Zambia Police Hires 8 Chinese Nationals As Reservists

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has hired 8 Chinese nationals as police reservists giving Zambians a surprise Christmas present.

Lusaka lawyer Dickson Jere is among the many left baffled and are asking questions.


On January 11th this year, Zambia made international news when it was reported that the Inspector General of the Police had banned his officers from marrying foreigners. The decision was justified as a security measure and the BBC went to town with that story…..

12 months down the road, the same Inspector General is reported to have commissioned some Chinese (eight of them) as Police Reservists to infiltrate the same agency we stopped our brothers and sisters from having spouses who are not Zambians.

Our Chinese brothers have taken over our land, taken over our Mukula trees, taken over our road contracts and now are taking over our police…eish…imagine being arrested by a China Man in your own country !

Anyway, let me take a chill pill since I am on Christmas break and supposed to be enjoying my holidays…


  1. chimbwi no plan

    Is this what people expected from pf under ecl when they votted in 2016…
    How can the president allow this kind of nonsense to continue in our own land…
    Anyway there are so many misdeeds by our pf no wonder we must vote them out

  2. kilz

    Police Officers From China to Serve in Croatia in Summer
    by croatiaweek September 12, 2017
    in News
    Foreign police cooperation during summer has gone on for 12 years now (Photo: MUP)
    Police officers from China will work in Croatia helping out Chinese tourists next summer after an agreement was signed between the two nations on Monday in Zagreb.
    For the last 12 years now police officers from 17 countries have taken part in Croatia’s “Safe Tourist Season” project.
    The foreign police officers involved in the project over the years usually spend a couple of months patrolling the roads in popular tourists destinations where there are tourists from their home country.
    “The “Safe Tourist Season” project has been around for 12 years, with 17 countries taking part and it is our pleasure that China, as the first nation from outside Europe, has joined the project,” said Croatia’s Interior Minister Davor Božinović.
    Number of Chinese tourists growing
    Božinović says that there has been an increase in the number of tourists to Croatia from China, and expects it to grow even more.
    “This year, according to statistics from the Tourist Board, there was an increase of 60% more tourists in Croatia from China compared to last year when there was 100,000. We are heading towards 200,000 tourists from China and I am sure that will increase even more,” he said.
    The work side by side with their Croatian counterparts and mainly act as interpreters and helping holiday makers who get into trouble. Their main task will be to help with communication and to help guide visitors about local rules and regulations.
    (Photo: MUP)
    International police officers involved in the project so far have worn their own uniforms and do not have any powers on Croatian territory.
    (Photo: MUP)
    “This measure has a symbolic significance, and on the other hand, experience shows that foreign tourists like to see members of their police forces in Croatia. This measure has contributed to an increase in the number of tourists, and with more than 100 million Chinese people annually traveling to various tourist destinations, we are interested in attracting more Chinese to come to Croatia to see personally the beauty our country,” RTL quoted Božinović as saying.

  3. Gmail

    Kaya apo pena..Chinese like small Zambian girls with tight pussies just like it happened in luanshya.But I am pretty sure the inspector knows how to hundle them.

  4. Tobias

    Where is zambia going. It doesnt make sense

  5. Davido

    What is happening mwebantu Iam behind on this article are we in zambia or what is it ? What’s wrong with our leaders no let me not spoil my mood for kanganja

    • Sj

      Fantabulas! Is this not an easy way of letting out our(CATS) secrets out of our bags? (Or secrets don’t matter any more) How safe are we if you rubbed ama Choncholi the wrong way? Is this not being near sighted and blind?
      IF decision making is becoming a tough nut to crack can’t they consult us as Citizenry? Chaina will scrutinise those Reservists coming here, are we sure they Don’t ‘ve criminal Record back home, to add to an already criminally stressed Nation.
      Why experiment with a portion of the Judiciary? Are they going to be on the Zambian Pay Roll? All this in EXCHANGE for Chinese Technology? Why does this country like to do things without learning the REPERCATIONS. ARE their no Zambians who can be hired as RESERVIST?
      THE YOUTH AND OLD who can work are crying out for some form of Employment.Comment

  6. John kabengele

    When Pilato, said that Koswe naingila mubwendo, nokubomba tabomba, you rose upon him. This is exactly what Pilato . Bushe muli ama no muli Koswe menomeno sure? Someone has to check on this president, what kind of medicine is he taking to confuse him? Arvs, if taken for a long time turn to confuse people. We are a laughing stock to our neigbours. Shame on PF, I doubt if these Koswe will last. Arrest Pilato now, that he has proved you right. I don’t want to associate my self to this Koswe country, without brains.

    • Sj

      Maybe PILATO should do a remix of his latest Cut to include the newly appointed 8 Chinese Reservists. (Military force that can be used in an Emergency) Comment

  7. jd chupa

    more jobs

  8. Cahill

    Where ar we going in Zambia????? PF government malabishi. 2021 we need to change.

  9. Mk

    IG should explain why Chinese nationals in our security wing. If his reason is genuine then he should explain how the state will protect its citizens from unnecessary arrest by the Chinese police officers. Do we still have this inferiority complex of thinking that we can’t do it without light skinned people? IG must be serious.

  10. kalamba mukuka

    This is getting out of hand some intervention is needed

  11. JJ

    Koswe mpoto

  12. JJ

    Koswe mpoto..

  13. King

    Isn’t this the best way to show to whole world that the Zambian police is ineffective such that they have reached an extent of hiring police officers from China?
    Shame on PF govt


    Does this mean we are short of capable Zambians to do the same job? Did we really get independence or not. What does this mean ba Lungu mwasuminisha eehh cinekeoooooooooooooo

  15. Trevor pambwe

    Kuti wanaka ukulanda

  16. MyZambia

    Do Police Reservists get paid?

  17. Wise Me

    People should have a wider understanding of the way the world operates. If Chinese can come into Zambia to train our defence of forces what state security issue can arise from police reservists? Unless you don’t know that in such organisation there hierarchical limitations to access of security information. It’s common here for people to argue from ignorance. This is bcoz our education doesn’t promote critical thinking. Do you think the I G doesn’t understand his responsibilities and you outsiders do? Where is the law when we buy military equipment from another coutry and citizens from that country come to teach us how to assemble and operate it. Which of the two is a security risk someone who knows the strength of your defense system or the one you can manipulate within a limited latitude of operation?

    • BK

      Its better you are instructed to operate by an outsider than allowing an outsider to do the operation.

  18. Kangumu

    Poor planing for pf,am very much dissapinted with Chagwa and his followers,people are in zambia are strougling,no employment ,instead of using zambians you borow people all the way from china!shame on you dont think you you will receive my vote,not even a dream of voting for you.

  19. Jet Lee

    HH you hav 2 be very alert everytime bcoz these hired asessins police reservits, are up to no good. hw come they hav hired chines? pf what hell is wrong with u? thousands of youths are jobless including myself.

  20. mulongoti

    In case a lot if zambias did not understand what a police reserve means the best way to do is go to any police station in your area talk to the officer incharge about the police reserve issue you will be advised accordingly those reserves are just volonteers they don’t get any salary if you want to join go you will b interviewed if you qualify then you will get it it’s not permanent even during kaundas time Indians were commissioned even Zambian are commissioned in the UK and elsewhere These pipo won’t b armed and they won’t b entering the police service bedroom reserves are far from police officers so dont get scared just go and join to pass time if you nothing to do it’s a contract and not permanent

    • Chosen

      Ba Mulongotiiiii…. Are you a Zambian talking like this??? No wonder our country has the perpetual problem of leadership crisis!! It pains me to see fellow Zambians supporting nonsense like this. Can the Chinese ever include a Zambian in their own police service?? How? Where on earth?? Let’s be serious, fellow Zambians
      This is a very serious wrong!! God help us!!

    • BK

      We are talking about inner security and gaining access to. Mulongoti’s thinking is shallow.

  21. mulongoti

    My zambia police reserves are not paid its free of charge If you want to help the police go and join at any police station in your area if you will qualify the interview

    • Chosen

      Stupid attitude!!

    • concerned citizens

      Start off today nd go to work in a foreign country for free we see wat yo life will become.Galu iwe

  22. Gee

    Wise man”” u ar just one of those few intelligent people around Brother. Thez too much politics in this country…..we just too negative even on things we don’t handastand… Canon Guyz

  23. Bwalya Mulondo

    This is worse than I thought, where is Zambia going sure ai ?

  24. Spannerboy Zulu


  25. Kedric siame

    Every were is chains people, please tell me their is any Zambian going to chain doing a business like the way it is in our country bonanza for chains people and so on, and then their follow us in our country to arrest people were is the government.

  26. Joe Kawimbe

    This is just a Christmas joke by the Inspector General of Police. He is a man of integrity and cannot do something that stupid. Stop stressing., people of Zambia, and Merry Christmas from Johannesburg……

  27. AlphaT

    Impossible those Chinese niggaz must stop fucking our gurls …..

  28. Spannerboy Zulu


  29. double double

    Did some 1 said police reserves do the job for free, then you r dull there’s always a motive as to y certain people do certain things n that motive is what you need to look out for in Zambia do u that people gets more allowances than salaries?

  30. Simeo Musonda

    China is aspiring to be the new Colonial Master in the 21st Century.
    The Chinese have bought mountains and land (with mineral deposits)in South America; Most Building and Road infrastructure development in the USA , were accomplished with the Chinese Labor -the western coast of USA is predominantly occupied by Chinese; in Europe and elsewhere China is buying Land and existing Buildings and Businesses; Financing of viable business ventures globally; In Africa, and Zambia in particular, the Chinese have”assisted” and continue”assisting” in infrastructure Development.
    Unlike Turkey, whose partnership package include Colonization, propagation of Turkish Language, Extremist and Radical Islam , China is focused on being the new world leader.
    China’s strategy is getting what it wants, is in Tonga ,known as, ” Mwana ni Ndombio”- using a child as a bait to get to the mother.
    In Zambia, there has been numerous complaints about Police Corruption and of late Police officers being punched by criminal culprits. What would stop the Police from recruiting and using foreigners who can help reduce corruption and Kung fu anyone who dares to attack a police officer?
    We have a serious problem with leadership in Zambia. Unless we acknowledge the fact that we have an Artificially created Leadership Vacuum in Zambia, and that there is urgent need to rectify the problem, the situation will become worse.
    It is unfortunate that President Lungu is surrounded by Treasure Hunters, and the OP with its hidden agenda. These people are either deliberately or out of ignorance misleading the president on both Domestic and Foreign Affairs.
    In fact, it is the OP which is behind the Undermining of Democracy, Gross Human Rights Violations, Impunity, Selective Justice and Partiality, creation of a Leadership Vacuum, Disunity, allowing Corruption and plundering of Nation’s wealth to thrive in Zambia, and the unpopular and outlandish decisions, utterances and actions so far taken by Presidents, including the incumbent one.
    Anything Negative, is to the advantage of OP’s Hidden Agenda, as it justifies the ultimate goal of which is to indirectly and then directly usurp political power in Zambia,like has happened in Turkey , Costa Rica, Romania, Egypt and other countries where their intelligence exert undue influence over their governments.
    OP has undue influence on the government and political leadership in Zambia.
    Both late Presidents Sata and Mwanawasa were cautioned and Alerted about OP’s Hidden Agenda and advised not to listen to OP and that whoever does so, will be at own peril. They were told that the OP was up to no good. Alas, both didn’t heed the advice. Consequently, Sata and Mwanawasa are no more, they were duped and hoodwinked to their untimely deaths. Forensic Autopsies would confirm foul play in these and other cases.
    There is urgent need to help President Lungu from becoming another victim of OP. Let us unyoke President Lungu from undue influence of the OP.
    The OP has the Monopoly over matters of National Intelligence and Security. There is need to create other independent Intelligence and Security Bodies and Oversight entities.
    Otherwise, with its hidden agenda and steeped in the OCCULT, like Hitler, OP shall continue destabilizing this country.
    The OP is currently running the affairs of this country. Nothing happens in this country, without the consent and approval of OP. Even the Recruitment and Deployment of 8 Chinese Nationals,as Police Reservists, amid unemployment in Zambia, was done with the consent of OP.

    • Chosen

      Zambians, we are just so stupid. We do very stupid things. We are so mediocre, without vision. We are only good at not loving our own fellow Zambians but instead choose to be foolishly nice to foreigners at the expense of our own brothers and sisters largely because of the nonsense called tribalism. May God Almighty deliver us from this nonsense!

  31. Sj

    Playing games of the mind is good after all the tension we’re not exempted from.Comment

  32. opanda mano

    Has Zambia police failed to work? What’s the reason for this?that decision is not in the interest of Zambia.

  33. k'vo

    Mmmm this country!!!

  34. Pepito

    No brains muli ba President nasumina. Less iseni bwangu lungu alungusha Zambia. Nonsense.

  35. Matuzi

    I we kamulongoti chikalachobe,have things to support not every thing waumfwa.
    don’t u see that pf is simultaneously loosing leadership control.I always tall them to consult from HH and GBM or Chishimba imbwili.
    Pf deserves to be out of Office by force like Mugabe who is now breathing on comer and question marks.

  36. Chikilile

    This is saling your on country with no benefits

  37. mulongoti

    Some1said they don’t work for free which allowance do they get don’t say anything if you’re not sure I was a police reservist for one year and I didn’t see any allowance maybe they have started giving muli ba lungu and if the police reserve apprehends he will Hand over the suspect to the officers those days

  38. mbuzi

    heal Our Land…Jehovah God

  39. honour

    What a mistake taken by IG does he have what it take to protect our nation does he know that maybe they are here to spy our sercrity.Ha hw can you put koswe next to groundnuts can you find it the same way u left it.

  40. cmmp

    Can we just save the little integrity and dignity we have left if at all there z even any

  41. comforanking

    People u are saying that police reservist are not paid bt where do they get food and accommodation since they dont get allowances

  42. Simwala Chrispin

    Comment When We Apply For Zambia Police Reserve You Dont Give Us But You Are Busy Employing Foriegners .Were Ar Yor Putting Us Think Twice

    • Cosmas Kachomba Tembo

      Yet a lot of us (Zambians)who are unemployed but you recruit foreigners. Shame on you

  43. mulongoti

    That’s why it’s voluntary if you’re not sure check your dictionary and find the meaning of volonteers those insulting Shu ask if there not clear this platform shut not just be used as a political tool bt for

  44. Pakomaila Nondo

    While I do not fully understand the roles , the criteria and the reasons for the Chinese nationals to be enlisted in the police service, this is not uncommon even in developed countries.I’am a Zambian based in UK and there are hundreds if not thousandsa of Zambians serving in the British Army today.And I have never heard any outcry like we are experiencing in our country over 8 Chinese nationals.Is it lack of understanding, lack of information from the government to keep its citizens well informed about such developments or we want to politicize every issue? Can the members of parliament ask the home affairs minister to issue a ministerial statement to shed more light and answer the questions coming from members of the public?Because in the absence of a statement from the relevant ministry we will be arguing from a point of ignorance and the most dangerous position to argue from is that of ignorance.Can the government help us by way of a ministerial statement so that the issue can be put to rest.Who knows maybe we have borrowed from China on condition that we employ some of their nationals in the ministries that will benefit from that loan or whatever it may be.My advise to my fellow citizens is that let’s make use of these MPs we have to clarify on some of these issues.Our MPs basically just go to parliament to sleep waiting for allowances and as citizens we have contributed because we do not take them to task.We put these guys in those positions and they need to perform according to the voters expectations.Make these chaps sign a charter of commitment to specific accomplishments per term of office as a way of measuring their performance.Otherwise the ordinary Zambias will always get a raw deal.Ine nalanda epo mpelele…..Zambian Living in UK

  45. kawa

    Its more like they are not respecting our arm it’s very shameful to us.

  46. mulla

    y is it that we zambians re fynding it hard to get recruited compared to these guys,?

  47. mathews

    What’s happening to our country.

  48. Tx wayox tryb

    Makoswe yapaka muzambia bayamba kufunta nakudyesa ma chinese ndalama ifunika kuti bapase ba zambia police .stupid grmt.

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