. Council) out of thine eye before taking the log out of ACC.’s eye. You point an accusing finger at an opponent and three other fingers are pointing back at you. Comment

  4. mcxm

    How can we Zambians fight corruption when tenders for our roads are approved and signed at State house.Why does the auditor general have powers to prosecute criminals stealing government loot.We have allowed our constitution to be controlled like a remote control.

  5. Rasco

    It is only proper under such circumstances for the republican President to come in the open and address the nation on the state of the Country. The article has a lot of implications. When you start dwelling on the Men and Women in uniform being the main victims of such levels of corruption, then something serious is going wrong. Do we sometimes ask ourselves as who governs who i.e. the party in power or the people who put the party into power. why in the first place do we experience arrogance from people who were put in those positions to govern by the ordinary people? Who employed who in the first place? Zambians just have to wake up especially those who are educated, it is time to influence things for the betterment of those who know little, by way of explaining what is happening in these public offices.

  6. Zednonymous

    I wish Chiluya Tayali had balls of steel like this man.

  7. FGM

    All well meaning Zambians based in Lusaka should join the doctor as he stages a public demonstration. Viva doctor! Viva UPP.

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