Cholera Outbreak Delays 2018 School Calendar

Government has announced the 2018 school calendar will delay indefinitely after 50 deaths have been recorded countrywide following the outbreak of cholera.

More than 2000 cases of cholera cases have been recorded countrywide.

According to a joint statement by Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya and his education counterpart Dennis Wanchinga, the re-opening of schools countrywide has been deferred until further notice.

“We have had an outbreak of cholera from October 6, 2017 and it has affected mainly Lusaka Province and we have recorded sporadic cases in various parts of the country,” says Dr Chilufya.

“We have recorded a total of 2047 cases and Lusaka alone is accounting for 2000 cases. Cumulatively, we have recorded 50 deaths, with Lusaka accounting for 47 deaths. We have mounted a robust multi-sectorial approach involving various sectors.”

Dr Chilufya has issued a Statutory Instrument N0. 79 of 2017 which evokes provisions of the Public Health Act to ensure that the spread of the outbreak and loss of life is prevented.

He said deferring the re-opening of the schools countrywide was to avoid many gatherings in various educational facilities.

“There are children who are coming from areas which we are describing as the epicentres of the epidemic and they will be mixing with children from other areas. There may be cross contamination and that may escalate the epidemic.

“There are also children that will be coming from the epicentres in Lusaka who may need to travel to boarding schools outside Lusaka to various parts of the country. So, we will suddenly be having a possibility of carriers and this disease will spread in various parts of the country and will spiral out of control.

“In line with the Statutory Instrument, we are restricting this particular movement. We do not want school children to move outside the epicentres to various schools where they will co-mingle with other children. Or move out of Lusaka to other parts of the country so that we start fire fighting in different parts of the country.

“So, this is an important measure and will apply to all schools nationally and we will be able to review this decision by January 30, 2018. This period will allow us to work with the authorities in the schools to look at water and sanitation facilities, correct them where need be and so there is a task force that is working to ensure that water facilities, sanitation facilities in the schools is in good shape.”

Dr Chilufya said his ministry would broadcast key messages to raise awareness to improve personal hygiene by school children before schools re-opened.

Dr Chilufya also said his ministry would further vaccinate all citizens in affected areas particularly school going children.

“This will help reduce the spread of the disease. We are targeting to begin vaccination within the next seven to 10 days and we are going to vaccinate an initial number of two million people and we hope to reach four million. This will give us an opportunity to continue correcting the issue of access to clean and safe water. Let’s be mindful that the drivers of this epidemic include consumption of contaminated water and food, poor waste management, and poor personal hygiene practices. These must be addressed,” said Dr Chilufya.

Education minister Dennis Wanchinga said postponing the re-opening of schools due to the cholera outbreak was an important decision to make.


  1. Mwaba phiri

    When are we opening School’s


      You sound like u re part of school but u can’t understand that simple passage-

    • Tabo kapungu

      We don’t know it say until further notice maybe by the end of this month it will be announced !!

    • Prophet Andrew

      Let God help us

    • Prophet Andrew

      Let God help us.Jesus have mercy on us weare ur people plz have mercy.

  2. patson

    this decision is for the sake of every Zambian

  3. Mweene Victor

    thanka very much,to you two Geanerols!!

  4. vincent

    Comment: cleaness is next to Godliness…credit to gvt

  5. Brian

    that’s wonderful

  6. Lungu

    What about teachers in private schools are they going to be paid in full

  7. Tash Reinz

    Does this also include universities and colleges

  8. chilekwa sula

    By doing so government will help many lives, but what of those travelling by bus nd other transpotations wont they spread the disease

    • Njamba Collins prof

      @Mr.Chilekwa ,people should have thier own safety in mind that they avoid going to the affected areas.A person cannot keep on going whilst there’s a ditch in from of him/her if he ignores he ll’ fall in it People should be very careful.

  9. chapman muchimba

    They are some children who are for holidays which came from southern, earstern . they a lot and got cholera from lusaka and want to bring It in our provinces so or of the schools can close in Zambia

    • hhhggb

      am sure u ar not a pupil and u didnt go to school,why could u like to close school?
      remembr we ar writtng exams then what will be happen for us?

  10. evans mulenga

    Its a good decision but is copperbelt,kitwe city also affected by cholera outbreak

  11. Zipphoey

    You are just taking about schools. What about work? We need to stop going because these are also gatherings.

  12. Hotness

    Way to go, this is a national disaster and it must be taken seriously.

  13. james kaumba

    God help us this disaster let’s pray and fast more than 50 souls are no more because of chorela is a shame to our nation,No movements boss sort out this pandemic twafwa

  14. wiseman

    that z a gud thin coz wen choler can be in xuks den we wil lose our pupils

    • Chilumba C

      Good move by gov’t over the cholera issue and the continued closure of schools coz dis will protect our pupils frm unaffected parts of the country, but what about other public gatherings,eg.work places,bars e.t.c what step will the gov’t take over these?

  15. Paul M

    Good Move But The School Calendar Wil Be Disturbed.

  16. musa

    The move is quite alright but it will affect people financially

  17. Sugo

    Pliz u pipo should find another strategy, this yr I’m writing my exam and we ar behind at my school

    • Thomas chunga

      That’s what am also asking. Eczema will hot have mercy on us who are behind in certain subjects

  18. Ramzzykafwatamedrick

    What about those who are in examination classes????

  19. Papa

    Comment sir you should also ban da ma bulk chbuku shakes for nw

  20. taonga

    Good suggestion i think that was the best thing to do but in line with the vaccination process is it that only those coming from lusaka will be vaccinated???

    • bravo

      Cholera get them to make them see their failures well done Mr cholera

  21. mk

    BA PF God is now punishing you

  22. Chansa R C

    This Is Serious,..

  23. Aleth

    Indeed is true,Mr Chilufya Chitalu,our minister of health. Thus good leader by thinking other people.

  24. Fml

    That’s a good move

  25. Amos Siambuli

    Now what of those traveling by buses won’t they spread the disease???

  26. R B

    Holidays continues……….

  27. Cl

    I think the decision is alright but for us university students it’s pressure with school work.does this mean that even the closing date will be extended.

  28. Lameck mwansa

    We need answers from you gvt…My childrens are at risk of such diseases…answers answers…

  29. lightwell sichinga

    Tell us is it also colleges not to be opened?

  30. dangote

    lets wait what will happen next

  31. Patel

    Continue trying saving our lifes please and thanks for hard working people God bless.

  32. roydsilengo


  33. rct

    Good move wipe all the vendors out of streets

  34. Toshi

    Jesus is lord

  35. Toshi

    Jesus is Lord

  36. Allan Divine Champion

    Yes, wat about the people travelling

  37. FRANKS


    • Fred

      Y shud they talk about schools what about bars cause even it,it does contain people that mingle together from various places

  38. Jonathan Kaemba Jr

    Enx alot govt for ur concern.but my question z dat don’t u think this wil affect alot of examz classes such as de G12’s nd de G9’s nd wat wil happen to de numbr of pupils who won’t b unrolled 4 examz by 26th Jan cz dats de deadline whch waz announced by de ECZ as to complete de registrations?

  39. Joshua Sikanyika

    Thanks , It Was Best Thing To Do For people’s Sick

  40. mark sikaundi

    Please late as know ,because if you delay as we mostly of pupils this year they will fail ,,,,, especially as #sugos

  41. kabafa joy

    wat about as sugos coz will are behind even here in commando let them com and plc soid ok

  42. jibz

    what what about the examination classes

  43. Mm chaba

    So,what will be the opening day f schools in zambia?

  44. humphrey ng'andu

    It’s just wasting time for us grade12s for registration of exams as well as in terms of learning we are going behind.
    So,you as a president just release the opening day of schools in country…please!!!!!

    Most pupils didnt sign for grade12

  45. CT

    good move though GCE candidates will be affected the most, coz they will be writing exams in June/July.

  46. Tabo kapungu

    Wow great thing but its also a disturbance for those in examination classes

  47. francis mwamba

    it is a good move taken by government.

  48. Sibo

    Good move by the Government, those complaining about the disruption of the School calendar ,it can be adjusted so that the break between term one and two is reduced to about two weeks for students to catch up on their work

  49. emmzy mpundu

    mr president pliz kindly find any mean of helpn us hearding for examz,we really appreciate ur hard work but dont u thnk evn de G12’s nd G9’s shud oso b lookd upon??thnx

  50. sepikay

    let the government ban pipo coming or going into lsk so that we can open schools faster.


    will this closure of schools also affect the current UNZA registration which is due to finish tomorrow ?

  52. Bright Kanyama

    The people commissioned to do this job will get paid I know but what about the innocent people who are being involved in this process of closing MIGODI what will they gain after being given some had labour job…???,,,, Question

  53. Trudo Nash

    Well this is a good job….

  54. barzwell

    Too bad

  55. mwale Robby

    help us with toilets at Mwense secondary school poor water sanitation

  56. emmzy mpundu

    we really appreciate for the job u ar doing mr president bt pliz we’re askng concerning school pliz do sumthng coz sum of us we ar writting our G12 exams we will be underpressure will remain behind so pliz do sumthng…….. thnx……..

  57. Quavo

    A welcome move

  58. lewis mwila

    Comment: please government let the G9 and G12 go back to school beacous exams are just alound the coner. we know that chorela is endemic in zambia but a way how you can help as please.

  59. Shabby

    My concern is about other gatherings,eg church meetings, wedding gathering,music concerts, bars taverns, etc are they also going to be stopped? Coz their are rumours going around to say there should be no any gatherings of more than 5people, how true is that??.
    Ndine Ba sill!! #thanx

  60. Fred Nsama

    this is no laughing matter we should not be happy that school will be closed think about the grade 9 and 12 those guys need every day of school in order to succeed so let pray that this epidemic end so school can resume

  61. Daniel

    No one coming out and going into Lusaka

  62. Motoka Mendrix

    Prevention is better than cure……….we are highly appreciated Mr

  63. Mendrix Motoka

    Prevention is better than cure…….thanks Dr chilufya

  64. Chich ked

    What about de G9 n G12

  65. macrine kunda

    thnx too much may yu help us

  66. Bar man

    Close even some bars. Bwana minister

  67. mwandila

    close night clubs. Huge gathering

  68. Njamba Collins

    This is good move honourable minister ,as you stated that there some children who are from epicenters of this disease so we do don’t want them to spread it there let them first be treated before they heard to their designated schools.Prevention is better than cure.

  69. Limbikani zulu

    That is what we call intrinsic value….

  70. Carmen

    what will happen to other provinces with no cholera cases

  71. owen kalefya

    Personal hygiene is very vital,make sure you wash your hands with soap and clean water before and after consuming any food stuff. Make sure your surrounding is keept clean at all times and avoid over clouded areas.

  72. Thomas chunga

    We, grade 12 for this year 2018, how’s our examination going to be like because we’ve been delayed learning?

  73. Bright

    This is a great decision taken by gvt,but they is need to specific about the opening date.

  74. Bright

    This is a great decision taken by gvt,but they is need to be specific about the opening date.

  75. One mike

    correct measures are taken without pressure, we knew about this and hence we should have started preps way back, surely sanity cant be politicized…this should not be take like fire trucks

  76. walter mcmiller

    let the bible and the Lord help us in this battle

  77. friday bwalya

    All exam classes should not close this term because ba ecz they will not say that no,there was chorela them they will set an exam accordingly



  79. Tautona

    Could we vaccinate and provide antibiotic treatment to all travelling out of Lusaka. Treatment and vaccination stations could be set at the Intercity and at all Toll gates where travelers will prove they have been treated against Cholera. This way we could reduce the cost of closing the HEIs outside Lusaka.
    All buses should disinfect their buses, passengers to pass through a spray race and foot bath.

  80. Hellen kalesha

    am so glad and happy that the gov z trying to save so many pipo countrywide but all am asking z that thy should speed up their process cause its also affecting the same pipo they are trying to save in terms of work…they need to start work so that they are start preparing for the school goers and many more

  81. mutinta Maseka

    Comment people,let’s get it right…whether your city ,village or town is affected or not. .schools remain closed.why? because there are several pupils and students who went to visit Lusaka and wen school opens they have to come back to their various places thereby bringing the bacteria with them .and u know cholera spreads faster in gatherings.so stop complaining

  82. emmanuel

    please pipo of god what is going on in our country we need to pray against this ,to make maters worse am writting my final exams this year..we need jesus to work over this situation.

  83. 2018 Candidate

    Please keep in mind that grade 12’s NEED to complete the syllabus. One month is a lot to not be learning. We need to get back to school as soon as possible and don’t even think about pushing our exams to next year.

  84. Jasper MJ Smartkilla

    Ummmm too bad … Zambia is a Cholera nation.. Govt please put more effort… Even workers should stop goin fo work cholera is evrywhr ka they ‘ll bring us cholera @ home..

  85. ignicious chiso

    It is a good measure for the benefit of every zambian but how come you pay much attention on closing churches and learning institutions but not much on bars,tarvens,clubs because these are the areas which are very dirty

  86. Ramzack Bin Muhommed

    One Zambia !!!!! One Nation !!!!,let us unite to dstroy chorela in Xambia

  87. Priscah

    When r der opening de xulx

  88. Raymond

    Plz can u post same thing concerns school reopening on 23 coz we want to read on our owns we didn’t have power yersteday to listen new.

  89. Stanley sikaonga

    People are saying schools will re-_open on 22nd, is this true? Please I need to read on my own than being told or see on Facebook

  90. gamos

    Thnkx to all but its over and school start on 22nd January,2018

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