NDC Slowly Taking Over Copperbelt

The ongoing mobilisation activities in Kitwe and Ndola districts by the opposition National Democratic Congress Party has sent shivers in Patriotic Front Party lower structures in Kitwe.

Some party members are worried that the NDC is slowly penetrating what was called the bedroom for the ruling party while those in leadership continue to claim the party is intact.

They said people have been kept in the dark since returning office and it is very easy for others to switch to other political parties due to lack of activities.

“Our friends are penetrating through our so called bedroom and we are just watching, it pains me to hear our provincial leadership claiming we are intact in the province I think we need to wake up before we are caught unaware, the mini defections we have had are our own members who just went to rainbow so that should not comfort us” the official stated.

He said the behaviour of saying the party is intact in the province will not help the ruling party especially that most of the members have been left disappointed without any hope of employment opportunities.

The Party members want the provincial executive to organise activities that will keep members as opposed to always waiting for elections before engaging the structures.

“If you look at what is happening, most of our members are still suffering and no opportunities have been created for them, some of our members without patience are so desperate and are somehow seeing life in the NDC, so it should not surprise anyone that it is only our members migrating” another member said.

“People being neglected in the structures remain the backbone of the party but surprising only a few individuals are benefiting” He added.

The NDC continues to send shivers to the ruling Patriotic Front with its mobilisation activities taking place in different communities on the Copperbelt.


  1. Kangumu

    Bauze mwana

  2. Wise Me

    That’s terrifying! You want to be employed for belonging to a particular party? What about those in the country the opposition who is going to employ them?

  3. MK

    We want you in Lunte when are you visit us,

  4. Trevor pambwe

    Don’t expect meat from de neighbor test de soup den dey gv u meat,we in support of dis party need to be employed first den u.ndeoyabene sungavulilepo jacket let’s CK.Lv u

  5. mulase

    This is not only happening in the copperbelt but in most parts of the country. NDC is on fire.Eastern province is shaking guys.Wea ever u go u hear pipo talking about joining NDC.For my brothers in PF to continue saying that all structures are intact is shocking.Mark my words and prove me wrong come 2021.

  6. Paul M

    CK continue presuring the defenders of pf until the penalty is given for handball.

  7. George Mainza

    Mr Chishimba Kambwili, i love you so much, just becouse you hate corruption, to those with Bibles i wish them to read from the book of Genessis 6:11-13 you ‘l know why our heavenly father destroyed the first corrupt world by the flood, so am requesting all those who are involved in corruption to stop, otherwise God will remove away all blessigs provided to our country,at last our punishment will lead us to a total poverty than before.

  8. lado

    even Northern and luapula are on fire, CK is the man in 2021

  9. Fox T

    ala mwandi we are supporting you…no more pf,upnd.kwisa uko.

  10. RB

    Lusaka is worse, people on de grass root re bittery complaining. Personally, l sense danger in 2021. NDC gaining bit by bit

  11. Joseph M

    CK young cobra, the heart of kopala, and zambia at large.

  12. Hotness

    Ck we want u central province especially in chitambo constituency where the mp is not doing anything. Please, continue dismantling the so called strong holds, they will be finished by the time will general elections.

  13. Mercutio

    Comment:Niba scot abo..chawama tak alot of gud heads with uuu…2021 ni young cobra fye..

  14. James

    with ck in opposition be rest assured no more pf after 2021.

  15. Chiombo

    Tiye nayo ck

  16. Mwana

    Which Copperbelt?

  17. Gerald jere

    ck continue mwandini 2021 is all yours,we also wat u to here in Isoka(muchinga province)

  18. Sampa Namanyungu

    Ck please these people are finished let us see how we can defend Zambians we are with you this is a small job big up nice timing.guy papa what you are doing someone is thinking its nothing but God knows you will go to heaven just like him your friend he is in heaven

  19. L.Munthali.

    I voted PF bcoz Sata(mhsrip), again I did the same after his death,bcoz of CK,and here comes lungu,expell CK,what do you expect of me,definately it’s to follow the young cobra,i have no other option.

  20. Kamombo Nshoka

    lets go the man-Ck 2021 are 4 NDC and You.Pf/mmd we’r tired wth dz razor nd corrupt elements whch ar controling dz gvt….

  21. cs

    Continue doing so mr president ck

  22. mulongoti

    Lwenu BA pf chishimba is coming BA pf muleshipula fye naba mmd bakabwalala aatleast nama students Kuti baleka Ukutumpa pantu ck ninshimbi bapolice awe ku shana no jokes

  23. Kabamba

    CK niwebo tulelolela. I’ll wait 4 2021, though it seems too far.Ba PF let’s realise that we all need 2 VOTE 4 him,or none of us will win and that will be greed(bunkalwe) on PF’s part;its either CK or none of us.We voted 4 Lungu bcoz there was no one else 2 vote 4 and we needed him 2 keep the seat and country 4 THE ONE who was 2 come,Chishimba Kambwili .Go to Central, Luapula, Nothern, Muchinga, Eastern, Lusaka, Southern, North Western and Western.We will support u. # Ifintu Nimbwili # Imbwili Yaisa
    # YoungKingCobra

  24. bwalya m j

    We want NDC official to came here in serenje

  25. Mukuka Ignatious

    Zambia is finished due to corrupt leaders.
    They promsed wht they hav never fulfilled.
    We hav no roads in mpika no good market structures,employment is only 4 chines,our MP is scarece as a caterpiller butterfly which on occurs only on laying period.
    We want CK in mpika and the country at large.

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